3 days later.........
Destine: *writing* April 12, 2013. Dear Me, The twins are 6 days old. Jacob's birthday is coming, and he is very excited.
I have 2 figure out a way 2 get money.....for the twins...and me. Rose told me that some manager wants 2 put me on a album. Maybe being famous is the only way 2 have money.
Sincerely Danique 桃, ピーチ Destine Anderson . P.S. Danique is my actual name, and 桃, ピーチ is my middle name...well あなた already know that.
Princeton: What あなた writing?
Destine: Some stuff.......
Princeton: Oh......So your middle name is Peach?
Destine: How あなた know that?
Princeton: Im a good guesser.....
Destine: Mmmmhmmm......
Roc: I 愛 these babies! They don't cry, または tear up stuff!
Destine: I know....
There was a knock on the door.
Destine: I hope that's not that stalker I threatened. *opening door*
?????: Is Prodigy here?
Destine: Yes....why あなた ask?
?????: Cuz I need 2 see him!
Destine: Come in....
Prodigy: Oh こんにちは Tobe!
Tobe: こんにちは baby!
Alana: Who is this?
Roc: I think her name is Tobe.
Tobe: I'm Prodigy's girlfriend.
Destine: *looking at Prodigy* Wow! Prodigy didn't tell us about having a girlfriend......
Prodigy: Cuz Prodigy didn't want フレンズ 2 know!
Destine: Why is Prodigy irritating Destine?
線, レイ Ray: Why is 線, レイ 線, レイ confused?
Alana: Alana is very annoyed with everybody talking in third person!!!
Roxie: Hey! We have company!
Destine: Oh, sorry. I'm Destine.
Roxie: I'm Roxie.
Alana: I'm Alana.
Karey: Karey.
Christi: Christi.
Tobe: Nice 2 meet あなた all!
Roc: Where's Kaylah and Kendria?
Destine: Oh. Forgot 2 tell y'all. They had 2 move.
Alana: Where?
Destine: Georgia.
Roc: Oh......
Karey: What about Diamond?
Destine: She had 2 live with her uncle in Missouri.
Alana: Instead of having 8 girls, we have.....6 girls.
線, レイ Ray: Yay!!!! もっと見る room 4 us!
Destine: *slapping 線, レイ Ray*
線, レイ Ray: Ow!
Tobe: Okay......Prodigy didn't tell y'all about me?
Destine: Nope.
Tobe: Oh.....I'm a onlly child, I 愛 grapes, my dad calls me Grapy クイーン cuz I always chewing on grapes, and I'm dating Prodigy.
Destine: Cool, Grapy Queen. I'm called Cherries cuz I 愛 me some cherries.
Karey: My nickname is Kitty Kat.
Alana: Mine is Alley-Boo.
Christi: Mine is Creamy cuz my skin looks so Caramel.
Roxie: Mines is RoRo.
線, レイ Ray: Mine is タコス Boy cuz...
Destine: U like tacos.....blah blah blah! Everybody knows that!
線, レイ Ray: Rude! U didn't let me finish......Cuz I 愛 some tacos!!!!
Alana: タコス Boy! Keep talking, and you'll be Snaggle-Tooth Boy!
Tobe: *laughing*
Destine: In this house, their are leaders, like me. Their are crazy people, like Alana and Roxie, and their are strange people, like 線, レイ Ray.
Tobe: I can see that......Awe! Who's cute little babies?
Destine: Ummm......mine.
Tobe: Really? How old are you? 16? 17? 15?
Destine: 14....
Tobe: Wow! Is the baby daddy a crack head?
Princeton: No!
Tobe: Oh ur their.....dad.....oops....
Princeton: Yea I'm the dad!
Tobe: Anyway....Prodigy! Tell them how we meet!
Prodigy: Okay.... It was on a cold December, and MB was signing autographs downtown. Tobe was getting her t-shirt signed when I signed my number on her shirt.
Roxie: Awesome!
Tobe: But I waited til it was time 4 them 2 go so I can follow them 2 their bus.
Destine: OMG! Did it work?
Prodigy: It did.
Tobe: Then Prodigy saw me on the bus, then recognized me.
Prodigy: And I wanted her 2 be girlfriend....
Roxie: Awe!
Tobe: I know!
線, レイ Ray: I want a girlfriend!!!
Roxie: I'm the only single girl in the house now......
Tobe: What about Kitty Kat and Christi.
Karey: We're dating.
Tobe: Who?
Christi: Karey
Karey: Christi
Tobe: Oh......
線, レイ Ray: We can just hang out....
Roxie: Maybe....
Destine: Y'all can go 2 this restaurant I know
Roxie: Where?
Destine: Red Lobster's....
線, レイ Ray: Cool....
Destine: Me & Alana come 2.....
Alana: Yay!
Destine: Let's go.
At the restaurant, Destine and Alana sat at 2 表, テーブル behind 線, レイ 線, レイ & Roxie.
線, レイ Ray: Wow...this エビ taste good!
Roxie: I know!
線, レイ Ray: Taste better than tacos....
Roxie: Yep.
線, レイ Ray: I know this is all sudden, but you're kinda cute.
Roxie: Thanks...
線, レイ Ray: You're different from the others...although Destine's like a young superhero....
Roxie: Destine's one of the most uniquely role model I ever had.
Destine: Looks like their getting along.
Alana: Yea....
線, レイ Ray: I thought girly, pretty girls were 4 me, but tough, sophisticated girls like あなた made me realize.....every girl is different
Roxie: And I thought strong cute looking boys were for me, but not like funny, cute, unique boys like you.
線, レイ Ray: Awe!...*kissing Roxie*
Destine: Awe!
Alana: Awe! *looking at bill* We have 2 pay 50 bucks!
Destine: Don't worry! I got a fake 50 dollar bill. *putting it down*
Alana: Come on then!
Destine: *running* 線, レイ Ray! Roxie! Let's go!
Back at the house.......
Roc: A fake 50 dollar bill? Really?
Destine: Well yeah! A bowl of エビ for 10 bucks! Not cool!
線, レイ Ray: Now I know what 愛 feels like....
Roxie: Me 2...
Princeton: But Roxie's 13....and 線, レイ Ray's 16....
線, レイ Ray: And? Destine's 14, and she had twins!
Princeton: That's different though....
Destine: Jacob! Their in love, and that's all that matters...
Tobe: Was it painful when あなた was prego?
Destine: Girl yes!
Tobe: What are their names?
Destine: Mercury & Marikiya
Tobe: Mercury is a cute name! What does Marikiya mean?
Destine: Beautiful roses.
Tobe: Awe!
Destine: But their nicknames are Aqua & Japan.
Tobe: Cool.
Roc: Did I hear a knock?
Destine: Let me check. *opening door*
Dad: Danique...
Destine: The hell あなた want?
Dad: Forgiveness...
Destine: No.....
Dad: *grabbing her hand* Now.....Im tired of begging....
Destine: Let me go!
Dad: *throwing her 2 the ground*
Destine: *kicking him in the nuts*
Dad: Ow!
The rest of the gang ran outside.
Dad: I bringer あなた into this world, now I'm gonna bring あなた out! *pulling out gun*
Destine: Not if I can help it! *slicing his head off*
Her father lay on the ground, lifelessly.
Tobe: Ummm...what's going on....
Destine: *walking back inside* Ill tell あなた about....well my complicated life.
After she told her about her weird childhood.......
Tobe: Dang! Your like a Hero-Survivor.....
Destine: I know....
Tobe: Is Erica still alive?
Destine: No....but that's a mystery we have 2 find out....
The 次 day.......
Tobe: Their's a lady in the living room.....
Destine: Oh hi Rose!
Rose: U have 2 come 2 California!
Destine: Why?
Rose: Cuz Justin Bieber wants 2 meet you!
Destine: OMG! Let's go, now! Wait....what about the twins?
Christi: Me and Karey can watch them....
Destine: Okay!
Tobe: Yay!
They packed up and went California.
Alana: L.A.! Good 2 see あなた again!
Rose: Now...we're going 2 his house.
Destine: Yay!
They went 2 his house.
Justin: Well....nice 2 meet あなた Miss Destine.
Destine: Hi Justin!
Justin: Rose told me about ur talent.....
Destine: Yea...
Justin: Well let me hear some....
Destine: *shy* Okay...*singing* See I never thought that I could walk through fire. I never thought that I could take the burn. I never thought that I never had the strength to take it higher. Until I reach the point of no return.
Justin: Good!
Rose: So....what あなた want?
Justin: Her 2 be in one of my songs!
Destine: Awesome!
Justin: Just meet me here tomorrow.
Destine: Okay!
They left and went 2 Rose's house.
THE END............