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posted by Clau2009btr
Today I feel like running naked through your street
To get your attention
(To get your attention)
I broke up with my girl so tell me where to meet
Oh, did I mention?
(Oh, did I mention?)

I dream on, dream about you
What can I do to make あなた feel all right?
Baby I don't want to see あなた cry, no-oh

I want to see あなた smile
I want to see あなた smile

Today I feel like blowing all my cash on you
I'd buy あなた anything
(I'd buy あなた anything)
Until I'm broke
(Until I'm broke broke)
Today I want to turn your skies from gray to blue
And if it rains on you
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posted by johncenazgirl
R5 is one of the fastest growing teen bands in Los Angeles, featuring Ross Lynch from ディズニー Channel's new hit show, "Austin & Ally" and Riker Lynch from the 狐, フォックス テレビ 表示する "Glee", along with siblings Rocky Lynch, Rydel Lynch and Ellington Ratliff.

R5 is a unique group of siblings born and raised in Littleton, Colorado. They have always had a fascinated group of followers and fans, ever since they showed up at their first performance in their matching outfits at the age of six on down to one. They’ve been performing, singing, dancing and acting, since they all could barely walk. Finally...
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posted by johncenazgirl
As the only girl in a family of five children, Rydel is a unique blend of beauty, sass and Tom Boy. Her innocence and sweet ハート, 心 are her trademarks, but she is also an amazing dancer and actor.
Rydel plays keyboards, tambourine and sings with R5.
Rydel Lynch - Age 18
5' 8" 130 lbs
Skills and Training:
All Dance Styles, ボリウッド Dance, Gymnastics, Capoeira, Figure Skating, Baseball, Soccer, Swimming. ホーム Schooled.
posted by johncenazgirl
Rocky is sometimes thought of as the George Harrison of R5, "the quiet one". That is, until he picks up a ギター and starts into a Fall Out Boy song.

Rocky's model good looks and quiet demeanor definitely fool people, but he actually is a very calm presence and a bit of an old soul.

After years of following in Riker's footsteps, Rock is now out on his own, loving his ギター and shooting several commercial projects in LA.

Rocky is the key founder of R5 the band, playing ギター and creating most of the 音楽 for the band.

posted by johncenazgirl
This is the guy that started it all, for the Lynch kids. As the oldest of the R5 clan, Riker got the ball rolling very early, dancing and performing Michael Jackson and Grease routines when he was four years old for the adoring family members.

Soon, that turned into four younger siblings, all mimicking Riker, and R5 was born.

Now, after many years of dancing and 芝居 in Colorado, Riker is a full time actor/dancer/musician in LA and currently has a recurring role as "Jeff" on the 狐, フォックス テレビ hit, "Glee".

posted by johncenazgirl
Ratliff's real first name is Ellington, but his band mates quickly nominated him to be known as "Ratliff" so he could complete the band and still have an "R" name, thus keeping the R5 name intact.

Ratliff is definitely the relaxed, comic relief of the band, never getting too worked up about anything, which is a great contributing factor to the bands success.

But the real benefit of having Ratliff around is his amazing drum skills. R5 was not really a band until he showed up and then it was like magic, with everything coming together with the sound of those drums.

Ellington is also an impressive SAG actor, with a long resume of TV and movie credits and has also been seen dancing with the other members of R5 on many shows, like So あなた Think あなた Can Dance.

posted by johncenazgirl
Even when he was a very small child, Ross had that little extra something, that charisma that attracted people to him. When he was three または four years old, he could often be found in a deep conversation with an adult, usually a complete stranger, that was captivated によって his smile and energy and his unique ability to communicate with anyone.

Today, that same attraction has shot him to the forefront of the entertainment industry, where Ross is starring in the new ディズニー show, "Austin & Ally" airing on Sundays, starting Dec 4th.

Ross also plays rhythm ギター with R5 and has co-written several original songs with the band
posted by Clau2009btr
I just gotta realize,
The 火災, 火 in your eyes for me.
And baby all these little sparks,
Ignite until I just can't breathe.

And time, and time, and time, and time, and time again,
I'm lying in the dark,
and wondering where あなた are.
I'm trying, I'm trying, I'm trying to find my medicine,
Straight into my heart,
It's tearing me apart.

I'm screaming doctor, doctor, bottle it up!
I'm a believer, believe me,
This 愛 is a drug!
I'm dying, I can't get enough.
I'm screaming doctor, doctor, bottle it up!

I hadn't slept a couple nights,
Been staring at the ceiling again.
The side effect I know...
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posted by Clau2009btr
We're stayin' all night Got blue jean baby playing in my mind She gets me so high Givin' me faith I gotta testify, uh And the way that she walks I can't hide it If I 発言しました I don't like it I'm lyin' Hold tight (yeah) A little bit of 愛 will change your life She 発言しました I'm outta my head I'm going out of my mind And when I'm out on the edge will あなた save me, save me Can we live for the moment Can あなた live for tonight Can we forget what was broken and say say say we'll be Alright Cause even if we change we'll always be the same All night I promise if あなた stay we'll never fade away All night And...
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posted by Clau2009btr
Climb the stairs to your apartment, Just to see あなた holding him. あなた try to tell me that it's nothing, So I can come in back again. You're looking right in my eyes, And I know that you're lying When あなた say that you're mine And there's no body else. But even when we fight, I can't stop from loving you. あなた know we can't be friends. I guess this is how it ends. Things that あなた say, I can't erase, Repeating days, It's all the same. Driving home, I'm empty hearted. Broken pictures on the floor. And when I thought that it was over, I see あなた standing at the door. I'm looking right in your eyes,...
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