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fangfan7 posted on Dec 03, 2013 at 04:17AM
There is a huge earthquake, and then right after everyone mysteriously blacks out. When they wake up again they don’t remember anything that just happened and they go back to their usual lives. But there was a group of people who disappeared during the global black out. These people were transported to another realm. Why? Because they’re special, they are called Pawa. In this new world everything is wild and uninhabited and the Pawa are probably confused, perhaps frightened, or maybe even excited.
Anyway….This realm is called Yotsish. The inhabitants are two tribes at war: the Unami and the Jianite. The creatures of this world: pretty much anything, most of it dangerous and wanting to kill anything it sees, anything kind is rare to find. Then there are the few unlucky souls (Pawa) drug into Yotsish from Earth. The Pawa have some kind of ability and were called into Yotsish to choose a side in the war and help end the war, instead they join up with the the renegades a mixture of Unami and Jianite. Their goal is to either avoid the war or cause trouble, whatever happens to work for them.
((If this isn’t very clear, which is totally possible, just ask me and I’ll attempt to explain better))

Be respectful of other role players
No killing other characters without permission
Romance of any kind is fine
swearing is fine, just don’t make it every other word
If your character has powers, don’t over power: No godmoding
Make sure your posts are readable (no text talk: wbu, jk, idk…you get the point)
You can have as many characters as you want
There can't be too many of each type of character, i don't want all renegades or all Pawas and so on.
Have fun!

Character Sheet:
What are you (Renegade, Unami, Jianite, Pawa-earthling, some creature that lives in Yotsish):
Weapon (if any):
Bio (it would be nice, but not mandatory):
Aisha and Suji: fangfan7
Sasha: KayKutie13
Garry and Minx: Time_Master
Flare: DragonAura15
Miki Thorn: heart-of_love
Jake: BlackSparrow

-Kind of what the main Renegade city looks like (I never said they weren't well off) -
 History There is a huge earthquake, and then right after everyone mysteriously blacks out. Whe
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1年以上前 fangfan7 said…
Name: Aisha
Age: 19
Gender: Female
What are you (Unami, Jianite, Pawa, some creature that lives in Yotsish): Renegade Leader
Power/ability: enhanced senses, good with a sword
Weapon (if any): Sword
Bio (it would be nice, but not mandatory): Aisha became the Renegade leader in place of her brother (now dead). She’s been the leader for two years. She doesn't talk about her past. Ever.
Appearance: Pic.
last edited 1年以上前
 Name: Aisha Age: 19 Gender: Female What are あなた (Unami, Jianite, Pawa, some creature that lives i
1年以上前 KayKutie13 said…
Name: Sasha
Age: 18
Gender: female
What are you: Unami
Power/ability: Advanced war strategies, Amazing hand to hand combat skills
Weapon: Sword in the picture plus a small blade kept strapped to her leg.
Bio: Sasha fights for the Unami tribe, she doesn't enjoy the war but she never had a chance to escape or avoid it because her father commands a group of troops for the Unami. After her father achieved his position he put Sasha though extreme training determined to have her be able to protect herself.
 Name: Sasha Age: 18 Gender: female What are you: Unami Power/ability: Advanced war strategies, Am
1年以上前 Time_Master said…
Name: Garry

Age: i forgot it while i was having fun

Gender: Male

What are you: Pawa-Earthling

Power/ability: Mind Control & Eye deception (illusions, making things seem like they're real when they really arn't)

Weapon: None

Bio: Garry knew of his abilities, but he never used them, Garry didn't really care for his powers and just wanted to live a normal life with his little sister Minx, then an Earthquake happened, Garry didn't have much choice now, he used his Eye Deception on his Sister to make it look like everything was alright, but really he was hugging her tightly, and trying to stop her from being hit, then they both Blacked Out.

Appearance: Pic
 Name: Garry Age: i forgot it while i was having fun Gender: Male What are you: Pawa-Earthlin
1年以上前 Time_Master said…
Name: Minx

Age: 17

Gender: Female

What are you: Pawa-earthling

Power/ability: Healing (anything she touches) & Turning Invisible

Weapon: None

Bio: Minx grew up with a nice older brother, a bit protective but not so much as to not let her go near boys, her older brother seemed strange, but to her he was a nice brother, Minx loved to grow flowers, and for a strange reason everytime she got hurt, she healed very quickly, then one day she was asked to go to their Grandmothers house with her Brother, everything seemed fine, but then she Blacked out.

Appearance: Pic
 Name: Minx Age: 17 Gender: Female What are you: Pawa-earthling Power/ability: Healing (
1年以上前 Time_Master said…
((Can we start? or do we wait for more?))
1年以上前 fangfan7 said…
((Yeah we can start))

Aisha waited, crouched at the edge of the forest. A group of Unami were camped a little too close to her city, closer than she was comfortable with. She knew that sometimes they were a suspicious people, so hopefully her plan worked....
Just then there was a blinding flash of light, Aisha turned her head and covered her eyes. When she turned her gaze back to the clearing the Unami were gone, and another group of strange looking people were in their place. Aisha watched them to see what they did, though most of them seemed either in a haze or passed out.
1年以上前 Time_Master said…
Garry looked up, they were in a large field, and a forest was ahead.
"where?... where are we?"

Minx was unconscious from when a rock hit her.
"oh no, Minx!... i hope we can heal you soon... okay okay!... survival skills? things to do, first, a shelter?"
Garry hugged Minx close as to not loose her, he then looked around for some sort of building material.
1年以上前 fangfan7 said…
Aisha watched the newcomers curiously. They were unlike any of the people or creatures she had seen in Yotsish before. She waited and watched a little longer, having a few of her people wait back to wait and determine if the newcomers were a threat or not.
1年以上前 Time_Master said…
Garry put Minx down softly, as he had spotted some fallen branches, he ran over to them, then back to his sister.
"Ok, use the strongest ones to build up onto the roof, I'll need to get some leaves for the roof..." Garry blabbered on some more about survival things, whilst Minx woke up.
"uuuh! my heeeaad!" Minx looked around "ahh! Bro! where are we? what happened?"
"i don't know, all i know is that we're Alive sitll, and that's al that matters right now"
1年以上前 fangfan7 said…
Aisha motioned for her people to be ready to shoot the newcomers if they tried to kill her, and then decided to go out and offer assistance. Maybe they would be able to help her renegades. She stepped out quietly, making sure they didn't know she was there until she wanted them to know. "Hello." she says simply.
1年以上前 DragonAura15 said…
(Can I join this? And are there mythical creatures in Yotsish?)
1年以上前 fangfan7 said…
((yeah you can join and you can be whatever you want...so yeah there can be mythical creatures))
1年以上前 DragonAura15 said…
In that case:
Name: Flare
Age: 13(in human years)
What are you: Phoenix(creature of Yotsish)
Power/ability: Fire powers, healing tears, super agile
Weapon: None
Bio: She has always been curious, so one day, she decided to set off on her own. (I'm probably going to modify this as the story goes on.)
Appearance: see pic
 In that case: Name: Flare Age: 13(in human years) What are you: Phoenix(creature of Yotsish) Powe
1年以上前 KayKutie13 said…
Sasha was up in a tree watching the group of animals below, the rest of the small Unami pack she was with wasn't to far away, they were out gathering food. She was searching for the perfect kill to take back home. The war takes a toll on everyone and everything and good food was a precious way to keep up spirits and health.
1年以上前 DragonAura15 said…
Flare perched upon a branch, watching the creatures below her go about their lives. What makes them tick? was a question she often asked herself, so she'd watch them day after day. Over time, she had learned to speak their language, but had never really had cause to use this skill.
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Time_Master commented…
あなた don't know what a Human is :P あなた only know of the Unami and Jianite and other 動物 of your world XD 1年以上前
DragonAura15 commented…
Ok, well, I'm new to this, so I'll make a few mistakes once または twice. Sorry :P 1年以上前
KayKutie13 commented…
Mistakes lead to greatness :D 1年以上前
DragonAura15 commented…
Quite true. Hang on, I'll 編集 the post. 1年以上前
1年以上前 KayKutie13 said…
Sasha jumped from the tree branch and dove onto a creature that looked like a massive deadly buffalo and pierced it with her sword. "A fine dinner indeed!" She said to herself but she put a hand on the creature and whispered to it. "I'm so very sorry, Thank you for all you are doing for my tribe. Rest in Peace."
1年以上前 DragonAura15 said…
Flare watched in awe as the girl from a tribe she'd come to know as Unami laid a hand on a dying water buffalo, appearing to be blessing it.
1年以上前 Time_Master said…
Both Minx AND Garry jumped when a person came from nowhere
Garry quickly went over to Minx and hugged her tight, then he used his Eye Deception ability, and made it look like they wern't there, and instead there was fire.
1年以上前 KayKutie13 said…
Sasha's head shot up upon hearing a scream. Seeing nothing and no danger around because the other buffalos had run off she looked back at the animal and slowly cut meat from the creature. She was now on guard.
1年以上前 fangfan7 said…
Aisha ducked down into a fighting stance, making sure not to cover her eyes from the fire in case they decided to attack. She took a few steps back, but was still ready to fight. "I well not harm you unless you attack first." she says, hoping the words she is speaking are the right ones. She didn't know if they spoke the same language or not.
1年以上前 Time_Master said…
(inside the Illusion will be said with [ and ], people from outside can't hear the inside)

["Brother, what's going on? are we being attacked?, and how does that... person speak English?", "I don't know... but lets see if we can talk back"]
Garry Put a sign infront of the large fire
"Will you harm us?"
1年以上前 fangfan7 said…
The sign was an odd sight to her, but it wasn't like she hadn't seen weird things before. "Unless you plan on harming me or my companions, I well not hurt you." she replies, hoping that she could be heard.
1年以上前 Time_Master said…
["Brother... should we trust them?"
"hmm... ok, but I'll make the illusion look like we'll follow, we will actually follow, but a little to the left of the Illusion incase they try to attack us"]

Garry removed the fire illusion, and it was replaced with an actual image of them, but a little to the left of them.

"Ok, now who are you, what do you want?"
1年以上前 fangfan7 said…
She looked at the two, curious. She didn't exactly want anything but help with her goal of essentially making things difficult for the Unami and Jianite. These two did not look very resourceful, but the older one appeared to have some kind of ability. "I am the leader to the renegades. Who are you? Where did you come from?" she asks.
1年以上前 fangfan7 said…
Name: Suji
Age: 20
Gender: Male
What are you: Jianite
Power/ability: he can manipulate the air – so around his enemies he can take it away (though slowly) and suffocate them.
Weapon (if any): finger claws: metal attachments that go over his fingers, if her were to make a fist, then he would have claws.
Bio (it would be nice, but not mandatory): He fights for the Jianites, he is highly thought of, but not the commander, often times he goes on scouting missions. He is agile and quick and like to play games.
Appearance: Pic.
last edited 1年以上前
 Name: Suji Age: 20 Gender: Male What are you: Jianite Power/ability: he can manipulate the ai
1年以上前 fangfan7 said…
Suji hid in the trees, he had been sent out to find any Unami who were too close to their camp, and report back so they could be eliminated. He was in luck today, but so was the Unami...he decided he would like to have a little fun. He waited first though, to see what he could find out. She ad just killed a buffalo like creature and was now cutting meat from it.

((here's his weapon, except on all his fingers))
 Suji hid in the trees, he had been sent out to find any Unami who were too close to their camp, and r
KayKutie13 commented…
awesome!!!! 1年以上前
1年以上前 Time_Master said…
"I'm Minx, and this is my brother Garry"
"We both come from Earth, now where are we?"
Garry let go of Minx now, he felt they were safer now.
1年以上前 fangfan7 said…
Aisha raked her memory for the place they spoke of, but could only find that it sounded familiar. "You are in Yotsish. Welcome. I'd say it is a wonderful place, but war seems to hamper the wonder you can experience." She says nonchalantly...and why not? She couldn't remember a time of peace, she was born into the war-ridden land.
1年以上前 KayKutie13 said…
Sasha satisfied with her nap sack full of meat begins to head back to find the rest of her Unami group so the could begin the journey to the main campsite. They were close to the edge of the Unami territory but since it was early morning if everything stayed on schedule and they moved quickly they would make it just as nightfall over took the land. She and her group were sent to the outskirts because she could make days worth of a journey happen faster than anyone else in the tribe.
1年以上前 Time_Master said…
"soo... what do you want from us?"
"We don't exactly have much to give Brother"
"hmm... well, we could teach them some things, looking from her clothes and choice of weapon, i don't think they've made tanks or cars yet, or even guns."
"Hmm... but would that be a smart idea?"
"We've never seen it happen in our world"
1年以上前 fangfan7 said…
"I don't know if I'll want anything from you, but if you prove useful, I would ask for your help." she shrugs. "If not useful in fighting, maybe I'll find another use within my city for you." she adds

Suji waited until the girl had started to go, and then quietly followed her. If she was Unami like his instincts said, it would be good news to bring back to his master.
1年以上前 KayKutie13 said…
Sasha got an eerie feeling while she was walking. She knew she was nearing her group and as she was passing under a large tree she jumped high into the air climbing swiftly and smoothly up the branches. The was high up on a branch that jutted out from the tree. "Show yourself!!" She demanded as she crouched onto the branch ready for an attack.
1年以上前 fangfan7 said…
Suji stepped out from where he was, a smile on his face. "I wondered when you'd figure out I was here." he leaned against the trunk of the tree, studying her, taking in his soon to be apponent. "So you are Unami. I'm glad to see my hunch was correct" he says.
1年以上前 KayKutie13 said…
"I figured you would be smart and run off Jianite. This is Unami territory." Sasha glared up at him from her crouched position. Sasha was ready for battle. Although she was not in full support of the war she would not let her father down. She would not run.
1年以上前 fangfan7 said…
Suji mock pouted "Now now, I am plenty smart." He smiled again. "We are in a war dear girl and while border and territories existed at one point, the lines have grown fainted over the years. I do not care if this is Unami territory, only if Unami are in it.". He looked around thoughtfully. "It's curious, that this war has been going on for....what?...a hundred years now. And yet there is no resolve in sight." he commented randomly.
1年以上前 DragonAura15 said…
(Sorry, but I won't be on as often :( )
1年以上前 fangfan7 said…
((Thats fine. Also, for those of you my characters have interacted with, there is a possibility the the rest of today Friday and most of Saturday I won't be able to get on, but I don't know yet, I don't care if you keep going, though.))
1年以上前 KayKutie13 said…
Sasha was caught off guard by his words. "Your right............." She looked to the side. "This war is pointless. Its over a feud from over a hundred years ago." She suddenly felt herself becoming angry, angry with her father, the world, the man in front of her,
1年以上前 Time_Master said…
"well, why do we have to goto your city?"
"I'm not so sure we should either, there could be other places then right? you can't be the only city or civilization here... right?"
1年以上前 fangfan7 said…
Suji looked at the girl curiously as he leaned against the tree. Yes the war may be pointless, but he had orders, meaningful war or not. He could tell she might be getting angry, but he wasn't entirely sure "Look...if your going to be angry don't hold it all in." he said being only half sarcastic.

Aisha looked at the new arrivals and shrugged. "You don't have to come with me I suppose. But I do. It know what the Jianite or Unami hospitality is to people like you. Perhaps it is better than my own....so go ahead and try to find them." she said. She didn't totally care what they did....but their apparent abities might be of some use.
1年以上前 DragonAura15 said…
Flare took off, looking like a red comet in the sky as she flew.
1年以上前 KayKutie13 said…
Sasha rolled her eyes. "Thats easy for you to say. Do you know that no one can even clearly remember about what the war was about? Its out there, in the history scrolls of our tribes but no one, no one cares to look. Ask any one that fights and all the can do is bad mouth the other tribe.... We have lives but we do not live Jianite" She addressed him as Jiantie for the fact that she did not know his name. "We spend out days dying, collecting, fighting for something we know nothing about, tell me when my life will begin. When my laughing and good times won't end because I suddenly have to go patrol the front lines. My friend has given birth....in the middle of a war...what life will the child have? The same as mine? Endless training, planning, no laughter, no joy, bombs, knives, blood!!!" Sasha stopped suddenly. She was tired, tired of being angry, and she felt stupid for conversing with the enemy. Sasha looked at the man in front of her. Better she leave then waste a fight with him, if he bring Jiantie then she will kiil them. simple as that. "Are we done here?"
1年以上前 fangfan7 said…
Suji managed to keep his expression neutral, but inside he almost lost it she was right. And a part of him even felt a little...bad for her. His energy suddenly felt drained, and the urge to fight was no longer in him. "Yeah we're done here." he replied, turning to jump to the ground and then be turned back to her "Names Suji by the way." he added, jumping out of the tree, disappearing from sight, hiding and keeping an eye on the Unami.
1年以上前 KayKutie13 said…
Sasha sighed and took a deep breath before jumping of the tree branch but landing on her feet. "Suji aye?...Well my name Sasha.." She said even though she thought he had left and couldn't hear her. Sasha quickly made her way to her group but something felt off, she still felt eyes on her but now that she was her group it was her responsibility to focus on them, not herself. One guy ran up to her "Woah thats a lot of food!!" Sasha laughed. "Thanks Jumba" Sasha looked around and noticed the sunlight wouldn't for too long, her talk with Suji took time "We will travel to up the round about to the river. if it dark by that time we camp. If not we push on. We are entering dangerous ground. Eyes sharp, on guard." Her group began to move, quickly and smoothly. They truly were fast. Then a huge towering beast came out of the dark woods ahead "Group, I'll take him Take the food Jumba Go!" She tossed Jumba the food and took her blade out, When her group ran her fight began.
1年以上前 Time_Master said…
"Hmm... well, first off we need to figure out some more about this world... so we might aswell go along with you... for now"
"Brother, we should be carful in our dicisions, afterall this isn't our world, for all we know, they might hurt us"
"If they wanted to hurt us, she would've done it a few minutes ago. and i might aswell remove this Illusion then"
The illusion of Garry and Minx dissapeared, and the real ones now stood atleast 2 meters right of where the Illusions were.
"oh FINE! but please be carful... and when could you do that... Illusion thingy?"
"ever since i was born... i bet you could do some things too"
Garry and Minx began to follow Aisha.
1年以上前 fangfan7 said…
Aisha kept her face neutral as she led them, she knew she would have to be careful....there was every possibility they were spies for either the Jianite or Unami, though from how they e been acting she high doubted it. As they walked she was glad to see that the rest of her men that she brought with her were following at a good distance. They would make themselves known at her city.

Suji stayed behind the tree until she was gone. "Sasha huh?" he shrugged and smiled. Just because he didn't feel like fighting didn't mean he wouldn't try to gather some information on the Unami enemy. He waited and then followed. At some point everyone stopped, ran as a towering beast came out. Suji stopped and waited to see what would happen, though he didn't have a clear view of the animal and therefore couldnt try and guess how long Sasha would last.
1年以上前 KayKutie13 said…
Sasha sighed and looked up at the towering beast and spoke to it. "If you do not back down from this fight... I will kill you." The beast roared in reply and charged at her. Sasha avoided the beast's attacks by jumping into a tree and moving between branches. The beast broke the branches as it thrashed and clawed as sasha. Sasha jumped from the tree to behind beast. She held her blade in an attack stance and ran using the beasts tail as leverage she was able to climb atop the beast. The beast bucked and roared. Sasha cut the beast but only enough to wound it before jumping off. She hoped it would be enough to scare the beast off. "Leave now...or you will die!" She called out the beast...

The beast looked at her and snarled the beast seemed to turn to leave but then changed it's mind and ran at her. Sasha let the beast jump and she ran and sliced it in mid air. The beast fell to the floor dead and Sasha walked over to it " Im sorry but you were warned... The Unima tribe hopes you rest in peace" Sasha was not totally unscathed however. she was bleeding from her left shoulder there one of the broken branches from the tree had sliced her.

She looked the tree's surrounding her. "Did you like the show Suji...?"
1年以上前 fangfan7 said…
"Eh...it wasn't bad for an Unami." he said trying not to smile. In reality she did pretty well for being by herself. "or I guess I should call you Sasha. But that sounds so much more friendly and familiar. I don't know if I should be either of those towards my enemy." he said, joking but keeping a straight face
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1年以上前 KayKutie13 said…
"If I remember correctly Suji...you gave me your name first" Sasha laughed but kept a smirk on her face. "If you keep your face like that it will get stuck." Sasha showed emotion but never to a full extent unless she felt safe. She only showed sarcasm and light mockery to Suji because she knew he was still the enemy.
1年以上前 fangfan7 said…
He shrugged. "That I did...well then I guess a little familiarity is alright" he struggled to keep from smiling "Besides, maybe I want my face stuck like this." He said, still keeping a straight face, but by now it was getting harder, and a smile pulled at his lips.