1- eye contact , if あなた notice him staring a lot at あなた ..like もっと見る than 5 times in the same 日 .(unless あなた got a stain on your shirt)
2- if あなた and him were in the same area , he would be with あなた in every where あなた walk to ( like a party または a コンサート ..etc)
3- he would sit 次 to あなた in your class ( unless hes too shy )
4- he would scream または laugh out loud to get your attention .
5- he would kill to be your lab partner at school .
6 - if he says to あなた hi and hes all too sweaty , make sure hes nervous and that means he likes you.
7-if あなた drop something , he would be the first to get it for あなた .
8- if あなた get stuck at something awkward , he would sacrifice to get あなた out of a this situation .
9- know if he asks his フレンズ about あなた but not directly , to get some info about あなた ,that means hes interested .
10 - if your at ホーム and noticed that he walked によって your house with his buddies , well he came hoping to see あなた .
11- if あなた 発言しました a really silly joke , and totally not funny , he will lol so damn hard , cuz he thinks your funny ( even if your not )
12- he would tell his フレンズ how pretty あなた are , even if they dont agree much , he would insist that your beautiful( unless あなた are truly pretty )
13- dont trust his opinion when あなた ask him how do i look? .. he would always say "amazing" ..( even if your messed up)
14 - your the smartest girl he would ever meet .
15- nothing あなた say is wrong .
16- if he doesnt know where あなた live , he would follow あなた to see your house personally .
17- saying hi to him , would make him the happiest guy today . :P
18 - he might make あなた jealous によって talking to other girls , but still staring at あなた while hes hanging with them .
19 - well maybe あなた are the reason that he comes to school/college/work for
20 - he will be bff of your フレンズ just to be close to あなた .
<3 <3 <3