13, number- Triskadekaphobia.
666, number- Hexakosioihexekontahexaphobia
8, number- Octophobia.

Abuse: sexual- Contreltophobia.
Accidents- Dystychiphobia.
Air- Anemophobia.
Air swallowing- Aerophobia.
Airborne noxious substances- Aerophobia.
Airsickness- Aeronausiphobia.
Alcohol- Methyphobia または Potophobia.
Alone, being- Autophobia または Monophobia.
Alone, being または solitude- Isolophobia.
Amnesia- Amnesiphobia.
Anger- Angrophobia または Cholerophobia.
Angina- Anginophobia.
Animals- Zoophobia.
Animals, Skins(スキンズ) of または fur- Doraphobia.
Animals, wild- Agrizoophobia.
Ants- Myrmecophobia.
Anything new- Neophobia.
Asymmetrical things- Asymmetriphobia
Atomic Explosions- Atomosophobia.
Automobile, being in a moving- Ochophobia.
Automobiles- Motorphobia.

Bacteria- Bacteriophobia.
Bald people- Peladophobia.
Bald, becoming- Phalacrophobia.
Bathing- Ablutophobia.
Bats- Chiroptophobia.
Beards- Pogonophobia.
Beaten によって a rod または instrument of punishment, または of being severely criticized- Rhabdophobia.
Beautiful women- Caligynephobia.
Beds または going to bed- Clinophobia.
Bees- Apiphobia または Melissophobia.
Belly buttons- Omphalophobia.
Bicycles- Cyclophobia.
Birds- Ornithophobia.
Black- Melanophobia.
Blindness in a visual field- Scotomaphobia.
Blood- Hemophobia, Hemaphobia または Hematophobia.
Blushing または the color red- Erythrophobia, Erytophobia または Ereuthophobia.
Body odors- Osmophobia または Osphresiophobia.
Body, things to the left side of the body- Levophobia.
Body, things to the right side of the body- Dextrophobia.
Bogeyman または bogies- Bogyphobia.
Bolsheviks- Bolshephobia.
Books- Bibliophobia.
Bound または tied up- Merinthophobia.
Bowel movements: painful- Defecaloesiophobia.
Brain disease- Meningitophobia.
Bridges または of crossing them- Gephyrophobia.
Buildings: being close to high buildings- Batophobia.
Bullets- Ballistophobia.
Bulls- Taurophobia.
Bums または beggars- Hobophobia.
Burglars, または being harmed によって wicked persons- Scelerophobia.
Buried alive, being または cemeteries- Taphephobia または Taphophobia.

Cancer- Cancerophobia, Carcinophobia.
Car または vehicle, riding in- Amaxophobia.
Cats- Aclurophobia, Ailurophobia, Elurophobia, Felinophobia, Galeophobia, または Gatophobia.
Celestial spaces- Astrophobia.
Cemeteries- Coimetrophobia.
Cemeteries または being buried alive- Taphephobia または Taphophobia.
Ceremonies, religious- Teleophobia.
Changes, making; moving- Tropophobia または Metathesiophobia.
Chickens- Alektorophobia.
Child, bearing a deformed; deformed people- Teratophobia.
Childbirth- Maleusiophobia, Tocophobia, Parturiphobia, または Lockiophobia.
Children- Pedophobia.
Chinese または Chinese culture- Sinophobia.
Chins- Geniophobia.
Choking または being smothered- Pnigophobia または Pnigerophobia.
Choking- Anginophobia.
Cholera- Cholerophobia.
Chopsticks- Consecotaleophobia.
Church- Ecclesiophobia.
Clocks- Chronomentrophobia.
Clocks または time- Chronophobia.
Clothing- Vestiphobia.
Clouds- Nephophobia.
Clowns- Coulrophobia.
Coitus- Coitophobia.
Cold または cold things- Frigophobia.
Cold: extreme, ice または frost- Cryophobia.
Cold- Cheimaphobia, Cheimatophobia, Psychrophobia または Psychropophobia.
Color purple- Porphyrophobia.
Color red または blushing- Erythrophobia, Erytophobia または Ereuthophobia.
Color yellow- Xanthophobia.
Color white- Leukophobia.
Colors- Chromophobia または Chromatophobia.
Comets- Cometophobia.
Computers または working on computers- Cyberphobia.
Confined spaces- Claustrophobia.
Constipation- Coprastasophobia.
Contamination, dirt または infection- Molysmophobia または Molysomophobia.
Contamination with dirt または germs- Misophobia または Mysophobia.
Cooking- Mageirocophobia.
Corpses- Necrophobia.
Cosmic Phenomenon- Kosmikophobia.
Creepy, crawly things- Herpetophobia.
Criticized severely, または beaten によって rod または instrument of punishment- Rhabdophobia.
Criticism- Enissophobia.
Crosses または the crucifix- Staurophobia.
Crossing streets- Agyrophobia または Dromophobia.
Crowded public places like markets- Agoraphobia.
Crowds または mobs- Enochlophobia, Demophobia または Ochlophobia.
Crucifix, the または crosses- Staurophobia.
Crystals または glass- Crystallophobia.

Dampness, moisture または liquids- Hygrophobia.
Dancing- Chorophobia.
Dark または night- Nyctophobia.
Dark place, being in- Lygophobia.
Darkness- Achluophobia または Myctophobia, または Scotophobia.
Dawn または daylight- Eosophobia.
Daylight または sunshine- Phengophobia.
Death または dying- Thanatophobia.
Death または dead things- Necrophobia.
Decaying matter- Seplophobia.
Decisions: making decisions- Decidophobia.
Defeat- Kakorrhaphiophobia.
Deformed people または bearing a deformed child- Teratophobia.
Deformity または unattractive body image- Dysmorphophobia.
Demons- Demonophobia または Daemonophobia.
Dental surgery- Odontophobia.
Dentists- Dentophobia.
Dependence on others- Soteriophobia.
Depth- Bathophobia.
Diabetes- Diabetophobia.
Dining または ディナー conversations- Deipnophobia.
Dirt, contamination または infection- Molysmophobia または Molysomophobia.
Dirt または germs, being contaminated with- Misophobia または mysophobia.
Dirt または filth- Rhypophobia または Rupophobia.
Dirty, being dirty または personal filth- Automysophobia.
Disease- Nosophobia, Nosemaphobia または Pathophobia.
Disease and suffering- Panthophobia.
Disease, a definite- Monopathophobia.
Disease, brain- Meningitophobia.
Disease: kidney- Albuminurophobia.
Disease, rectal- Rectophobia.
Disorder または untidiness- Ataxophobia.
Dizziness または vertigo when looking down- Illyngophobia.
Dizziness または whirlpools- Dinophobia.
Doctor, going to the- Iatrophobia.
Doctrine, challenges to または radical deviation from official- Heresyphobia または Hereiophobia.
イヌ または rabies- Cynophobia.
Dolls- Pediophobia.
Double vision- Diplophobia.
Drafts- Aerophobia または Anemophobia.
Dreams, wet- Oneirogmophobia.
Dreams- Oneirophobia.
Drinking- Dipsophobia.
Drugs, new- Neopharmaphobia.
Drugs または taking medicine- Pharmacophobia.
Dryness- Xerophobia.
Dust- Amathophobia または Koniophobia.
Dust- Amathophobia.
Duty または responsibility, neglecting- Paralipophobia.
Dying または death- Thanatophobia.

Eating または swallowing- Phagophobia.
Eating または food- Sitophobia または Sitiophobia.
Eating または swallowing または of being eaten- Phagophobia.
Eight, the number- Octophobia.
Electricity- Electrophobia.
Englishness- Anglophobia.
Erect penis- Medorthophobia.
Erection, losing an- Medomalacuphobia.
Everything- Panophobia, Panphobia, Pamphobia, または Pantophobia.
Eyes- Ommetaphobia または Ommatophobia.
Eyes, opening one's- Optophobia..

Fabrics, certain- Textophobia.
Failure- Atychiphobia または Kakorrhaphiophobia.
Fainting- Asthenophobia.
Fatigue- Kopophobia.
Fearful situations: being preferred によって a phobic- Counterphobia.
Feathers または being tickled によって feathers- Pteronophobia.
Fecal matter, feces- Coprophobia または Scatophobia.
Female genitals- Kolpophobia.
Female genitalia- Eurotophobia.
Fever- Febriphobia, Fibriphobia, Fidriophobia または Pyrexiophobia.
Filth または dirt- Rhypophobia.
Fire- Arsonphobia または Pyrophobia.
Firearms- Hoplophobia.
Fish- Ichthyophobia.
Flashes- Selaphobia.
Flogging または punishment- Mastigophobia.
Floods- Antlophobia.
Flowers- Anthrophobia または Anthophobia.
Flutes- Aulophobia.
Flying- Aviophobia または Aviatophobia または Pteromerhanophobia.
Fog- Homichlophobia または Nebulaphobia.
食 または eating- Sitophobia または Sitiophobia.
Food- Cibophobia.
Foreigners または strangers- Xenophobia.
Foreign languages- Xenoglossophobia.
Forests または wooden objects- Xylophobia.
Forests- Hylophobia.
Forests, dark wooded area, of at night- Nyctohylophobia
Forgetting または being forgotten- Athazagoraphobia.
France または French culture- Francophobia, Gallophobia または Galiphobia.
Freedom- Eleutherophobia.
Friday the 13th- Paraskavedekatriaphobia.
Frogs- Batrachophobia.
Frost, ice または extreme cold- Cryophobia.
Frost または ice- Pagophobia.
Functioning または work: surgeon's fear of operating- Ergasiophobia.
毛皮 または Skins(スキンズ) of animals- Doraphobia.

Gaiety (happiness)- Cherophobia.
Garlic- Alliumphobia.
Genitals, particularly female- Kolpophobia.
Genitalia, female- Eurotophobia.
Germans または German culture- Germanophobia または Teutophobia.
Germs または dirt, being contaminated with- Misophobia または mysophobia.
Germs- Verminophobia.
Ghosts または specters- Spectrophobia.
Ghosts- Phasmophobia.
Girls, young または virgins- Parthenophobia.
Glass または crystals- Crystallophobia.
Glass- Hyelophobia, Hyalophobia または Nelophobia.
Gloomy place, being in- Lygophobia.
God または gods- Zeusophobia.
Gods または religion- Theophobia.
Gold- Aurophobia.
Good news, hearing good news- Euphobia.
Gravity- Barophobia.
Greek または Greek culture- Hellophobia.
Greek terms- Hellenologophobia.

Hair- Chaetophobia, Trichopathophobia, Trichophobia, または Hypertrichophobia.
Halloween- Samhainophobia.
Hands- Chirophobia.
Handwriting- Graphophobia.
Harmed によって wicked persons; bad men または burglars- Scelerophobia.
Heart- Cardiophobia.
Heat- Thermophobia.
Heaven- Ouranophobia または Uranophobia.
Heights- Acrophobia, Altophobia, Batophobia, Hypsiphobia または Hyposophobia.
Hell- Hadephobia, Stygiophobia または Stigiophobia.
Heredity- Patroiophobia.
Hoarding- Disposophobia.
Holy things- Hagiophobia.
Home- Ecophobia.
ホーム surroundings または a house- Oikophobia.
Home, returning- Nostophobia.
ホーム surroundings- Eicophobia.
Homosexuality または of becoming homosexual- Homophobia.
Horses- Equinophobia または Hippophobia.
Hospitals- Nosocomephobia.
House または ホーム surroundings- Oikophobia.
Houses または being in a house- Domatophobia.
Hurricanes and tornadoes- Lilapsophobia.
Hypnotized, being または of sleep- Hypnophobia.

Ice または frost- Pagophobia.
Ice, frost または extreme cold- Cryophobia.
Ideas- Ideophobia.
Ignored, being- Athazagoraphobia.
Imperfection- Atelophobia.
Inability to stand- Basiphobia または Basophobia.
Infection, contamination または dirt- Molysmophobia または Molysomophobia.
Infinity- Apeirophobia.
Injections- Trypanophobia.
Injury- Traumatophobia.
Insanity, dealing with- Lyssophobia.
Insanity- Dementophobia または Maniaphobia.
Insects- Acarophobia または Entomophobia または Insectophobia.
Insects that eat wood- Isopterophobia.
Insects that cause itching- Acarophobia.
Itching- Acarophobia.

Japanese または Japanese culture- Japanophobia.
Jealousy- Zelophobia.
Jews- Judeophobia.
Joint immobility- Ankylophobia.
Jumping from high and low places- Catapedaphobia.
Justice- Dikephobia.

Kidney disease- Albuminurophobia.
Kissing- Philemaphobia または Philematophobia.
Knees- Genuphobia.
Knowledge- Gnosiophobia または Epistemophobia.

Lakes- Limnophobia.
Large things- Megalophobia.
Laughter- Geliophobia.
Lawsuits- Liticaphobia.
Learning- Sophophobia.
Left-handed; objects at the left side of the body- Sinistrophobia.
Leprosy- Leprophobia または Lepraphobia.
Lice- Pediculophobia または Phthiriophobia.
Light- Photophobia.
Light flashes- Selaphobia.
Lightning and thunder- Brontophobia または Karaunophobia.
Lights, glaring- Photoaugliaphobia.
Liquids, dampness または moisture- Hygrophobia.
Locked in an enclosed place- Cleithrophobia, Cleisiophobia, または Clithrophobia.
Lockjaw または tetanus- Tetanophobia.
Loneliness または of being oneself- Eremophobia または Eremiphobia.
Looking up- Anablephobia または Anablepophobia.
Loud noises- Ligyrophobia.
Love, sexual love- Erotophobia.
愛 play- Malaxophobia または Sarmassophobia.
Love, falling または being in- Philophobia.

Machines- Mechanophobia.
Mad, becoming- Lyssophobia.
Many things- Polyphobia.
Marriage- Gamophobia.
Materialism- Hylephobia.
Matter, decaying- Seplophobia.
Meat- Carnophobia.
Medicine, taking; または drugs- Pharmacophobia.
Medicines, mercurial- Hydrargyophobia.
Medicine, prescribing によって a doctor- Opiophobia.
Memories- Mnemophobia.
Men, bad または burglars または being harmed によって wicked persons- Scelerophobia.
Men- Androphobia または Arrhenphobia または Hominophobia.
Menstruation- Menophobia.
Mercurial medicines- Hydrargyophobia.
Metal- Metallophobia.
Meteors- Meteorophobia.
Mice- Musophobia, Murophobia または Suriphobia.
Microbes- Bacillophobia または Microbiophobia.
Mind- Psychophobia.
Mirrors または seeing oneself in a mirror- Eisoptrophobia.
Mirrors- Catoptrophobia.
Missiles- Ballistophobia.
Mobs または crowds- Demophobia, Enochlophobia または Ochlophobia.
Moisture, dampness または liquids- Hygrophobia.
Money- Chrometophobia または Chrematophobia.
Moon- Selenophobia.
Mother-in-law- Pentheraphobia.
Moths- Mottephobia.
Motion または movement- Kinetophobia または Kinesophobia.
Moving または making changes- Tropophobia.
Moving automobile または vehicle, being in- Ochophobia.
Muscular incoordination (Ataxia)- Ataxiophobia.
Mushrooms- Mycophobia.
Music- Melophobia.
Myths または stories または false statements- Mythophobia.

Names または hearing a certain name- Onomatophobia.
Names- Nomatophobia.
Narrow things または places- Stenophobia.
Narrowness- Anginophobia.
Needles- Aichmophobia または Belonephobia.
New, anything または novel- Kainophobia, Kainolophobia, Cenophobia, Centophobia, または Neophobia.
Newness- Cainophobia, Cenophobia, Centophobia, または Cainotophobia.
News: hearing good news- Euphobia.
Night または dark- Nyctophobia.
Night- Noctiphobia.
Noise- Acousticophobia.
Noises, loud- Ligyrophobia.
Noises または voices, speaking aloud, または telephones- Phonophobia.
Northern lights- Auroraphobia.
Nosebleeds- Epistaxiophobia.
Novelty または anything new- Kainophobia または Kainolophobia.
Novelty- Cainophobia または Cainotophobia.
Nuclear weapons- Nucleomituphobia.
Nudity- Gymnophobia または Nudophobia.
Number 8- Octophobia.
Number 13- Triskadekaphobia.
Numbers- Arithmophobia または Numerophobia.

Objects, small- Tapinophobia.
Ocean または sea- Thalassophobia.
Odor, personal- Bromidrosiphobia, Bromidrophobia, Osmophobia または Osphresiophobia.
Odor, that one has a vile odor- Autodysomophobia.
Odors または smells- Olfactophobia.
Official doctrine, challenges to または radical deviation from- Heresyphobia または Hereiophobia.
Old people- Gerontophobia.
Old, growing- Gerascophobia または Gerontophobia.
Open spaces- Agoraphobia.
Open high places- Aeroacrophobia.
Operation, surgical- Tomophobia.
Opinions- Allodoxaphobia.
Opinions, expressing- Doxophobia.
Others, dependence on- Soteriophobia.
Otters- Lutraphobia.
Outer space- Spacephobia.

Pain- Algiophobia, Ponophobia, Odynophobia または Odynephobia.
Paper- Papyrophobia.
Parasites- Parasitophobia.
Parents-in-law- Soceraphobia.
落花生, ピーナッツ バター sticking to the roof of the mouth- Arachibutyrophobia.
Pellagra- Pellagrophobia.
Penis, erect- Medorthophobia.
Penis, esp erect- Phallophobia.
Penis, erect: seeing, thinking about または having- Ithyphallophobia.
Penis, losing an erection- Medomalacuphobia.
People- Anthropophobia.
People in general または society- Sociophobia.
People, deformed または bearing a deformed child- Teratophobia.
Philosophy- Philsosphobia.
Phobias- Phobophobia.
Phobic prefering fearful situations- Counterphobia.
Pins and needles- Belonephobia.
Pins- Enetophobia.
Place: locked in an enclosed place- Cleithrophobia, Cleisiophobia, または Clithrophobia.
Place, being in a dark または gloomy- Lygophobia.
Places, certain- Topophobia.
Places, crowded public- Agoraphobia.
Places, open high- Aeroacrophobia.
Places または things, narrow- Stenophobia.
Plants- Botanophobia.
Pleasure, feeling- Hedonophobia.
Poetry- Metrophobia.
Pointed objects- Aichmophobia.
Poison- Iophobia.
Poisoned, being- Toxiphobia, Toxophobia, または Toxicophobia.
Poliomyelitis, contracting- Poliosophobia.
Politicians- Politicophobia.
Pope- Papaphobia.
Poverty- Peniaphobia.
Praise, receiving- doxophobia.
Precipices- Cremnophobia.
Prescribing medicine for patients によって a doctor- Opiophobia.
Priests または sacred things- Hierophobia.
Progress- Prosophobia.
Property- Orthophobia.
Prostitutes または venereal disease- Cypridophobia, Cypriphobia, Cyprianophobia, または Cyprinophobia.
Punishment または flogging- Mastigophobia.
Punishment によって a rod または other instrument, または of being severely criticized- Rhabdophobia.
Punishment- Poinephobia.
Puppets- Pupaphobia.
Purple, color- Porphyrophobia.


Rabies- Cynophobia, Hydrophobophobia, Hydrophobia, Kynophobia, または Lyssophobia.
Radiation または x-rays- Radiophobia.
Railroads または train travel- Siderodromophobia.
Rain- Ombrophobia または Pluviophobia.
Rape- Virginitiphobia.
Razors- Xyrophobia.
Rat, great mole- Zemmiphobia.
Rectum または rectal diseases- Proctophobia または Rectophobia.
Red color または blushing- Erythrophobia, Erytophobia または Ereuthophobia.
Relatives- Syngenesophobia.
Religion または gods- Theophobia.
Religious ceremonies- Teleophobia.
Reptiles- Herpetophobia.
Responsibility または duty, neglecting- Paralipophobia.
Responsibility- Hypengyophobia または Hypegiaphobia.
Ridiculed, being- Catagelophobia または Katagelophobia.
Riding in a car- Amaxophobia.
Right side, things on the right side of the body- Dextrophobia.
Rivers- Potamphobia または Potamophobia.
Road travel または travel- Hodophobia.
Robbers または being robbed- Harpaxophobia.
Rooms, empty- Cenophobia または Centophobia.
Rooms- Koinoniphobia.
Ruin- Atephobia.
Running water- Potamophobia.
Russians- Russophobia.

Sacred things または priests- Hierophobia.
Satan- Satanophobia.
Scabies- Scabiophobia.
School, going to school- Didaskaleinophobia.
School- Scolionophobia.
Scientific terminology, complex- Hellenologophobia.
Scratches または being scratched- Amychophobia.
Sea または ocean- Thalassophobia.
Self, seeing oneself in a mirror- Eisoptrophobia.
Self, personal odor- Bromidrosiphobia または Bromidrophobia.
Self, being alone- Autophobia, Eremophobia, Eremiphobia または Isolophobia.
Self, being dirty- Automysophobia.
Self, being oneself- Autophobia.
Self, being seen または looked at- Scopophobia または Scoptophobia.
Self, being touched- Aphenphosmphobia.
Self, that one has a vile odor- Autodysomophobia.
Semen- Spermatophobia または Spermophobia.
Sermons- Homilophobia.
Sex- Genophobia.
Sex, opposite- Heterophobia または Sexophobia.
Sexual abuse- Agraphobia または Contreltophobia.
Sexual intercourse- Coitophobia.
Sexual 愛 または sexual questions- Erotophobia.
Sexual perversion- Paraphobia.
Shadows- Sciophobia または Sciaphobia.
Sharks- Selachophobia.
Shellfish- Ostraconophobia.
Shock- Hormephobia.
Sin または of having committted an unpardonable sin- Enosiophobia または Enissophobia.
Sin- Hamartophobia.
Single: staying single- Anuptaphobia.
Sinning- Peccatophobia.
Sitting down- Kathisophobia.
Sitting- Cathisophobia または Thaasophobia.
Situations, certain- Topophobia.
Skin disease- Dermatosiophobia.
Skin lesions- Dermatophobia.
Skin of animals, fur- Doraphobia.
Sleep- Somniphobia.
Sleep または being hypnotized- Hypnophobia.
Slime- Blennophobia または Myxophobia.
Slopes, steep- Bathmophobia.
Small things- Microphobia, Mycrophobia.
Smells または odors- Olfactophobia.
Smothered, being または choking- Pnigophobia または Pnigerophobia.
Snakes- Ophidiophobia または Snakephobia.
Snow- Chionophobia.
Social (fear of being evaluated negatively in social situations)- Social Phobia.
Society または people in general- Anthropophobia または Sociophobia.
Solitude- Monophobia.
Sounds- Acousticophobia.
Sourness- Acerophobia.
Space, closed または locked in an enclosed space- Cleithrophobia, Cleisiophobia, Clithrophobia.
Space, outer- Spacephobia.
Spaces, confined- Claustrophobia.
Spaces, empty- Cenophobia, Centophobia または Kenophobia.
Spaces, open- Agoraphobia.
Speak, trying to- Glossophobia.
Speaking- Laliophobia または Lalophobia.
Speaking aloud, voices または noises, または telephones- Phonophobia.
Speaking in public- Glossophobia.
Specters または ghosts- Spectrophobia.
Speed- Tachophobia.
Spiders- Arachnephobia または Arachnophobia.
Spirits- Pneumatiphobia.
Stage fright- Topophobia.
Stairs または climbing stairs- Climacophobia.
Stairways- Bathmophobia.
Stand, inability to- Basiphobia または Basophobia.
Standing upright- Basistasiphobia または Basostasophobia.
Standing up- Stasiphobia.
Standing up and walking- Stasibasiphobia.
Stared at, being- Ophthalmophobia.
Stars- Siderophobia または Astrophobia.
Statements, false または myths または stories- Mythophobia.
Staying single- Anuptaphobia.
Stealing- Cleptophobia または Kleptophobia.
Step-father- Vitricophobia.
Steep slopes- Bathmophobia.
Step-mother- Novercaphobia.
Stings- Cnidophobia.
Stooping- Kyphophobia.
Stories または myths または false statements- Mythophobia.
Strangers または foreigners- Xenophobia.
Streets, crossing streets- Dromophobia.
Streets- Agyrophobia.
String- Linonophobia.
Storm, thunder- Brontophobia.
Stuttering- Psellismophobia.
Suffering and disease- Panthophobia.
Sun または sunlight- Heliophobia.
Sunshine または daylight- Phengophobia.
Surgeon's fear of operating: work または functioning- Ergasiophobia.
Surgical operations- Tomophobia.
Swallowing または eating- Phagophobia.
Symbolism- Symbolophobia.
Symmetry- Symmetrophobia.
Syphillis (lues)- Luiphobia または Syphilophobia.

Tapeworms- Taeniophobia.
Taste- Geumaphobia または Geumophobia.
Technology- Technophobia.
Teenagers- Ephebiphobia.
Teeth- Odontophobia.
Telephones, noises または voices, または speaking aloud- Phonophobia.
Telephones- Telephonophobia.
Termites- Isopterophobia.
Tests, taking- Testophobia.
Tetanus または lockjaw- Tetanophobia.
Theaters- Theatrophobia.
Theology- Theologicophobia.
Things, many- Polyphobia.
Things, large- Megalophobia.
Things または places, narrow- Stenophobia.
Things, small- Microphobia または Mycrophobia.
Thinking- Phronemophobia.
Thunder- Ceraunophobia.
Thunder and lightning- Astraphobia, Astrapophobia, Brontophobia または Keraunophobia.
Tickled によって feathers または feathers- Pteronophobia.
Tied または bound up- Merinthophobia.
Time または clocks- Chronophobia.
Toads- Bufonophobia.
Tombstones- Placophobia.
Tornadoes and hurricanes- Lilapsophobia.
Touched, being touched- Aphenphosmphobia, Haphephobia または Haptephobia または Chiraptophobia.
Trains, railroads または train travel- Siderodromophobia.
Travel または road travel- Hodophobia.
Trees- Dendrophobia.
Trembling- Ttremophobia.
Trichinosis- Trichinophobia.
Tuberculosis- Phthisiophobia または Tuberculophobia.
Tyrants- Tyrannophobia.

Ugliness- Cacophobia.
Undressing in front of someone- Dishabillophobia.
Urine または urinating- Urophobia.

Vaccination- Vaccinophobia.
Vegetables- Lachanophobia.
Venereal disease または prostitutes- Cypridophobia, Cypriphobia, Cyprianophobia, または Cyprinophobia.
Ventriloquist's dummy- Automatonophobia.
Vertigo または dizziness when looking down- Illyngophobia.
Virginity, losing one's- Primeisodophobia.
Virgins または young girls- Parthenophobia.
Vision: double vision- Diplophobia.
Voices または noises, speaking aloud または telephones- Phonophobia.
Voids または empty spaces- Kenophobia.
Vomiting secondary to airsickness- Aeronausiphobia.
Vomiting- Emetophobia.

Waits, long- Macrophobia.
Walking, standing up and- Stasibasiphobia.
Walking- Ambulophobia, Basistasiphobia または Basostasophobia.
Washing- Ablutophobia.
Wasps- Spheksophobia.
Water- Hydrophobia.
Waves または wave like motions- Cymophobia または Kymophobia.
Wax statues- Automatonophobia.
Weakness- Asthenophobia.
Wealth- Plutophobia.
Weapons, nuclear- Nucleomituphobia.
Weight, gaining- Obesophobia または Pocrescophobia.
Wet dreams- Oneirogmophobia.
Whirlpools または dizzyness- Dinophobia.
White, the color- Leukophobia.
Wild animals- Agrizoophobia.
Wind- Ancraophobia または Anemophobia.
Wine- Oenophobia.
Witches and Witchcraft- Wiccaphobia.
Women- Gynephobia または Gynophobia.
Women, beautiful- Caligynephobia または Venstraphobia.
Wooden objects または forests- Xylophobia.
Words- Logophobia または Verbophobia.
Words, long- Hippopotomonstrosesquipedaliophobia または Sesquipedalophobia.
Work または functioning; surgeon's fear of operating- Ergasiophobia.
Work- Ergophobia または Ponophobia.
Worms- Scoleciphobia.
Worms, being infested with- Helminthophobia.
Wrinkles, getting- Rhytiphobia.
Writing- Graphophobia.
書く in public- Scriptophobia.

X-rays または radiation- Radiophobia.

Yellow color- Xanthophobia.