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General Description:
Welcome to the Pokemon Military School! Here we offer an extensive number of classes designed to turn your child into a respectable trainer and military officer. Here your child can experience a high amount of diversity as he works side by side with students of many different regions. We offer general education with classes specialized for the individual. While this is an academy designed to transform your child into an excellent military officer, there is absolutely no danger to your child as our expert staff is readily available and trained to handle any and all situations that may arise. Our facilities are state of the art, including fully prepared gourmet food, daily maintained single-sex dormitories, and in addition to which we have many different biomes for your child to interact with and even capture many different kinds of Pokemon. The best part? This entire package is completely free thanks to generous funding from the Pokemon Ranger Union.


Character Sheet:


















Particular Specialty: *optional* (Close range, assassin, long range, sniper, etc.)






Hair Color:

Eye Color:



Character List

Students: 6
Lucifera Satanica | 15 | Female | Kalos | 1st | WANTA
Adidius Alvadore Rendeville | 16 | Male | Sinnoh | 2nd | RIKU
Leika Joshi | 16 | Female | Johto | 2nd | WANTA
Evelyn Betrella Baskerden | 15 | Female | Johto | 1st | RIKU
Mito Yuga | 17 | Male | Kalos | 3rd | WANTA
Karanami Miyaneki Natore | 17 | Female | Kanto | 3rd | RIKU

Staff: 4
Jiyu Tamashi | 41 | Male | Hoenn | Principal / Commanding Officer | RIKU
Shiteki Mizuwosasu | ??? | Female | Kanto | Vice Principal | WANTA
Krovi Roza | 36 | Male | Kalos | Homeroom | RIKU
Shiruba Taisaku | 34 | Female | Sinnoh | Strategy | WANTA
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1年以上前 Riku114 said…
It was still early in the daytime as students began to gather in the lyceum of a very large school. This school was the Pokemon Military School, or as it is occasionally hilariously abbreviated to PMS. Pokemon Military School was a school for anyone interested in the Military career path to join completely free of charge. Here, today, in the Pokemon Military School, we will be meeting a few of our upcoming heroes as the beginning of the school year now begins.

Jiyu, the principal of this school was in his office preparing the final preparations before heading out to the lyceum. The entrance ceremony and speech was going to begin in roughly five to ten minutes and it would take a bit of time to head over. Looking in the mirror he adjusted his tie and collar before turning around. "Hey Shiteki." He looked over at Shiteki, the Vice Principal. "Do you mind calling in Krovi or Shiru to tell them we will be heading over shortly?"


Krovi against one of the walls of the lyceum watching as some of the students began to flood in and seat themselves. The entrance ceremonies were typically rather calm and easy to handle where very few issues ever really occured but there was always the chance and thats why there were usually two or three teachers watching over the ceremony to make sure nothing happened. Krovi sighed and looked over his shoulder to his Florges that stood behind him. "Hey Florges. Do you see Prof. Shiru anywhere?"


An amber haired girl ran down the hallways of dormitories, heading to the lyceum of the school. Beside the girl was a Porygon who levitated slightly higher than the ground, matching pace with her. "Yeah yeah! I get it. I know I got too caught up in my work. You dont have to keep telling me about it."

"Nami, how many times have we almost been late to these meetings?" A robotic voice seemed to speak out from Porygon.

"I know I know. If we keep this pace we should be fine though." Nami, the amber haired girl, said before looking back forward. "I cant wait to meet some of the newbies to the school though!" She said happily.


A young midnight blue haired boy stepped out of the car that was pulled up in one of the parking lots near the school. This was Adidius, a rich boy that came from a rich family. It was year, he was returning, but in just that one year, Adidius had gained an infamous reputation for his huge ego. He sighed and fixed his glasses. "Another year..... Lets see how this goes." He said as he began heading toward the lyceum.


"Yes mother. Yes. Alright I know. Father. Please. Calm down. Please. Ill be fine. Ive just been gone for 15 minu- Im fine. Its okay. I got to go now. No its fine. Its fine. Mother. Stop. Its okay. Ill be late if I stay talking for too long. Yes. I know. I love you too mother. Alright. Bye." A young petite girl with long brown hair named Evelyn, or Eve for short, said in a soft tone to her Pokegear. Upon hanging up, she let out a sigh before looking at the Togepi she held onto in one of her arms. "Think about it Togepi...." She said quietly with a smile. "There are so many people here..... And mom and dad arent here....." She added on.
1年以上前 wantadog said…
A young-looking woman who was standing by the doorway responded to the Principle's request.

Shiteki: "I have already contacted Professor Taisaku to inform her of your impending arrival. The students are arriving on time and should all be seated by the time you are ready to begin your speech. I have also taken the liberty of assigning a member of staff to ensure all new students are accounted for and reach the Lyceum without incident."

The Vice-Principle spoke very clearly, fully enunciating each word and sounding very much like she was reading straight from a published novel. She did not move from her position beside the door as she waited patiently for Jiyu to finish.


As Krovi watched the students, a pair of new students came rushing into the room without watching where they are going and bumped into someone. The two fell back and looked up to see what they hit. Their eyes went wide as they found themselves looking up at a giant of a girl. She was easily over six feet tall and was carrying some massive gun-like weapon as if it weighed nothing at all. She blinked and looked behind her to see what happened and looked at them. Then, shockingly, the girl took a step back, as if they were the scary ones.

Girl: "I-I apologize. I didn't mean to get in your way."

The two newbies found this whole thing strange and quickly got up and rushed off. As they did, one of them said "Let's go. She's weird!" loud enough for the girl to hear. The girl looked down at the ground and muttered another weak apology, even though the students were long since out of earshot


Professor Shiru sighed as she stood impatiently in front of the gates to the school. She was in charge of making sure all of the new students didn't get lost and end up running around as if they were chickens with their heads chopped off. Slowly but surely, she checked off names of the students as they arrived and gave them directions to the lyceum. Honestly this kind of work was more suited for people like Krovi, who enjoyed meeting new people, but they gave her the order so she just had to suck it up. She watched as a young girl walked up to the gate.

Shiru: "Name?"

???: "Lucifera Satanica"

Shiru raised an eyebrow at the strange name, but didn't say anything about it. She scanned her list and found the name to check off. "Alright. You're to go straight to the lyceum for the opening ceremony." she said. She then gave Lucifera specific instructions on how to get there and returned her attention to her list as Lucifera walked off.
1年以上前 Riku114 said…
"Alright Shiteki. That is good news. Thank you very much." Jiyu said as he headed towards her and the door. "We should get heading over now." As he spoke, Jiyu opened the door and left the room, not checking back to see if Shiteki followed after him because it wasnt odd to expect that she would. Following right behind Jiyu was his partner pokemon, Blaziken.


"I believe she was assigned elsewhere." Florges said softly.

Krovi sighed lightly. "So I cant go mess with her can I?" He looked back at the crowd of people. It wouldnt be too long for everyone to filter in and Prof. Tamashi should be on his way around this time. It wasnt like Krovi was new to handling duties like this, he just found it a bit.... boring. Though on the bright side, it was easy and relaxing for the most part.


After having passed through Prof. Shiru, Adidius quickly found his way to the lyceum. Upon entering, he looked around for somewhere that looked like a good seat and sat down. There were a lot of people here, some of which looked like they were born for this school, others looking like they were forced here by parents or something like that. It was always interesting to see the variety of people who came to this school and then to see how many people dropped out after experiencing their first year here. Last year, a good amount of Freshmen that didnt seem to get what 'Military' meant had dropped out over the summer. He sighed as he looked up at the stage. People these days.

Following into the Lyceum shortly after Adidius was Eve, who seemed to have successfully managed to get her parents to stop calling her. Upon entering, she was just at complete awe. While she was outside it seemed like there were a lot of people and Pokemon she had never seen or heard of before but now..... It was just impressive. She took a few steps in, looking like a little kid who ate candy for her first time. It took her a bit but she eventually caught up with herself, remembering what she was doing in the first place and quickly found a seat near the front of the lyceum.
1年以上前 wantadog said…
As Lucifera made her way towards the Lyceum, she found herself stopping repeatedly to examine something that had caught her interest. Each time she did, she would record it into a notebook. Currently, she was kneeling beside a strange flower she had never seen before and was examining it closely. She felt the petals and the stem before quickly getting to work. She wrote down everything she could discern. After finishing that, she began to draw, quickly getting lost in thought and forgetting about the Lyceum entirely.


Mito Yuga had already made his way to the Lyceum under the thought that he would get to take a quick nap while everyone else got caught in the crowds. Unfortunately, however, Mito's chosen seat was only a couple seats directly to the left of Adidius and Mito was not exactly a silent sleeper. Every couple seconds was punctuated by a grunting snore from Mito who had his feet up against the chair directly in front of him.


five minutes later, Lucifera was still drawing when a vice-like grip latched itself onto her ear and pulled hard.

Lucifera: "OWOWOWOW! What's the big idea?!"

Prof. Shiru: "I believe I told you to make your way to the Lyceum, not to doodle some plants."

Lucifera: "But it's interesting!"

Prof. Shiru: "Move it!" she said sharply, not-so-lightly shoving Lucifera forward. She stumbled at first, but moved on, grumbling.
1年以上前 Riku114 said…
Entering the lyceum nearly late was Nami who, upon entering, looked around for something to find an empty seat. Around the time that she had entered, most of the seats were taken and it was a much harder task than it sounded. Regardless, she managed to find herself a seat where she settled down. "See. I told you I would make it."

"Barely." Porygon said, settling down in her lap.

Around the same time that Nami had entered, Adidius came to recognize the snoring loaf of a person named Mito. He leaned forward so he could get a better look at him. Why was he sleeping in the opening ceremony... This was a formal and proper meeting that happened in the beginning of each year. The guy should be able to stand through it if he was attending this school. Adidius sighed as he leaned back in his chair, back to where he was. It was fine. Hed be caught by a teacher eventually, especially with the noise he was making and besides, his attention should be elsewhere.

As the last few students came walking into the lyceum, Jiyu came walking in from a side entrance that was close to the stage. He glanced over at the crowd quickly before walking up the stage, Blaziken following shortly behind. It seems Shiru did her job. All the seats were properly filled, that was good. Upon walking up to the middle of the stage, a few of the students went silent, noticing his presence but for the most part, most of them continued chatting it up with their neighbors and old friends from prior years, completely oblivious of his presence. For a few seconds he looked at the crowd before he turned around, took a few steps away from the microphone, and faced back towards the crowd. As soon as he faced back forward, he shouted. "Attention cadets!" The sheer volume of that one line echoed through the gym over the small chatter between the students and explained why he had taken those steps back.
1年以上前 wantadog said…
Prof. Shiru and Lucifera arrived just in time to hear the Principle's massive shout and Lucifera winced while pressing her hands to her ears. "ow..."

Shiru: "Go find your seat." was all she said before making her own way up to the stage. Lucifera sighed but relented. After all, this promised to be very informative.


As soon as Jiyu shouted, Mito's snoring stopped and he cracked one eye open. This was his third year here so he wasn't quite as affected by it, though it was impossible for anyone to sleep during that. Mito sat up in his seat, yawned a bit, and flicked his eyes left and right, when they landed on Adidius, he smiled and gave a small wave. After that he looked behind him, he could see that weird giant girl was the same as usual, she seemed to be trying to look small. A difficult task for someone her size. He was having trouble remembering her name though...Layla or something.


Prof. Shiru walked up onto the stage and took her place beside Prof. Krovi. "You look rested." she said in a quiet voice. "Of course you'd get the easy assignment."
1年以上前 Riku114 said…
Adidius was taken a bit off foot with his shout, though he wasnt going to show it to others. Once again he glanced over at Mito when he waved before giving a light glare and looking back forward at Jiyu. At least the guy wasnt snoring any more. His yell was loud and alarming, but it did a good job waking people up.

Eve's head seemed to sink into her neck at the sound of the shout. Now if there was to be any example for the word 'loud' that would have been it....... or maybe it was just her being new to the outdoors.... She looked around, noticing that there were a few others that had a reaction to it. So it really was loud..... She looked back forward. This school would be quite the experience.

"Hm?" Krovi said back quietly. "I got the boring one...... What are you-" He continued, cutting off only when the other teacher next to him gave him a bit of a jab in the stomach, a form of saying 'Shut up'.

As the crowd quieted down, Jiyu walked back up to the microphone and picked it up from its stand. "Welcome." He said, giving a short pause. "I am Jiyu Tamashi, the Principal and Commanding Officer of this military school. Your options as to what you will refer to me as are Professor Tamashi or Captain Tamashi." He paused again. "Now. Here in Pokemon Military School, you will be trained and taught to become excellent military officers that will eventually serve your region like several other of our students have gone and done, including myself. It is for that reason that while you all are attending this school, you will be given high expectations and you will flourish like those of your previous, current, and future peers. Being you have enrolled in this school, it means you are looking into the future as a military officer and given that is taken into consideration, we will not tolerate and rule breaking or bending. This meaning curfew is curfew. Restricted areas are restricted. Prohibited fights are prohibited and so on. Refer to the student manual for a complete list of our rules. These rules are both for your own safety and to maintain a proper learning area for you cadets. With that being said, when an officer, teacher, or someone in a leading position calls you to attention, regardless of what you are doing, you are to give your attention to said person. But before we can carry on, I would like to introduce our staff members in this school each staff member will make introduce themselves and say a little bit of who they are and what they do. So, first and foremost, my Vice Principal and assistant." He said looking over at Shiteki and handing her the microphone.

((Just do Shiru as well using something like 'when he called her up' or whatever fits your taste. Imma skip through the long list of other teachers and have Krovi be the last. XD))
1年以上前 wantadog said…
The Vice-President walked forward calmly and took Jiyu's place in the front of the stage. "I am Vice-President Shiteki Mizuwosasu. I do not tolerate nicknames. When speaking to me you will refer to me as 'sir' or 'ma'am'. As the Principle stated, we follow a very strict code and those who violate this code will be met with severe punishment. Normally, I will not be interacting with you students very much, however, do not think you cannot come forward with any issues."'

Next it was Shiru's turn and she stepped forward and took the microphone form the Vice-Principle.

Shiru: "My name is Shiruba Taisaku. You are to call me Professor Taisaku or Professor Shiru. I teach strategy which is an in-depth look in the history of battle and the evolution of strategical warfare. In your other classes, they will teach you how to fight like a warrior. It is my job to train you to think like a warrior. My instruction is very strict and quite difficult. However, you cannot survive without it."


Lucifera had her notebook out again and was listening with wide eyes, writing everything down.
1年以上前 Riku114 said…
One staff member was followed by the next until it was Krovi's turn to go up. The teacher passed him the microphone and he took it before stepping up. "Hello everyone!" He smiled and waved lightly with his free hand. "Im Krovi Roza, and while I am a professor, Im not much up for the formality that comes with being called Prof. Roza so you can call me Mr. Roza instead. Uh.... Oh yeah! I teach homeroom so Im in charge of making sure you know what any student your age should know. So with that being said, I hope we can have fun." He gave a wide grin before turning around, waving good bye and passing the microphone to the next person down.

The last few people staff members spoke their speech before the microphone was returned to Jiyu. He took the microphone and looked over at the crowd again. "They will work beside me in forming you and your peers into the perfect military officer so you are to treat them with respect for now they are your leaders." He paused. "Attention cadets. From this day forth you are a part of my military school and from this day forth you are expected to keep up our school's pride and flourish. We will provide you with the knowledge, environment, protection, and necessities you will need to become the best you could possibly be and in return you will give us your best efforts. For now, take an hour break. Settle down in your dorms and talk amongst your peers. Your classes will begin in an hour. You may now rise from your seats and leave the lyceum in an orderly fashion. Cadets. You are dismissed." He said putting the microphone back on the stand and turning back around to the teachers, giving a light nod. "Good job. You guys can return to your classrooms and prepare for class. Although some of you stay behind the handle students. I will probably get heading back to my office in a bit to fix through the last few documents I have left." He said as he began heading down the stairs that lead up to the stage.

"Well. It looks like we are in for an interesting time doesnt it Togepi?" Eve said looking down. As everyone stood up, Eve did as well. Amongst all the people around her though, she looked a bit small and petite. People at this school were of such a large build and frame. She looked at one person to the next. None of them looked really ideal for befriending though. Going to the dorm would be a good idea. Shuppet isnt much of the social type so being in a dorm would probably be a good place to inform her of whats going on. Eve followed the crowd out the door before everyone dispersed to go where they were currently interested in.

"Hey Porygon! Who should we meet? Should we meet that guy or that guy.... or what about that girl? Or that one?" Nami said, standing in the middle of the crowd pointing out people who she didnt quite know yet.

"Nami. You cant stand in the middle of the crowd. You are going to start blocking the way." Porygon said, floating beside her.

"True." She said as she followed the crowd outside. "We will meet up with someone where its less crowded alright?" She smiled as she walked.

Adidius sighed and got up. Some of the people at this school were really something, and that wasnt just speaking of the students. People like Krovi, ones that were too relaxed and playful always bothered him. This was a prestigious school and its a school that should be taken seriously. Its not some kind of playground. Speaking of people who are too relaxed and treat this school like a playground..... He glanced over at Mito before walking over to Mito's side. "Hey." He said in a fairly unfriendly tone.
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1年以上前 wantadog said…
While everyone else was glad to have the opening ceremonies over with, there was one person who was not so pleased.

"HEY! WAIT I STILL HAVE QUESTIONS!" shouted an incredibly loud female voice through the crowd. The shout wasn't as loud as Jiyu's was, but it was enough to make several people stop to see what was going on. They were greeted with the sight of a girl hopping from chair to chair in pursuit of the teachers before they left. The girl was so focused on her goal that she didn't hesitate to leap forward, plant one foot on Adidius' head, and give it a big kick to launch herself into the air.
1年以上前 Riku114 said…
Adidius turned over to look at Lucifera when she shouted, but by the time he was there, she had already used his head as a stepping stone, effectively knocking him down to the floor with quite some force. He wasnt down for long though and quickly stood back up. "Hey! What was that for?!" He shouted as soon as he got back up, all in the meanwhile fixing his hair.

Jiyu turned his head to look over at her as she came heading over. Blaziken was alarmed at first and seemed to take a slightly defensive stance before Jiyu made a mild motion with his hand and he relaxed. Jiyu turned around and watched Lucifera as she came running over. "Hello." He said blandly.
1年以上前 wantadog said…
Mito had turned to answer Adidius, but before he got the chance, Lucifera had stepped on him and knocked him to the ground. "Hey are you alri-" he started to ask, but stopped as Adidius started fixing his hair, which caused Mito to chuckle before erupting into full-on laughter. "AHAHA!"


Lucifera skidded to a stop in front of Jiyu and took a deep breath or two before dramatically pointing her finger at him. "You can't just give a speech then leave like that! What about questions?! Surely new students are allowed to ask questions about what you just said! You gotta do it right!" she loudly complained.

From even before Lucifera had arrived, the Vice-Principle had pulled out a tablet and scanned through the list of students. Shiteki stepped closer to Jiyu to speak to him. "Lucifera Satanica. Freshmen. Age 15. Passed the entrance exams with top scores. An IQ of over 200. Technically a genius."
1年以上前 Riku114 said…
Adidius shot a glare over at Mito as he started to laugh. "Hey! Are you laughing at that? That wasnt funny." He said speaking quickly with an ever so slight undertone of panic.


Jiyu looked at Lucifera as she so energetically came running up to ask questions. He glanced over at Shiteki as she gave off the specifics on her before looking back at Lucifera, silent for a second or two. Her name was certainly interesting, matching well with the her impressive scores. She was a bit...... wild, though it wasnt like he could reject someone with such capabilities. "Dont speak so informally with me." He said after a few seconds of silence. "But yes. If you have questions I will answer them."
1年以上前 wantadog said…
Mito struggled to stop laughing, which took more than one attempt, before grinning at Adidius. "Sorry, mate. I just couldn't help myself. You okay? I don't see a bump."


Lucifera nodded her head quickly in acknowledgement. "I apologize. The one thing my parents both agreed on was that "you never piss off the boss" so...What year was the school founded? Has it ever been attacked? You say the food is gourmet, is it true? What weapon do YOU specialize in? How long have you been principle? What was your predecessors name? How long were they principle? Were you a teacher before becoming principle? Does this school have an armory? Why is the admission free?" Lucifera's questions came in an endless stream of one after the other after the other with her asking literally anything and everything that was on her mind. She didn't even give Jiyu the chance to answer them as they came and would just move on from one question to the next.
1年以上前 Riku114 said…
Adidius stared at Mito for a short while, his stare being some form of combination of a thinking face and a glare, before quickly darting his head around, his body following shortly later. "Im fine. Wipe that grin off your face." He said in what was a forced calm and collected tone, but even if it was, it was a pretty good one. "I need to get to my dorm. I dont have time to loaf around here." He said before be began walking out.


Well at least she knew when and where to apologize, which was good for someone with a wild personality such as her. "Wel-" Jiyu started in attempt to answer the first question only to have another one shot out. "I-" He attempted again for the second question, getting the same result as the one prior. He remained quiet as she continued to ask question after question after that point. This girl.... She just continued and continued with the questions back to back, and while you would have to applaud her for being able to keep up the energy through it all, it was, without a doubt, a bit irritating. "Lucifera. Slow down with the questions so I can actually answer you." He said, cutting one of her questions in half.
1年以上前 wantadog said…
Mito: "Oh? Alright then. See you around, pal!"


Lucifera seemed visibly irritated that the principle was unable to answer her questions as fast as she could ask them and instead started to repeat her questions more slowly.
1年以上前 Riku114 said…
Adidius paused for a mere second when he said 'pal' before speeding up his walking pace, quickly leaving the building.


"You shouldnt be giving me an expression like that Satanica." Jiyu frowned slightly. "I wont be tolerating any disrespect and if you intend to continue doing so I have other things to handle back in my office."
1年以上前 wantadog said…
While Jiyu faced the never-ending stream of questions from Lucifera, Leika had made her way out of the Lyceum and into the hall. She leaned against the wall as students streamed past her and closed her eyes. This was her second year already, though to be honest, it felt like her entire first year did not produce any results.Sure she learned alot, but if she left tomorrow, it didn't seem like it would make any difference in the grand scheme of things. With a despressed sigh, Leika easily hefted her massive weapon over her shoulder and began to walk.
1年以上前 Riku114 said…
As Eve walked towards where she believed to be the dorms, she kept a good eye out, scanning the area and people around her. There we just so many new things that it was hard to take it in all at once. Shed have to make some buddies here wouldnt she, after all, she only made it this far with the help of other people, well that and Shuppet, so it would be a good idea to get people to be by her side again. She stopped walking and looked around again. That guy over there looked fairly interesting, but so did that other girl as well. Her eyes batted back and forth from one person to the next, judging each of them as they passed. It wasnt long until her eyes locked onto Leika, simply blown away by the massive weapon she carried around. Taking only a second to think about it, Even scuffled over through the crowd to Leika, holding Togepi in her arms. "Um excuse me." She said, looking up at Leika, who towered at least a foot above her. "Im new here. Do you know the way to the dorms?"
1年以上前 wantadog said…
Leika stopped when she heard a voice and looked around. After a second she looked down at Eve and blinked. She stared at Eve for several seconds, her size easily enough to mislead people, before speaking. "Huh? Oh's over, um, not here. The girls dorms are the tall spiral shaped building on the...on the right. The boys are, you know...on...the left." she said, with her voice getting smaller as she went. By the time she reached the point that she was explaining where the boys dorms were, she was barely audible.
1年以上前 Riku114 said…
Eve's head and attention turned to look down the path, trying to see the way she would have to go as Leika explained the directions. She turned back to look over at Leika when she finished. "Thanks." She paused for a second, glancing down the path for a second before back at Leika. "Um. Is it okay if I ask you to lead me? I mean- I dont want to come of an inconvience to you or anything and if youd like to say no, Id probably be able to figure it out my own, though in the case I do get lost, it would be nice to have someone with me. And besides, its nice to have company isnt it?"
1年以上前 wantadog said…
Leika quickly jumped back with her hands slightly raised as if to defend herself from an oncoming blow before quickly doing a small bow while running her mouth a mile a minute. "I'm sorry! I should have offered to do that right away! It's my fault! I'll lead you there me." She avoided making eye contact with Eve as much as possible as she lightly lifted her hand to point in the direction of the dorms.
1年以上前 Riku114 said…
Eve followed a second or two after Leika began walking, taking a short while to get a good look at Leika. "Hm? You dont need to apologize; theres nothing to be at fault for. If anything I should be thanking you for helping me out." She said with a light smile.
1年以上前 wantadog said…
Leika's only reaction was a slight blush as she pointedly stared straight ahead. It was then, however, that a worried expression crossed her face and she held an arm out to stop Eve as a lone woman approached them from the other side of the hall.

The woman had long dark hair and wore brown camouflage, but otherwise seemed harmless, though the look in her eyes showed how dangerous she truly was. She came to a stop a couple feet away from them with a smile as Leika stood slightly in between her and Eve. "Why if it isn't Leika." the girl said. "How pleasant to see you."

Leika gulped and her eyes flicked towards Eve for a second. It was only a flicker, but the girl caught it and switched her gaze to Eve.

"Oh? What is this? Are you a new student?"
1年以上前 Riku114 said…
Eve stopped walking as Leika's arm came out and followed Leika's line of vision until she saw the girl, taking a second or two to examine her. It wasnt hard to come to the conclusion that she wasnt the safest nor nicest of students here and her size wouldnt get her far. As far as pokemon went, Shuppet and Togepi couldnt do much and even if they could she wasnt here without pokemon herself so she would be out matched there too. She could attempt intimidation, though even disregarding the appearance difference that wouldnt go too well. Well challenging her certainly wouldnt go well but... She took a step or two back, placing her partially behind Leika, though not so that Eve couldnt see the girl herself. "Im Eve..." She said in a partial mutter.
1年以上前 wantadog said…
The woman smiled. "Eve. What a delectable name." she said, though from the look in her eyes, you'd think she was serious. "I do love it when new students arrive. It's like seeing all the best fruit just before they turn....ripe."

The woman reached a hand towards Eve, but was blocked by Leika. She looked at Leika with a look of clear irritation. "You know the old saying, my dear. It is best not to get between an animal and its food."
1年以上前 Riku114 said…
Eve took a step back, holding onto Togepi slightly tighter. Delectable? Fruit? Food? Mother and Father had warned her of weird and dangerous people, but for the most part, the stories sounded so obscure that it was nearly impossible to believe but here.... Even looked up and down the woman. It was like being a fawn stating next to a hungry lion. Just as she was about to take another step back, the woman's voice in response to Leika's action caught her attention. She was... standing up to the woman and despite her soft personality, the two looked like a fairly good match against one another, almost like that of a wolf and a lion. She considered saying something, but at the time being, it looked like it would be more in Leika's favor to keep the attention off of herself meaning talking would be counter productive.
1年以上前 wantadog said…
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The two stared each other down, which was odd for the typically timid Leika. Nevertheless, she seemed adamant about making sure Eve was ok.

The girl, however, was more irritated than not. "I would appreciate it if you moved." she said with badly masked venom.

Leika didn't respond, which seemed to further irritate the girl.

"If you don't move...." she reached down and grabbed a pokeball from her waist. "...I may have to make a mess."
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"Now thats enough Shiku." Another student said, coming down the path that went to the girl dorms, with a Lopunny following shortly behind him. He had silver hair with parted bangs, all of which went down to his mid-neck. What was odd about this guy though was his formal attire that was far too formal for a school environment, let alone a military school, but even if he wasnt dressed appropriately, the claw gauntlets located slightly below his pant's pockets were enough of a sign to show that he was in fact a student. "Nothing will come from challenging the newbies. Fruit are best picked when ripe are they n-"

"EEEEYYYYYYY~! RYO-YO! SHISHI!" A loud voice shot out from behind Leika and Eve. It was a girl in the distance with long blonde hair and an overly extravagant choice of clothes riding on the back of a speeding Zebstrika. "There you are Shishi!" She said with a smile as she quickly rode up near them all. Almost immediately after, the girl turned her attention over to Eve and Leika. "Oh hey there! Are you Shishi's friends? Nice to meet you! Im Adara!" She introduced herself in an overly energetic tone and volume.

"Adara... I told you to stop calling me that." Ryo sighed.
1年以上前 wantadog said…
At the arrival of the two newcomers, Leika showed clearly visible signs of relief. It was clear that whoever these newcomers were, they would be able to help. The girl known as Shiku, however, was not so pleased.

Shiku: "I do not recall giving you permission to address me in that form" she said to Adara in a cold tone. She looked at Eve once more and it seemed like she was going to continue going after her right then and there...but she instead just licked her lips and turned around. "I'll let you ripen a bit more so I'll be keeping an eye on your to make sure no outside forces....sour you." and with that she walked away, completely ignoring Ryo as she did so.
1年以上前 Riku114 said…
"Ah Shikuuu! Why are you being so cold? I just think you should have a bit less of a rough name to go by!" Adara said in a partial whine, her eyes following Shiku as she began to walk away.

"Adara. Do you mind keeping watch on Shiku for a bit? I need to go do a few things before class and who knows what she will do on the first day." Ryo said as he turned around and began to walk off towards the dorms.

"Aww... Fine..." Adara replied before turning her attention to Leika and Eve. "Well we are going to have to get going! If you ever need any help, dont be afraid to ask me! Oh yeah! Im a fourth year and my name is Adara! With that being said, see ya!" Leaving little to no time for them to respond, Adara's Zebstrika darted off.

Eve sighed. "What was that about anyways?"
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Leika turned to look at Eve as soon as she spoke and shook her head. "I apologize. I should have warned you about that earlier. Those three are the most skilled students in the academy...Adara and the guy are okay, but that one girl....Shiku....she's bad news."

Lucifera walked out of the auditorium in a huff. Too many questions, he said. Waste of time, he said. Sheesh, what kind of school didn't endorse curiosity?! Well whatever...she stopped as she saw that she didn't really have a clue where she was going. She knew her course schedule by heart and knew that she had some time before her first class, but she needed to spend that time dropping her luggage that meant that the first order of business would be finding the girls dorms. She scanned the room until she spotted Eve and Leika. The contrast between them was hard to miss. "Um excuse me!" she called out.
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"The most skilled students huh..." Eve said, glancing over in the directions the three of them had left. "Thanks for the information. It will be helpful in the long run." She continued, turning her attention back to Leika. "We should ge-" She began speaking, only to be cut off by Lucifera. She turned her head over to look at Lucifera. "Hello." Eve replied.
1年以上前 wantadog said…
Lucifera smiled at Eve's friendly reply and started making her way over to them, but slowed down as Leika hefted the huge weapon she had over her shoulder. The way she did it so effortlessly made it seem like that thing weighed nothing at all...She only paused for a moment though before continuing towards them. "Hi there!" she said with a smile as she stopped a little bit closer to Eve than Leika. Her unease didn't stop her from speaking a mile a minute though. "I'm looking for the girls dorms. I want to get settled before our first class. Do you guys happen to know where it is? Are you new here too? What are your names? I'm Lucifera Satanica. I'm really looking forward to being here. It's just so big! I wonder how many square feet the academy is. You don't know, do you? You probably don't. I'll need to ask someone. Oh by the way, don't bother asking the principle any questions. He's a little bit rude and probably doesn't know the answers to many of the questions. I tried talking to him earlier, but he acted like he didn't understand me. Anyway, I hope we can be friends!"

Leika stared with wide eyes at Lucifera. it was clear that she lost track of what she was saying pretty quick, but it was enough to get the gist of her first question. She looked over at Eve, almost as if seeking confirmation as to whether to help Lucifera out or not.
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Eve paused for a second, taking a bit of time to process the sudden rush of questions and statements that Lucifera had just suddenly let out. She looked up at Leika and then back over at Lucifera with a light nod. "Yeah. We're new- well I'm new. Shes a second year I believe and its nice to meet you. I'm Evelyn and this is Leika. We were about to go to the girls' dorms our self actually. If you like you can tag along with us." She replied with a faint, but noticeable and welcoming smile.
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Krovi had made his way to his classroom shortly after the assembly was dismissed to prepare his classroom a bit before the incoming first years would come to his class to learn. Every year Krovi was assigned in first period for the first years so the newbies werent scared away in their first class. He began to write his name on the board as the first bell signaled for everyone to start heading to their first class. "Hey Anami, can you go out to go make sure no one gets lost while heading to their classes? Its more often than not that the first years struggle to make their way here."

"Alright." Anami replied before heading out the door and out to the rest of the campus
1年以上前 wantadog said…
After finally making their way to the girls dorms, Eve and Lucifera barely had any time to do anything before having to rush over to their first class. They definitely didn't have any time to unpack. A few minutes later, they were back off as Leika escorted them to Prof Krovi's classroom.

Leika: "We're almost there. All you guys need to do is go straight and into the fourth door on the right. That's Professor Krovi's class...I have to get to my own class...sorry I can't lead you the rest of the way."
1年以上前 Riku114 said…
"Oh no. Youve done plenty." Eve said, grasping the straps of her backpack as she turned to look at Leika. "I should be fine from here. You should go off to your class before you are late." She gave a light smile before turning off and walking down the hall, entering the classroom shortly later.

Upon entering the classroom, Eve looked around and took notice of about half a class worth of students filling the room. So this was the first class? Professor Krovi was it? If she recalled properly this was the class that most people called 'homeroom' or something like that, though she wasnt sure as she had never actually went to a public school before. She quickly found her spot in a seat relatively close to the front and settled down. The class was surely pretty with all the flowers that filled the classroom, so that was one good thing. Eve rested her head against her hand in boredom as she glanced over at a long blonde haired teacher, wearing a very young looking grin across his face. "So thats the professor huh?" She whispered quietly to herself.