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I know I did one of these 記事 before but I only included my fave 名言・格言 from episodes 1-13 so I thought I'd make a new 一覧 of all my fave Quinn quotes!
Quinn:{To Rachel} Would あなた please stop talking? You're grossing out my baby.

Quinn:{To Will} You're a really good teacher, even if everyone is calling あなた a man whore.

Quinn: At least I don't have to listen to his stupid theories on how Super Mario Brothers changed civilization.

Quinn: あなた wanna name our daughter Jack Daniels? It's a girl.
Puck: Okay, fine. Jackie Daniels.

Quinn (on regrets): Thinking "trust me" was a sensible birth control option.

Quinn: I'm the president of the celibacy club. I took a vow.
Puck: So did Santana and Brittany. And I did them.

Quinn [to Puck, while in labor]: あなた suck! あなた suck! あなた suck!

Quinn: Did あなた 愛 me?
Puck: Yes. Especially now.
 Quinn throughout Season 1!
Quinn throughout Season 1!
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