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 Leviathan アイコン
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This PTA and Banished 写真 might contain アニメ, 漫画, マンガ, and コミック.

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The crowd went wild with cheers. The first round went to Slenvi, but this was just the beginning of a long battle. Slenvi and Justice both smiled at each other, silently praising each other’s strengths. As two trainers who were not just opponents, but also friends, this battle was もっと見る heated than any they had been in before.

Slenvi chose Slasher as her 次 Pokemon while Justice decided to go with Gallade. Since Justice ロスト the 前 round, she was 与えられた the opportunity to see what Slenvi chose before picking her own Pokemon. Slenvi was impressed that Justice would go for Gallade so early....
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