PTA and Banished Pokemon Trainer Academy: Winds of Peril

Riku114 posted on Sep 13, 2014 at 06:10AM
In Part One we have gone through the life of the students at the academy, though while they are off enjoying the their academy life, another group has been brewign where they are.

Today, the Organization take the face to the story as a large organization of a wide variety of people and trainers. What will come out of this organization? What will they do? Who are they and what do they want? And most importantly, will they affect the way of life that our students live? We welcome you to Pokemon Trainer Academy: Wind of Peril where your questions will be answered.



1. No Godmodding, this includes over powering your pokemon and not letting them faint.
2. No one-liners
3. No timeskips without majority approval
4. Use grammar to keep it understandable
5. PG 13
6. Keep your pokemon in the level ranges listed below when you make your character
7. No legendaries off the bat if you are making a student. Only 3 legendaries per writer.
8. Be kind to the other rp-ers
9: The teachers are the bosses. If your students ignores the teacher, you will be rudely asked to either change it or leave.
10. Have fun! I've got a Furby and I'm not afraid to use it!
11. Your character CAN be expelled. If your character disobeys, regardless of position, they can be kicked out of the school.
13. Pokemon are characters and must be treated as such.
14: Only 1 character for each person can have a Mega Stone. This means you can choose one of your characters to gain the ability to Mega Evolve and that is IT! If explained in a way that doesn't make me angry, 1 villain might also get a Mega Evolution.
15. More rules are likely to be added as the rp goes on



The Organization: (Ill get this done tomorrow morning)

Big Boss:
........... (Wanta) ~ ...........

Noven Colliar (Riku) ~ Darkrai
Altamost Starlin (Riku) ~ Kyurem
Koren Tyvis (Riku) ~ Reshiram
Kitana Shio (Wanta) ~ Kyogre
Leandra Wendolyn (Wanta) ~ Cresselia
Hayate Zenbu (Wanta) ~ Zekrom
Titus Steel (Cyrus) ~ Registeel
Regi Hawthorne (Cyrus) ~ Regigigas
Amatus Charmant (Cyrus) ~ Terrakion

Cody Rhondis (Riku) ~ Metagross
Loreena Berinon (Wanta) ~ Hydreigon
Karese Iyeneck (Riku) ~ Aggron
Satsunji Nishiro (Cyrus)

Mikana Yusea (Riku) ~ Vivillion
Kozaru Shiake (Riku) ~ Greninja
Kayla Jaevier (Riku) ~ Mandibuzz
Ryia Dain (Wanta) ~ Gothitelle
Blair Etanaru (Wanta) ~ Houndoom
Nao Kaylein (Wanta) ~ Vileplume
Hazuna Maken (Riku) ~ Absol
Reizo Kinzoku (Wanta) ~ Glalie
Kanari Obutsu (Wanta) ~ Garbador
Antone Sephiran (Cyrus) ~ Dusknoir
Photonis Neuron (Cyrus) ~ Klinklang
Jeng Constantine (Cyrus) ~ Lucario

Adelaide Angmar (Wanta)
Daniel Taor (Wanta)
Xaniel Gyean (Riku)
Keil Waveren (Riku)
Nina Commonwealth (Wanta)
Usari Vendetta (Cyrus)
Leonardo Ishmael (Cyrus)
Desmond lockheart (Cyrus)
Issac smith (Cyrus)

Ivea Rhondis (Riku)
Edgar McKinnon (Wanta)
Cassius (Wanta)
Maria Rowntree (Wanta)

The Academy:


Arya Fuuma (Riku) 2nd (Student Council) (Book Club)
Takumi (Taku) Yoshima (Riku) 2nd (Student Council)
Gray Watsmen (Riku) 2nd (Card Club)
Amelia Terrowyn (Wanta) 1st (Book Club)
Ariana Catrain (Wanta) 3rd (Book Club)
Gavin Fendrel (Wanta) 4th (Student Council)
Dale Karzan (Riku) 3rd (Student Council)
Stain Trentis (Riku) 1st
Kyron Tetsune (Riku) (4th) (Student Disciplinary Council)
Rai Zuchi (Riku) (3rd) (Student Disciplinary Council)
Walter Gaunt (Wanta) (3rd) (Student Guard)
Peter Falk (2nd) (Wanta)
Itsuki Nightingle (Riku) (1st) (Disciplinary Council)
Allain William (Riku) (3rd) (Disciplinary Council)
Naze Stome (Riku) (1st) (Disciplinary Council)
Mokumoku Minashigo (Wanta) (Not enrolled.)
Shelly Denvorn (Wanta) (Student Guard)
Yasashi Nishiro (Cyrus) (Student Council)
Jaakuna Nishiro (Cyrus)
Johnny Octavius (Cyrus)
Silus Hawthorne (Cyrus) (Student Guard)
Anilion Shulfer (Cyrus) (Student Disciplinary Council)
Agatha Descoteaux
Saint Assassino (Cyrus) (Student Guard)
Jerome Smith (Cyrus) (Student Council)
Waldo Ulysses IIII
Jamie Faye (Cyrus) (Student Guard)


Anastasia (Ana) Crenis (Riku) Lore
Brom Tybalt (Wanta) Battle
Gale Yushin (Riku) Breeding
Merek Chaucer (Wanta) Pokemon Care
Kana Rainer (Riku) Principle
Kise Nova (Riku) Medicine
Diana (Wanta) History
Sutona Gai (Cyrus) Potions
Ezekiel Burnstein (Cyrus) Janitor


Group A:

Group B:

Group C:
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1年以上前 Riku114 said…
(Wow. 52 characters........ 53 counting Zaber when he comes in later........)
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1年以上前 wantadog said…
(I'm just gonna start this since we seem to be having trouble planning it.)

Lumiose City; The largest city in the known Pokemon world. In it are countless ways to enjoy yourself. Businesses thrive naturally there. It is by all means a Utopian Metropolis. Yet despite all of this splendor, there is a secret within this seemingly perfect city. A dark secret that spreads its shadow across not only Lumiose, but the entire Pokemon world.

In a seemingly normal business building, deep down below the lobby, inside a dark room, there stood five people. Three were within view and could be seen clearly, one seemed to be a scientist and was currently giving some form of status report, and the last was completely hidden by the shadows, only noticeable by the dark outline, yet still this mystery person seemed to be the most dangerous of this group.

The scientist continued speaking.

Adelaide: "Our progress IS going well, so I do not appreciate the insinuation that we are no further than when we started. That being said, we have reached a wall. We cannot continue any further with our research with the information we have available to us."

Loreena: "What of the Alpha Shadow?"

Adelaide: "It has provided all the information we feel is credible or useful. You may do with it as you wish. Kill it for all I care."
1年以上前 Riku114 said…
One of the three who were in view spoke up. She had long silver hair and an eye patch covering over her right eye. "The decision of that would best be left to the boss." She spoke in a calm tone, her arms crossed in front of her, not due to anger or anything, she just found it more comfortable this way.

The other one of the three was what seemed to be the only guy in the room. He had shoulder length brown hair and emerald green eyes. He seemed to be the least intimidating person in the room, especially with the friendly smile he almost always carried around unless he was actually in a serious situation. "Well, if we are stuck at a wall here, do you have any suggestions to help climb the wall?"
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1年以上前 wantadog said…
Adelaide looked at the man. Of course he would use such a blunt analogy. What did he think? That a solution would just rain from the heavens? That it was just a matter of going to the local supermarket and buying what was required? "There are no suggestions I can give you about this...'wall'" she said. "What we are lacking is not something that is easily found. We simply do not have the necessary information."

The person in the back spoke up. It was a woman's voice. "What information do you need?"

Adelaide looked in the direction of the boss. It was hard to tell how to act around her, but she knew better than to take a tone. "There are...several things I may need."
1年以上前 Riku114 said…
"Several things huh?" The white-haired woman spoke; her name is Karese. "So we just need something that can give us the information we need right? If that is the case, we might need some research to see what might provide the information."
1年以上前 wantadog said…
Adelaide: "Oh yes, let's just go to the local library and pick up a few books on cross species genetics and the fabric of the universe itself. I'm sure we'll be back on track in no time." she said scathingly.
1年以上前 Riku114 said…
"That sarcasm was unneeded." Karese spoke in a clearly unamused tone. "Throw a solution if all you are going to do is throw out remarks. There isnt a point in running around in circles chasing our own tails."
1年以上前 wantadog said…
Adelaide: "I was called here to give a report on my progress. I did just that. Now it's up to you to decide what to do with it. I'm not one of your grunts. If it weren't for me, your research would be in the dark ages."

The voice spoke again, except this time, the person leaned forward into the light. It turned out the shadow belonged to a very pretty woman with black hair. She wore a military style outfit and gave off an air of authority and professionalism. "Miss Angmar. We appreciate all you have done for us in the last year, Karese meant no disrespect and merely intended to ask you whether you have any ideas where we could find some of this information to help you with your research. After all, you are just as eager to see it completed as we are."

Adelaide didn't snap to that. The boss had a point. "There are a few places. Rumors, whisperings, nothing more."
1年以上前 Riku114 said…
"Oh do tell." Cody spoke up once again.

Karese looked at the black haired woman before back at Adelaide. "Rumors are better than nothing. At least with rumors we might be able to harvest something out of them."
1年以上前 wantadog said…
Adelaide looked at Karese. "Alright then. SUPPOSEDLY there is a tablet that may have something to do with what I am researching. SUPPOSEDLY it is hidden away SOMEWHERE in the Fiore region. If you guys would like to go toe to toe with the ranger union, then be my guest."
1年以上前 Riku114 said…
Karase looked at Adelaide for a bit. The Fiore region huh? It would be surely a big trouble to actually go and try to par against the Ranger Union, but if the tablet may exist in the Fiore region and if the tablet may have information they need it could be a necessity for their organization. "Thats good....... Though it might be a challenge......"
1年以上前 Cyrus499 said…
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1年以上前 Riku114 said…
(........ You are lonely again arent you?)
1年以上前 Cyrus500 said…
(Sighs*How did you know?)
Riku114 commented…
Mostly due to the fact that あなた stated a few days 前 that 'You dont have a solution nor are あなた looking for one' and at that point I only checked フェイスブック 1-2 times a 日 which made it so I stopped talking to あなた frequently which is likely to make the amount of people あなた talk to lower which would ultimately make あなた at least a bit もっと見る lonely that usual. Therefore it was easy to predict, especially since あなた probably spend your time playing video games and not hanging out with people like normal people would, people who are not like us 1年以上前
Riku114 commented…
Why do あなた ask? Oh yeah, I mean once every 1-2 days not the other way around 1年以上前
Riku114 commented…
The fact あなた made an account tells me there was something that あなた missed that あなた ロスト after that line. That of which is communication which is connected to loneliness 1年以上前
1年以上前 wantadog said…
Adelaide: "I'm not finished. There are also certain bits of information I'm missing. I don't know how to find them, but I know that the one who carries the knowledge is known as the "beacon of purity"
1年以上前 Riku114 said…
"So it would be a hunt for the person as well as the location all through Fiorre?" Cody asked. "Dont you think that if it was just a person we could take the friendly, peaceful approach to it and avoid any conflicts with the Ranger Union?"
last edited 1年以上前
1年以上前 wantadog said…
Adelaide: "Oh yes because you guys are so good that friendly and peaceful."

"Enough." the boss said calmly, though everyone shut up. "Is there anything else?"

Adelaide: "Not yet. I'll need the information from the tablet and the beacon before I can make sure."

The boss nodded. "Very well. You are excused."

Adelaide nodded and left, leaving the four remaining occupants of the room to discuss it amongst themselves.
1年以上前 Riku114 said…
"So Boss, do you have a plan?" Cody looked over at her. "Are we going to go on a vacation to the Fiore region?"
1年以上前 wantadog said…
The boss remained quiet so Loreena spoke up after clearing her throat. "That question is pointless. We have no choice, but to go, but we must take our time. We cannot risk exposing ourselves until we are ready. We'll have to find the location of this tablet before we make out move."

Boss: "That won't be necessary. You see, the thing about the Ranger Union is they determined to help people. However, their scientists simply want recognition. If you turn on your Holo-casters, you will see my point."

So they did, they turned on their holo-casters and quickly they saw a news report on every channel.

News Reporter: "Here we are again at the scene of the discovery of a mysterious cave in the Fiore region. We still have had yet to enter the cave ourselves, but the Ranger Union assures us that the artifacts inside will be shown publicly, and we'll be staking this place out to make sure they are!"
1年以上前 Riku114 said…
"Hum. Thats convenient for us......." Karase said in a slightly monotonous voice. "So that would probably be a place we would have to check."

"Though we shouldnt move in too large of a group. I think we should send a unit out for the search." Cody brought up. "We still dont want to be exploiting ourselves until we are ready like Lori here said."
1年以上前 wantadog said…
Loreena's only reaction to Cody referring to her as "lori" was a slight shift in her facial expression. "I agree that we should send a small force to retrieve the tablet, but we should also try to find the location of this...'Beacon of Purity' as well."
1年以上前 Riku114 said…
"Alright then how should we organize this?" Karase looked over to the other two before over at the Boss. "Who and how should we assign these missions?"
1年以上前 wantadog said…
Boss: "Decide at your leisure. Leave as soon as you can prepare." she said, effectively ending the meeting. Loreena inclined her head to the boss and left the room. Once they were out of the room, she turned to the others. "I suggest we look into things a bit more before we actually leave."
1年以上前 Riku114 said…
"Then alright. Shall we call an end to this meeting and switch to research mode?" Cody spoke looking at the two girls left in the room.
1年以上前 wantadog said…
1年以上前 Riku114 said…
(Should we timeskip?)
1年以上前 wantadog said…
1年以上前 Riku114 said…
(I might use this post to reply at school around........ 12 ish?)
1年以上前 wantadog said…
Walter: "So now we know the terms."

Amelia: "So we do."

Walter: "So what's it gonna be, kid?"

Amelia: "I'll do it."

Walter: "Of course you will."

Amelia: "Don't think I won't."

Walter: "Oh sure."

Amelia: "Bring. It. On."

Walter: "Alright then. We know the stakes, and we know the challenge." he looked at the onlookers in the cafeteria. "30 donut holes. You have to fit them all in without swallowing or choking."

Amelia: "I can do that. I'm not scared."

Walter: "You should be. The last one to take on this challenge dislocated his jaw. not to mention, you wouldn't want Arya finding out that you're talking to me again."

Amelia: "Arya's in a class till 3:30. I'll be fine."

Peter, who was one of the onlookers, glanced at his watch. 3:42. That combined with Arya gaining some sort of 6th sense where she got nauseous whenever Amelia and Walter were talking guaranteed that she-"

(left it there so Arya can barge in.)
1年以上前 Riku114 said…
The sound of the doors slamming open was heard before the expected voice was heard. "I knew it!" Arya said marching into the room with the expression she usually held when Amelia was caught meddling with Walter. "What do you think you guys are doing here?" She walked up the the table and looked at the two of them with a suspicious glare. "Is this that chubby bunny stuff you like to do Walter?"
1年以上前 wantadog said…
Amelia yelped. "Arya! It's not what it looks like, okay?I was eating lunch when Walter sat down and started a conversation. It's perfectly harmless, I swear."

Walter: "Ya, Ary's. Nothing suspicious here at all." he said while popping a donut hole in his mouth. "Want one?"
1年以上前 Riku114 said…
"Of course." Arya sat down next to Amelia and popped one of the donut holes into her mouth, still maintaining her glare on Walter. "Sure. Just a harmless coversation with Walter and a ton of donut holes......... I dont even think this would be even considered remotely healthy."
1年以上前 wantadog said…
Amelia: "Well the challenge said no eating them so...not as unhealthy as it seems."

Walter chuckled. "Probably not the big reason she's mad. After all, I'm a 'bad influence'"
1年以上前 Riku114 said…
"You say that as if its not true." Arya said as she took another. "We both know you are only here to make Amelia putty in your hands." She spoke in a tone that was a slight mutter, though still rather clear as to what she had said.
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1年以上前 wantadog said…
Walter: "Well I'm not saying I haven't had ulterior motives in the past, but tell me. Besides the obvious health risk, can you see any way that I could corrupt your dear Amelia with a little bitty wager?" he said. Most of the onlookers were groaning because they knew that once Walter and Arya got into it, all the fun was effectively gone and a visit from Kyron was always just around the corner.
1年以上前 Riku114 said…
Arya looked over at Walter. "You always have something up your sleeve. I probably dont even really have to say what you could do but the first that comes to mind is what exactly you are wagering and bad examples." She paused. "Speaking of which what ARE you wagering?" She spoke before feeling a hnad hit her shoulder lightly. It was Taku.

"Around the time you finally get free, you go around hunting Walter down? Isnt that a bit of a waste of time?"

"Ah Taku." Arya turned for a second with a smile before it returned back to the way it was before, the smile -not-smile she always had when catching Walter with what mischievous things he may be doing. "Im sorry, I just cant help it. I cant leave Amelia in hands like his."

Off in the crowd of people in the cafeteria was Stain. Unlike most of the crowd that was rather interested in what was going on, that to the point that it would be hard for anyone to break in to get a good look at the scene, Stain was sitting off at a table not too far from the crowd. It wasnt like him to bother to get into the middle to see what was going on but rather to watch from a far, away from the mass of the group. He took a sip of his juice box as he gave a glance over to the crowd. From what he had seen over the current portion of the year he had been attending this school, this wasnt very different from the common Arya vs Walter battle of words
1年以上前 wantadog said…
Walter: "Oh come now. I think we all know my hands are as clean as they come." he retorted with a smile before turning back to Amelia. "Isn't that right?"

Amelia: "Uh...I....I don't know." she murmured. She always looked nervous when both Walter and Arya was there. "Hey maybe we should just forget all about the wager, alright? I mean if we continue, then we might get in trouble with the disciplinary committee anyway so...heh...."

Walter: "Oh we can't do that. You made an agreement. I certainly do not want you to be thought of as one who goes back on her promises and I would hope Arya feels the same." he said, the smile ever present on his face.
1年以上前 Riku114 said…
"Oh dont go using sideways tricks like this. She has the right to turn back on a promise that is more harmful than helpful." Arya paused looking at Walter. "Now, what exactly was this agreement?"
1年以上前 wantadog said…
Walter: "You know, I'm rather offended that you think I would try to trick anyone into doing anything really harmful. Frankly I'm starting to think you're letting your personal feelings cloud your judgement."
1年以上前 Riku114 said…
"Me?" Arya spoke is a fake offended tone. "I just want to know what exactly your agreement was. You seem to be dancing around the question every time I ask it so dont I have a reason to be suspicious?"
1年以上前 wantadog said…
Walter: "Or perhaps like the scoundrel I am, I'm intentionally avoiding the question merely to make you think it is more harmful than it actually is?"
1年以上前 Riku114 said…
"I dont know. Are you?" Arya spoke in the rude tone you would typically place with a line like that. This arguement wasnt meant to turn out in this mood set, though maybe it was to be expected being this was how most of their arguments went. Nothing was too harsh, mean, or rude, but then it tended to turn into Arya reacting first and a scene breaking out to be worse than it should be
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1年以上前 wantadog said…
Walter, however, was having a wonderful time it seemed as he allowed his smile to grow and he leaned forward slightly. "You're the investigator, you tell me." he said, referring to when she and Naze had been trying to gather evidence against him, something she had been forced to stop doing after he helped out with the protection of the book club. As for Naze, her missing journal had started floating around the school in copies and she had been too busy hunting that culprit to focus on Walter.
1年以上前 Riku114 said…
"Walter. I dont have time to go running around trying to figure out the bet." Arya took a deep breath to try to calm down. "Tell me. Its not nice to leave people out of the scene." She looked at the crowd, giving up on Walter telling her. "What was the bet? What was the agreement?"
1年以上前 wantadog said…
The crowd looked at each other then they started fidgeting. It was clear they weren't sure who to fear more. Peter spoke up though. "Hey we can't just give away info for free. We're not part of your little spat so what do we get if we tell you? We wanted to see a show!"
1年以上前 Riku114 said…
There was a bit of silence as Arya gave Peter and the crowd a sharp piercing glare before turning around and looking back at Walter. "You really like making things hard for me dont you?" She sat down once again. "Fine then. What do you want from me so that youll tell me what it was?"
1年以上前 wantadog said…
Walter: "Ask nicely. I wanna feel like you're really sorry for accusing me of being a treacherous scumbag."

Amelia: "Well she never actually called you that..."
1年以上前 Riku114 said…
"Thank you Amelia." Arya said taking a few seconds to look back at her before returning her focus at Walter. "Fine. Walter, can you please tell me what the deal was? Im so so sorry about insulting you."
1年以上前 wantadog said…
Walter: "Thank you Arya. Now if you must know, the bet was simply a fun experiment regarding these donut holes." he said.
1年以上前 Riku114 said…
"Hum?" Arya raised an eyebrow to Walter. "So no crazy things she would have to do or loose if she were to fail the experiment?" She spoke with a tone that clearly showed that she did not trust it or believe what he was going was completely clean.