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If you've ever wanted to create your own Pretty Cure, create it here and share it with other fans of Pretty Cure!



As a Pretty Cure:

Partner (Like Mepple):

Character's Bio:

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1年以上前 williukea said…
name: akano rei
age: 14
gender: female duuuh
Akano Makoto (mako-chan) (mother)
Akano Ryuga (father)
Akano Kenta (big brother)
Akano Kira (twin sister) (also cure orange)

Kimi Taiyou
Taiyou is reis childhood friend. She calls her Tai-chan. Rei was very happy when she became cure yellow and their bond as childhood friends became even stronger
Akano Kira: reis twin sister. they were always together. so rei was sad when she had to hide her being as pretty cure from sister. she was very happy when kira became cure orange (note: in both human and cure form they looks the same only color is different next cure, cure yellow is different)

whita/Murasaki Shira/Cure Violet
firstly whita was her rival (just like love-eas or hibiki-siren) because she was also a woman but later when she became cure violet she cared for shira and tried to make her full member of the group

Arita Kuromari
the human form of Black. rei has a crush on his human form. she was very shocked when he revealed himself and black. He is whitas big brother


name: cure Red
appearance: she has hairstyle just like usagi from sailor moon just red hair on her odangos she has 2 ribbons (similar to wedding peach just the ribbons are on top of her head and the rounds that are between wedding peach ribbons acts as odangos for cure red)
partner: Rosso (italian for red)
motto: kawaii

bio:rei is clumsy and crybaby but in battle she is brave and always cares for her friends and comrades. she has a crush on blacks human form. rei always says "its so cute" (kawaii) whenever she sees something cute. Her alter ego is Cure Red

note: the season is called rainbow pretty cure
musa666 commented…
it was rude saying duuh but,i do wonder why sammy put it there. 1年以上前
Nightwing-sama commented…
Lol, I made a series like that too 1年以上前
1年以上前 SammyFearest said…
Ok, I am going to do my own series of this lmao which has 5 characters.

1. Normal:

Name: Nayuki Tomachi
Age: 14
Gender: Female
Appearance: Dark purple curly loose hair, down past her shoulders. Purple eyes and light skin. Wears a pink thin cardigan, a white t-shirt, brown denim shorts and sandals.
Family/Friends: Katrina (Mother), Arika (Little Sister), Kai (Love Interest and Neighbour)

As a Pretty Cure:

Name: Cure Faith
Appearance: Pink hair tied up in bun with two strands hanging down at the side of her face, a pink blouse like dress with a dark pink corset around the stomach, short puffy sleeves with laces going up the sides, dark pink frills hanging off the skirt-part, light pink lace up boots and dark pink fingerless elbow length gloves.
Partner (Like Mepple): Amethyst
Motto: "The champion of love and belief! Cure Faith!"

Character Bio: Nayuki moved to Japan after her mother and father had broken up. After returning to school and education she meets four other girls and runs into five creatures who present her the power of Pretty Cure.

2. Normal:

Name: Kokori Hiruko
Age: 14
Gender: Female
Appearance: Dirty blonde hair tied up in a side ponytail. Dark yellow t-shirt, light blue skirt with a small brown shoulder bag and black shoes.
Family/Friends: Kotone (Mother), Jax (Father)

Character's Bio: Kokori moved to Japan when she was 4 years old. Aya and Jax wished to have a new life along with their only daughter, Kokori after Kokori's twin had died at birth. Kokori was dragged along by Nayuki during a school period and finds five creatures who present her the power of Pretty Cure

As a Pretty Cure:

Name: Cure Hope
Appearance: Light yellow hair straight and loose with two chunks of hairs wrapped around the sides and pinning them back. A light yellow long-sleeved dress with a corset going over her bust. Dark yellow frills hanging off the skirt part and yellow boots with orange laces going up to her knees.
Partner (Like Mepple): Topaz
Motto: "The guardian of beauty and happiness! Cure Hope!"


Name: Okito Mitsoyu
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Appearance: Dark orange, short pixie hair with a red headband. A white blouse with a dark orange skirt and brown boots.
Family/Friends: Fumio (Grandfather), Misuzu (Grandmother), Kaoru (Baby sister)

As a Pretty Cure:

Name: Cure Brace
Appearance: Longer red spiky hair, light red tube top with light red armbands with red frills. Red skirt with light red frills hanging off with black short shorts. Red boots going up just an inch above her thighs with dark red laces.
Partner (Like Mepple): Ruby
Motto: "The fighter for passion and bravery! Cure Brace!"

Character's Bio: Okito lived in Japan all her life. After her parents died from horrific accidents her grandparents decided to take both Okito and her little sister, Kaoru


Name: Aya Norimaki
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Appearance: Light brown hair tied in a plait that sits around her neck. Light green t-shirt with a dark green hoodie and blue denim shorts. Red converse shoes.
Family/Friends: Unknown so far.

As a Pretty Cure:

Name: Cure Joy
Appearance: Dark brown loose hair, going down to her thighs with a ponytail. Light green blouse dress with a dark green corset going around the stomach. Dark green and brown frills hanging off the skirt part. Dark green boots with brown laces, short light green puffy sleeves and green gloves.
Partner (Like Mepple): Emerald
Motto: "The defender of nature and light! Cure Joy!"

Character's Bio: Aya had basically lived in Japan all her life without no one knowing of her family.


Name: Sayuri Miyazaki
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Appearance: Blonde hair loose in a bob-like haircut. Blue tanktop and yellow shorts with sandals.
Family/Friends: Unknown for now.

As a Pretty Cure:

Name: Cure Destiny
Appearance: Light blue hair, going down to her back. Light blue sleeveless top with a dark blue corset reach from her skirt to her stomach. Faded blue frills on the skirt part, light blue boots with dark blue laces. Light blue frilly armbands and dark blue fingerless gloves.
Partner (Like Mepple): Sapphire
Motto: "The happening of victory and life! Cure Destiny!"

Character's Bio: Her bio is unknown for now.

The series is called GoGo! Precure Heartlight!
CureKnight1010 commented…
I like that. 1年以上前
1年以上前 williukea said…
ok then ill write my other cures i created

name: akano kira
age: 14
gender: female
appearance: like usagi from sailor moon just when she gets her hair up and removing the odangos also hair color dirty blonde
akano makoto (mako-chan) (mother)
akano ryuuga (father)
akano kenta (oni-san)
akano rei (twin sister)

pretty cure:

name: cure orange
appearance looks like usagi just with orange ribbons around her odangos (like wedding peach ribbons over her hair accessory) (her sister had red ribbons) hair color changed to orange
mascot: arancione (italian means orange)
motto: orange rainbow in the heart cure orange

bio: just like her sister kira is clumsy and a bit crybaby she love to eat A LOT she looks just like her sister just hair color is different same is in cure form only theme color is different she is the cure of the sunset

name: kimi taiyou (tai-chan)
appearance: long hair in 3 layers from longest to shortest with black eyes
kimi michiru (mother)
kimi tsubasa (father)
murasaki shira (adopted sister)

as cure:

name: cure yellow
appearance: light yellow hair in 2 pigtails raised up like cure aquas hairstyle (just the pigtails are 2) and the twintails are in both sides tided with yellow ribbons
mascot: giolo (italian for yellow)
motto: yellow rainbow in the heart cure yellow

bio: tai-chan is a calm school girls and the childhood friend of rei and kira they were chatting online for years since rei and kira lived in america and once upon a time they were very good friends in childhood and they lived in neighborhood alter when tai-chan was in 3rd year of junior high and rei with kira was in second they moved back to japanand the girls went to the same school by that time tai-chan had no real friends others were only befriending her because she was in student council and hoped for privilegies
tai-chan is a cure of the stars


name: midori guri
age: 13
gender: male... just kidding :D
appearance: guri has green curly hair to the shoulders and brown eyes
midori miko (mother)
midori shingo (father)
midori kazuya (oni-chan)

as cure:

name: cure green
appearance: her green hair remains curly and grows in sides then her twintails gets tided with green ribbons
mascot: verde (italian for green)
motto: green rainbow in the heart cure green

bio: guri is a tomboy in 1st year of junior high she wears her brothers fuku of when he was her age


name: aino aira
age: 13
gender: female i think :D
appearance: indigo colored hair long to the shoulders and straight
family: i didnt thought this yet

as a cure:

name: cure indigo
appearance: her hair becomes indigo colored twintails and indigo colored ribbons tides them
mascot: indaco (italian for indigo)
motto: indigo rainbow in the heart cure indigo

bio: srry still didnt thought

name: aono mizu
age: 13
gender: guess what female
appearance: she has very short blue hair and blue eyes
family: unknown for me too :D

as a cure

name: cure blue
appearance: her hair remains blue and ties into pigtails tied like in hikaris hairstyle
mascot: blu (italian for blue)
motto: blue rainbow in the heart cure blue

bio: i dont know yet :D


name: murasaki shira
age: 16
gender: srr i forgot :D
appearance: she has hotaru-like hairstyle black colored
family: read up in tai-chans post
+ kuromari airta/ black (big brother)

as a cure:

name: cure purple
appearance: she still has her hotaru-like hairstyle just it turns purple and her hair grows up a bit in sides and the grows are tidied by purple ribbons
mascot: viola (italian for purple)
motto: violet rainbow in the heart cure purple

bio: she was a villain called whita and was little sister of black that rei and kira are in love with :D she became a cure being 13 but was hypnotised and turned into whita later she battled cures and after the battle regained memory about her life as cure purple after this she was together with the cures

phew i finally wrote everything here now i still have think a bit more about guri and othersand i hope i can start episode 1 soon :D
1年以上前 iluvprecure12 said…
My Pretty Cure series is called ''Believe in Precure!'' and it has 2 characters. ( kind of like Suite Precure, but i remains two characters in the whole series.)


Name: Nia McNeely
Age: 13
Gender: Female
Appearance: African American girl, Browish, Blackish hair- Shoulder Length in a cute updo ponytail with purple hairclips. Wears Purple graphic tee with nyan cat on it, jeans, and purple Converse sneakers.
Family/Friends: Mom(Cassendra McNeely) ,Sister (Zena McNeely) , Japanese friend(Emiko Suzuki),

As a Pretty Cure:

Name: Cure Sparkle (her symbol is the star)
Appearance: Hair turns jet black and grows knee length with bangs that flip up at ends and back flips up. Gets a top that is purple and hot pink and top has a hot pink bow on it. And a skirt that is also purple and bottom part is hot pink and like Fresh Pretty Cure dress design. Wears purple knee high boots with hot pink bows on them. Also wears purple fingerless gloves.

Partner (Like Mepple): Savvy
Motto: '' Believe in yourself and shine with glitter, Cure Sparkle!''

Character's Bio: Nia is a girl who confidence is low and wants to change her personality, She is American and when her mom gets a job in Japan, She and her sister have to go and live in Japan with their mom. At her Japanese school she feels like she doesn't fit in, because she is different, and looks different. Nia, her mom, and her sister all know Japanese. She wants to fit in so badly. She has ment one Japanese girl who also speaks english along with japenese named Emiko. She fave color is purple, and loves to eat sweets. She is still trying to find her passions and hobbies. She became Precure because she thinks it will up her confidence and she wants to help everyone else who doesn't have confidence and doesn't fit in, fit in. She also wants to fight the people who are evil, bullies, and mean.


Name: Emiko Suzuki
Age: 13
Gender: Female
Appearance: A very pretty Japanese girl, her hair is light orange, very curly and super long in two pontyails at the top of her head with two lime green bows. Wears a white sundress with a lime green shrug on top of the dress, and wears brown wedge sandals.
Family/Friends: Mom(Cho Suzuki) Dad(Saburo Suzuki), Friend(Nia McNeely)

As a Pretty Cure:

Name: Cure Shimmer (her symbol is the peace sign)
Appearance: Her hair turns lime green and her two ponytails grow longer and get really curly at the ends, She wears a short light blue dress with a lime green bow at the top and she wears lime green shorts with the dress and her shoes are light blue ankle boots with lime green bows on them. She also wears lime green arm-warmers.
Partner (Like Mepple): Glitz
Motto: ''Making the world shine of peace, Cure Shimmer!''

Character's Bio: Emiko is an only child. Her parents fight alot and she doesn't like it. One of her desires is for everyone in the world to get along. She is interested in American people and American culture. She knows english and studied it so she can understand Nia very well. So she is also asking Nia questions. She loves music, art, acting, anything to do with the arts. She is very generous person and is helping Nia fit in and very loyal to her. Her hobbies are singing dancing, and drawing. Her fave color is green. She became a Precure because she wants to help Nia make people believe and she also wants to bring peace to the world.
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1年以上前 Lovely_Fighter said…
name: Shioto Dia
Age: 14
gender: female
Appearance: shoulder length black hair, sky blue eyes, usually seen wearing a purple top that reaches her belly button and goes across the shoulders, purple shorts and black and purple Cure Melody style shoes, when she is not at school.
Family/Friends: Shioto Athena (mother) Shioto Len (Father)

Pretty Cure:
Name: Cure Love
Appearance: her hair grows out and turns a dark purple. her outfit consists of a black and purple top that criss-crosses across her chest, black shorts, and thigh high purple boots.
Partner (like Mepple): Lulu
Motto: "the one who resides in all hearts, Cure Love!"

Character Bio:
Dia is an only child with divorced parents. she hardly ever sees her dad, and was bullied as a child. this caused her to become silent and shy around unknown people. she likes to draw and write stories. she became a Precure to help herself open up to other people while at the same time helping others realize that there is love everywhere, they just have to open themselves up to it. her favorite colors are black and purple. when people get to know her, and she starts to open up to them, she becomes very energetic. she plays soccer in the soccer club, and tends to make up for lost calories by snacking throughout the day.
musa666 commented…
Lulu is shiney lumeness' partner along with porun. 1年以上前
1年以上前 musa666 said…
name:Bright wanie Age:14 appearance:short blond hair with long bangs styled like cure passion's.wears a blue dress with a colorful belt at the waist and brown leather knee high lace-up boots.Pretty Cure: name:cure lightning. appearance:normal hair style exeped with lighning bolts creating pony tails.she wears a black top with a lightning bolt on it with one that also wraps around her stomach.she wears a skirt that is also black but has top to bottom lightning bolts that serve as stripes. her gloves are yellow and have black lace.her shoes are yellow with black leg warmers.partner:shulii Motto:"Shiney shiney!super bright!Cure Lightning" Bio:none(i'm writing a book called zap pretty cure wich inculeds bright so i have no bio yet)
1年以上前 KawaiiMelody85 said…

Name: Kagami Ayano
Age: 14
Gender: femalle
Appearance: Blonde hair-Shoulder length with 'X' shaped hairclip and white ribbon,blue clolored eyes,usually wear blue top with white cardigans,skirt and stocking.
Imouto : kagami Ayase
Mother : Kagami Ikuyo
Friends : Azami Himeka ( Cure Emission ),Himike Miyu ( Cure Sparkle ),Tomomi Fumie ( Cure Shrine ), Kurokawa Rui / Yuuho ( Cure Evidence )

As a Pretty Cure:

Name: Cure Eradiate,Upgrade : Sacred cure Eradiate
Appearance: Longer blonde hair with Blue-heart shaped in White Ribbon.wears sky blue dress,Heart ribbon on the top and some frills on her dress. wears white lace-up boots and light blue stocking.
Partner (Like Mepple): Puffy
The sacred light reach the thousand heart radiance,flash! Cure Eradiate!
Character's Bio: She is a bright girl,likes to help. sometimes look cold and cool but she is actually cheerful and friendly girl. she likes watching anime and drawing.
1年以上前 catcatpuss67 said…
name: mahou mimi
gender:female what else would you think......
appearance: pink hair, golden eyes that are usually covered by hair 'cause of shyness. hair is a pigtails with golden ribbons. often in her school uniform which is just like the ones from sailor moon..
relatives: mahou soarin (father) kibou sona (half-sister on mother side will be explained later) gueen magic of pony land (mother making her a princess)
kaze emi : been friends since childhood, mimi is not shy around her either though she acts like a boy.
kibou sona: before finding out that their half sisters they got along almost like sisters anyway.
name: cure magic
appearcance: short pink dress. hair still pink put up in a long pony tail. one eye covered but their still gold.
partner: starlight
bio: shy bright girl. slightly clumsy but very good at school, not sports. loves art. eyes glow brightly when she in danger and teleport her out of whatever , this is the only power that show before she found out she was a princess.
1年以上前 cure_lovely said…
(I kinda want mines to be a Dokidoki precure)

Name: Yagami Merliah

Age: unknown probably 8 or 9

Gender: Female

Appearance: Light turquoise hair with rainbow confetti hair spray in her hair a yellow headband held by blue ribbons yellow eyes a heart necklace which is red pink sleeves blue green shirt feather sleeves that are turquoise puffy skirt like cure muse but are turquoise with green stripes with yellow stockings underneath it. White socks that which to her femur and knee high turquoise boot with a green ribbon.


As a Pretty Cure:
Name: Cure Hope (Cure believe)


Partner: Merlee

Character's Bio: Shy and quiet her parents died while fighting Prince Selfish. She was later found out that she was the princess daughter. She still doesn't go to school.

(I also got another picture what she looks like the dark one is her evil form the last one is her super form)
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 (I kinda want mines to be a Dokidoki precure) Name: Yagami Merliah Age: unknown probably 8 または 9
CureKnight1010 commented…
Your picture is so beautiful 1年以上前
1年以上前 maricutie2 said…
Name:Yumi Kaori
Appearance:She has Black Hair,Blue Eyes
Pink dress,Rainbow Bracelet,and Pink Flats.

As a Pretty Cure:
Name: Pink Lock Cure

Cure Appearance: Pink Dress with laces in the bottom,Light Pink belt with a Shiny heart in the middle,White Boots with Glass Heel on the bottom,Pink bow with a heart,And has pink hair

Character's Bio:she is a Sweet Kind,kinda stubborn sometimes and loves ice cream

Partner Animal:Kirari

1年以上前 oracleguardian said…
G.E.M. Pretty Cure

Name:Minazuki Lia
Pretty Cure Name:Cure Quartz
Her Catchphrase:The pink stone that resembles Hope.Cure Quartz

Name:Aira Yune
Pretty Cure Name:Cure Ruby
Her Catchphrase:The red stone that resembles Bravery and Courage.Cure Ruby

Name:Misaki Mako
Pretty Cure Name:Cure Citrine
Her Catchphrase:The yellow Stone that resembles agility and speed.Cure Citrine

Name:Harune Mina
Pretty Cure Name:Cure Emerald
Her Catchphrase:The green stone that resembles life.Cure Emerald

Name:Reina Karin
Pretty Cure Name:Cure Sapphire
Her Catchphrase:The blue stone that resembles peace and beauty.Cure Sapphire

Name:Serena Nati
Pretty Cure Name:Cure Amethyst
Her Catchphrase:The purple stone that resembles light and elegance.Cure Amethyst

They will only become Pure Pretty Cures When they have proven themselves worthy to the stone they resemble
Pure transformation:
Pure Quartz
Pure Ruby
Pure Citrine
Pure Emerald
Pure Sapphire
Pure Amethyst
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1年以上前 animechalyss said…
1) Normal:

Name: Hinamori Amu

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Appearance: Light Pink shoulder length hair (Usually wears a X shaped clip), Golden eyes, Red and black striped t-shirt, Red jeans, red Sneakers

Family/Friends: Tsumugu Hinamori (Father), Midori Hinamori (Mother), Ami Hinamori (Little sister).

Mashiro Rima, Yuiki Yaya, Fujisaki Nadeshiko/Nagihiko, Hotori Tadasa, Souma Kukaia, Sanjo Kaira, Ikuta Tsukiyomi.

As a Pretty Cure:

Name: Cure Amulet

Appearance: Red Cropped top with a dark red bow with a Golden Brooch with a Fancy Letter G on it, Red fingerless gloves that ended below her elbows, Red Mini
skirt, White boots with dark red trimming at heels and toes that ended at her mid-thigh and her hair is longer in three parts by red hair ties and a red Four Leaf clover (The same one on Amulet Fortune) on top.

Partner: Ami (Named after her little sister)

Motto: With the Heart to protect children's Talent, Cure Amulet

Character's Bio: Amu Hinamori grew up with a tough outside character and everyone in school addresses her as "cool and Spicy," but deep down she is very
hesitant and timid. One of the reasons that she has this image is because her mother dresses her in gothic and cool clothing. Since she has a stubborn
character, fans call Amu a tsundere, but is properly classified as a kuudere.

She was heart broken when her mother told her that she will be going to a girls only boarding school. When she got there she was soon met Kairi's younger twin sister Kaira. Then while Amu had a walk around the school yards she met Ami, A fairy from the Chara Kingdom who was chased by a Nightmare. Amu was very disappointed when Ami told her the King Easter was destroying children's dreams and joined forces with Ami as Cure Amulet.

2) Normal:

Name: Hotori Tadasa

Age: 15

Gender: Female

Appearance: Short Blonde hair, Pink eyes, Blue dress that ended below her knees, Dark blue cardigan, Blue boots

Family/Friends: Mizue Hotori (Mother), Yui Hotori (Father), Tadase Hotori (Twin Brother).

Hinamori Amu, Souma Kukaia, Sanjo Kaira, Fujisaki Nadeshiko, Ikuta Tsukiyomi (Step sister).

As a Pretty Cure:

Name: Cure Royal

Appearance: Blue half cut shirt with sleeves that ends at her elbows with a dark Blue ribbon tied into a four leaf clover with a golden pin with a fancy G on the bottom of the v neck line, a light blue skirt like a skirt part of a royal dress reaching her knees, blue boots with dark blue trimming at the top rim, heels and toes that reaches to her mid lower thigh, she has a blue choker with her key clasped to it, she has her lock pad wrapped in a white bag with a pink four leaf clover and her hair reaches her bottom with a golden tiara and a blue Four Leaf clover

Partner: Kisika

Motto: With the Heart to protect children's Wisdom, Cure Royal

Character's Bio: (Bio Unknown)

3) Normal:

Name: Souma Kukaya

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Appearance: Hip length shaggy brown hair and emerald green eyes, wears a Basketball shirt, Black track pants and yellow sneakers

Family/Friends: Kaido Souma (Oldest brother), Shusui Souma(Second oldest brother), Unkai Souma(Third oldest brother), Rento Souma(Fourth oldest brother) and Kukai Souma (Twin brother), (parents unknown).

Hinamori Amu, Sanjo Kaira, Fujisaki Nadeshiko, Hotori Tadasa, Ikuta Tsukiyomi.

As a Pretty Cure:

Name: Cure Jack

Appearance: Yellow half cut shirt with sleeves that are at her shoulders with a gold colored ribbon tied into a four leaf clover with a golden pin with a fancy G on the bottom of the v neck line, Gold finger less gloves that reaches her biceps, yellow shorts, White boots that reaches her knees with yellow trimming at the top rim, heels and toes , and her hair is spiked up and has two low pony tails (Identical to Cure Twinkle's low ponytails) with yellow hair ties with a yellow Four Leaf clover in her hair

Partner: Dacha

Motto: With the heart to protect children's Strength, Cure Jack

Character's Bio: (Bio Unknown)

4) Normal:

Name: Sanjo Kaira

Age: 14

Gender: Female

Appearance:Long Forest green hair that reaches her waist which is slinged over her left shoulder, Bangs parted apart, Blue eyes, Wears glasses. Also wears Green t-shirt with Black capris jeans, purple flip flops.

Family/Friends: Yukari Sanjo (Older Sister) and Kairi Sanjo (Twin Brother), (parents unknown).

Hinamori Amu, Souma Kukaia, Hotori Tadasa, Fujisaki Nadeshiko, Ikuta Tsukiyomi.

As a Pretty Cure:

Name: Cure Sakura.

Appearance: Green half cut shirt with long sleeves from a kimono, a green ribbon tied into a four leaf clover with a golden pin with a fancy G on the bottom of the v neck line, a dark green skirt that reaches above her knees, Dark green gloves that reaches her forearms , White boots with dark green trimming at the top rim, heels and toes that reaches below her knees, she has a dark green choker with her key clasped to it, she has her lock pad wrapped in a white bag with a pink four leaf clover around her hips, her hair is in a high pony tail with a green Four Leaf clover, and she's not wearing her glasses.

Partner: Musami

Motto: With the heart to protect children's Courage, Cure Sakura.

Character's Bio: (Bio Unknown)

5) Normal:

Name: Fujisaki Nadeshiko

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Appearance: She has amber eyes, and long flowing indigo hair, her hair is tied up in a ponytail with a red ribbon that has sakura flower ends. She also wears a light pink Shirt, a Purple Skirt, Brown boots.

Family/Friends: (Mother name Unknown), (Father Unknown), (Grandma name Unknown), and Nagihiko (Twin Brother).

Hinamori Amu, Souma Kukaia, Hotori Tadasa, Sanjo Kaira, Ikuta Tsukiyomi.

As a Pretty Cure:

Name: Cure Symphony.

Appearance: Purple half cut shirt with sleeves, a purple ribbon tied into a four leaf clover with a golden pin with a fancy G on the bottom of the v neck line, Purple Gloves that reaches her elbows (Identical to Cure Lemonades), a dark purple skirt that reaches above her mid thigh, White boots with dark purple trimming at the top rim, heels and toes that ended at her knees, she has a dark purple choker with her key clasped to it, she has her lock pad wrapped in a white bag with a pink four leaf clover around her hips, her hair is in a low pony tail that reaches her ankles and wears a Purple four leaf clover clip.

Partner: Melody.

Motto: With the heart to protect child's Happiness, Cure Symphony.

Character's Bio: (Bio Unknown)

6) Normal:

Name: Ikuta Tsukiyomi

Age: 21

Gender: Female

Appearance: Ikuta has waist length dark blue hair and eyes. She wears a choker with a silver cross, wears a blue zip-up jersey zipped half-way up to reveal her black tank top, black skinny jeans, short black boots and Sometimes wears a Onyx four leafed clover locket around her neck.

Family/Friends: Aruto Tsukiyomi (Father), Souko Hoshina (Mother), Utau Hoshina (Younger sister),Hotori Tadase (Step Brother) and Ikuto Tsukiyomi (Twin brother).

Hinamori Amu, Souma Kukaia, Sanjo Kaira, Fujisaki Nadeshiko, Hotori Tadasa (Step sister).

As a Pretty Cure:

Name: Cure Panther

Appearance: Black sleeveless cropped top with a dark grey ribbon tied into a four leaf clover with a golden pin with a fancy G on the bottom of the v neck line, Long Black skirt that reaches her knees, White boots with Black trimming at the top rim, heels and toes that reaches her thighs, Black finger-less gloves that reaches her upper biceps, her hair is let down, wears a headband with black cat ears and a black Four Leaf clover, and has a black circle bag to hold her Onyx Compact ( It's an old Guardian Precure Transformation Item) on her hip.

Partner: Dei (Deceased), Yura (Dei's little sister)

Motto: With the heart to protect children's Freedom, Cure Panther.

Character's Bio: She was an ancient Precure with the girls Moms years ago. Then when fighting King Easter, Her teammates lost their powers and got sent back to their world, leaving Ikuta to fend King Easter off herself. But tragically when she was almost defeated, Her mascot Dei sacrificed herself to protect her human partner. Then after watching Dei fade away in her arms, King Easter blasted Ikuta to erase her memory about her past and she started working for him. But when Amu, Tadasa, Kukaya, Kaira and Nadeshiko confessed to her about her past as Cure Panther, she was never Cure Panther. Then Dei's spirit returned to Ikuta and reminded her that she was a legendary Precure called Cure Panther and told her 'That it doesn't matter if she's there or not and what matters is that her spirit will always watch over her' before she disappears into thin air. Then Ikuta regains her memories and transforms into Cure Panther and joins forces with Precure and became their teacher at their boarding school.
The series is called Guardian Precure

And If you think Most of the names are familiar, then they are all from Shugo Chara
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1年以上前 Illogical-Lemon said…

Name: Ike Nakagawa
Age: 14
Gender: Female
Appearance: Ike has dark blonde hair, with one blue streak, that goes a little past her shoulders.
However, in summer, she gets it cut to chin length. She had dark blue eyes. She has
peach skin that easily gets sun-burnt. Ike often wears Aqua, or Black, depending on
the day. When she goes ice skating, she wears a black T, tan stockings, long black
pants, a fluffy black headband that goes over her ears, and white or black gloves.
Usually she always wears a turquoise blue hoodie with black and blue pants with a
strange patterned design. Her shoes have little magenta wings sticking out of them.
When not wearing either of these outfits, she is wearing a plain, one colored t shirt.
She never wears skirts and often wears a pair of black shorts. Also, she is tall, and
has a somewhat lean build, but with a bit of excess fat in most places where that is
common. Sometimes she wears white headphones with mushrooms on them.
Around her neck is a pendant on a nice brown string. The pendant is triangular with
curved edges, and it is split into thirds like a peace sign. The thirds are decorated like
water, fire, and earth, the three main elements.
Family/Friends: She has a sister named Kappatsuna (Kappi) who she loves with all her heart. Kappi
Nakagawa is also a precure, on the same team, and they share a special bond. Her
father is named Tsuyo and her mother is named Bukku. They are together in a
relationship still, and it will stay that way for a long time. For friends, Ike's precure
partners fit pretty well. Although annoying her a lot, Ike and her friend Joi can never
separate when they are together. Bado is a friend that Ike just met, but they get along
PRETTY well... As well as her Precure friends, Ike had six friends she loved very
much. Their names are Ishi-ryoku (Ishi), Raitoningu (Rai), Gemu (Gem), Furea,
Neicha (Nei) and her Chinese/American friend, Cheng. He moved from China to
America to Japan. Wow.

As a Pretty Cure:

Name: Cure Cloud
Appearance: Ike's turquoise streak in her hair becomes her main hair color, with one blonde streak
now. Her hair goes down to her waist now, and it turns to white at the bottom. Two
pieces of it on each side of her head are pulled back behind her head and are
braided into each other. Her dress is a tank top like thing. At the chest, there are
seven little streaks going all the way across it that are the colors of the rainbow, in
order. The dress stays at her waist, and is a sky blue, until the hips, where there is a
little belt that looks like it's made out of clouds. The skirt, white with blended patched
of turquoise and sky blue, also looks like a cloud. It doesn't stray far from the body,
and it only goes down to her knees. Her boots are a sky blue, turquoise at the top.
They have little magenta wings, just like her shoes, sticking out, only this time they're
real and she can fly with them. She has no jewelry, except for the pendant.
Partner: Mela
Motto: "The mysterious mist bringing Magic to all life! With the element of Joy, Cure Cloud!"

Character's Bio: Unknown. It's nothing interesting, she says. But she is the leader, so she'll have to say
something sometime soon...
1年以上前 Nightwing-sama said…
Name: Miyagi Akira
Age: 15
Gender: female
Appearance: tall and tanned with shoulder length violet hair and bright orangey eyes.
Family/Friends: Miyagi Kyoko (mother) Watanabe Kasumi and Yamamoto Amaya (teammates)

As a member of Storm Power Precure Force:

Name: Cure Lightning
Appearance: Cure Lightning has long violet hair with a plait leading from her fringe to over a shoulder and two small bunches out either side of her head. Her outfit has many pale orange and amber decoration with some purple thrown in too. Her sleeves are long with fingerless purple gloves covering most of her hand. A star accessory is concealing most of one bunch. She has white thigh boots with an orange fold over the top.
Partner: Lectri
Motto: The flashing lights of electic dreams - Cure Lightning!

Character Bio:
Cure Lightning, along with Cure Thunder and Cure Rain, were created by Queen Mirage somewhere before she was purified. They were meant to destroy happiness Charge Precure and were so selfish and snidey that they didnt care to object. But when they discovered that they were following the orders of someone on the light side, they realised that their plan to follow only their own rules failed. They were defeated and it was found out that they weren't robots, but real people who had been captured and given the ability to turn into pretty cure. When she transforms, all darkness is surrounding herm, then it is sucked away and turned to light, to show that she was once dark but now light.
1年以上前 Nightwing-sama said…
I'll do the other two now,
Name: Watanabe Kasumi
Appearance: tall and pale with dark blue eyes and long white hair in bunches.
Gender: female
Age: 15
Family/Friends: Aimi (little sister), Mariko (mother), Katashi (father), Amaya and Akira.

Name: Cure Thunder
Appearance: Cure Thunder has long navy hair with a plait on top at the back. She has a bow on one side. Her outfit has many deep blue decoration with a paler blue skirt and bows. She has small deep blue ankle boots with a fold at the top and a gold band. She has long glove-type things which stop at a point on her hand
Partner: Buumuu
Motto: The booming beat of the sky - Cure Thunder!

Character Bio:
The same as Akira's. But when she transforms, there is an explosive boom noise once she is ready to say her motto.

Name: Yamamoto Amaya
Appearance: a ruler straight blonde bob with fringe, sky blue eyes and pale skin. She is smaller than the other two but not overly tiny for her age.
Gender: female
Age: 14 1/2
Family/Friends: Kichiro (her step-brother), Masayuki (father), Satoshi (brother), Ran (step-mother), Yasuko (step-sister), Ryota (step-mother's foster child, Amaya's love interest.), Kasumi and Akira.

name: Cure Rain
Appearance: Cure Rain has short pale blue hair with a longer plait draping over each shoulder. From each side of her head is a circle of hair with a hole in the middle. One is mostly concealed by a deep blue rose accessory with pale blue leaves. Her outfit has a shorter top to the others but it isn't very noticeable because of the frills. She has a neon blue collar, arm bands, earrings and skirt. Her shoes are pale blue ballet pumps. Her gloves are long and fingerless with gold bands at the top and where it attaches to a frill that covers the hand.
Partner: Kou
Motto: The drip-drop water falling from the heavens is my power source - Cure Rain!

Character Bio:
Same as Akira's.
But Amaya's step-mother Ran is a child fosterer, so there are often new children around the house. Amaya falls in love with one called Ryota who is supposed to leave a month later. But she confesses her love to him and begs her step-mother to let him stay. Two weeks later, he has been adopted because the couple that were going to take him found a hamster instead.
1年以上前 Nightwing-sama said…
I made them on the happiness charge maker on deviantart, but I can't save it. Shame
1年以上前 MelodiaRiya said…

Name: Matsuo Miwa
Age: 14
Gender : Female
Appearance: Her hair is the same as Juvia”s hair in Fairy Tale
Family/Friends: Anzai Miwa(little sister)Yamamura Miwa(Mother)Hatori Miwa(Father)

As a Pretty Cure:

Name: Cure Tiramisu
Appearance: She has the same hairstyle as Miku but purple.
Partner: Cocoa
Motto: The Sweetness of Cheese Cure Cheesecake

Character's Bio: Matsuo was walking along the beach when 4 fairies came washed up on the sand. Then they saw the cake of her heart and she made her a precure.
1年以上前 JuliSummer said…
Normal: Name:Honor Age:22 Gender:female Appearance:brown braids,seagreen eyes,top,pants,skort,barefoot Family/Friends:orphan As a Pretty Cure: Name:BlueKnight Appearance:blue cape, hood, mask,uniform,boots,whips Partner (Like Mepple):whitewolf Motto:Guardian of Loyalty! Character's Bio: her tears became a blue star sapphire pendant
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1年以上前 Cureguardian said…

Name: Akane Mikasa
Appearance:Her hair look like Armin from attack on titan
Family/Friends:Minami Tsukasa(Kagami's elder sister),Minami Kagami(Tsukasa's little sister),Nagisa Konami (They are Mikasa's Best friends)

As a Pretty Cure:
Name:Mikasa=Cure Rocker(kyuaroka)
Tsukasa=Cure Guardian(kyuagadianu)
Kagami=Cure Biochemist(kyuabiokemito)
Konami=Cure Assasin(kyuaasasinu)
Appearance:Guardian's hairstyle look like Miku
Assasin's shoes look like ballet shoes
Rocker's hairstyle look like Cure Melody
Biochemist's shoes look like Cure Princess's shoes
Motto:G=The power of healing-Cure Guardian
A=The power of poison-Cure Assasin
R=The power of speed-Cure Rocker
B=The power of chemical-Cure Biochmist
All:miracle of power in galaxy in our hops-Avatar Star Precure(avata sta purikyua)

Character's Bio:They're weapon is poisonous for enemis
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 Normal: Name: Akane Mikasa Age:13 Gender:Female Appearance:Her hair look like Armin from attac
1年以上前 leahbaker6 said…
Luminous Precure!

Name: Ria Bakera
Age: 12
Personality: Patient, Cheerful, Musical
Family Members: Jodi (Mother) Steve/Stephen (Father) Tori (Sister) Sydney (Sister)

Ria is a first year at Bishop Lloyd Middle School and sometimes struggle when she can't find where she's supposed to go. She loves technology so that's why people describe her as gamer and musical. Ria is obessed with candy espically on Halloween. She sometimes cry whenever it's a two-minute moment of silence or she's bitten by a dog. She's completely patient whenever it's lunch or hometime.
She hates being bugged by her siblings who kept invading her privacy.

Name: Cure Starlight (Her color is Rose Gold)
Power: Rose Gold Constellation
Apperance: Long Rose Gold Waves, Rose Gold Kimono with floral patterns

Name: Larume Hime
Age: 13
Personailty: Brave, Senstive, Peaceful
Family: She's takes care of herself

Laurume is also a first-year at Bishop Lloyd Middle School and wishes she goes back time. Whenever it's a relay or a Math Test, she's willing to go for it. Be careful, anything can make her cry. Larume is also make everything go in peace whenever it's stress or anxeity.

Name: Cure Jewel ( her color is Sliver)
Power: Sliver Sword
Apperance: Sliver Pigtails. Sliver kimono with swirley patterns

Name: Nasao Tiki
Age: 12
Personality: Sporty, Chocoholic, Silly
Family Members: Joe (Grandpa)

Nasao is a second-year at Bishop Lloyd Middle School. She will do any sport she would like. She has her own credit card so she would buy herself chocolate (her great weapon). Most of the time, she can be a class clown at school or at home anytime she wants. She loves her life and she wont give up on anything.

Name: Cure Ariel (Her color is bronze)
Power: Bronze Miracle
Apperance: Short Bronze locks, Bronze kimono with sparkly patterns

Name: Sukuki Aida
Age: 14
Peronality: Shy, Lazy, Wonderous

Sukuki is a third-year and she seems to be lazy during class. She wonders about EVERYTHING! What's the meaning of life, why's water is used, why candy can make you die, she always wonder about that. Sukuki is also shy around people and other third-years. Sukuki is also sleepy as heck everywhere!

Name: Cure Beach (her color is Gold)
Power: Gold Gasoline
Apperance: Gold ponytail, Gold kimono with heart patterns

this precure is about metallics and will hunt you down!
1年以上前 leahbaker6 said…
Luminous Precure Motto's

Cure Starlight: A stunning constellation with hope! I'm Cure Starlight!
Cure Jewel: A collection of beautiful magic! I'm Cure Jewel!
Cure Ariel: A sprinkle of miracles with faith! I'm Cure Ariel!
Cure Beach: A ocean goes into the sand! I'm Cure Beach!

Group: We're here to stop the madness in a stunning way! We're Luminous Precure!
1年以上前 leahbaker6 said…
Luminous Precure Movie: The Precure Got Stuck In A Galaxy? Transformation for Forever Starlight

Apperance: Rose Gold high ponytail, Rose gold popstar dress, Peach wings
Motto: The night is wrapped in a smiley constellation! I'm Forever Starlight!
1年以上前 leahbaker6 said…
Forever Starlight Power: Precure! Forever Starlight Shower!
1年以上前 leahbaker6 said…
As Ria, she has long brown hair she wears down every day. She always wear casual clothes since she lives in Canada and she wears a ton of mascara and natural eyeshadow. On summer and fall days, she wears flats from her favorite brand.

As Larume, she wears long blonde hair with glasses. she always wear long sleeved shirts and leggings and she has braces.

As Nasao, she wears brown hair with pink highlights she has on forever. she sometimes wear cowboy hats and sweaters.

As Sukuki, she wears short black hair and always wear mulit-coloured t-shirts. When she wears shorts, she's never cold.

Transformation: The girls use a special transformation item called the Aurora Compact, similar to Smile's Smile Pact except they write their alter ego with the Aurora Pen. They chant "Precure Luminous Reflection!" As Forever Starlight, Ria uses power from the ailens from the planet they fought on. She chanted "Precure Luminous Reflection!" like everybody else.
1年以上前 leahbaker6 said…

Cure Starlight: Guki, a emotional and kooky mascot
Cure Jewel: Shimu: a mean and sometimes wonderous like Sukuki
Cure Ariel: Tehoshi: a cheerful and smart one
Cure Beach: Kuluni a swaggy and crazy like his soul

First Episode Plot

Ria returns to school after winter break and she's returns to her edcuation roots.
After a embrassing moment at Lunch which envolves Ria and Nasao getting their pants pulled down by the kookist guy in school, Ria cries in the bathroom for 6 minutes then Guki appears. She pulled her in the school's front yard by a big monster called Massadmaia, simialr to Macadamia nuts. He hurt Ria's cheeks and elbows. Ria became a Cure shouting, "I won't let you hurt me and this school!" And so Ria became Cure Starlight.

Movie Plot

Ria, Larume, Nasao and Sukuki were hanging in their school's final school dance of the year, eating junk food, chatting and dancing the night away, 15 minutes after the dance started, the girls decided to hang in the outside world. Larume spotted a UFO but it's a ordinary one. The UFO grabbed the 4 heroines and dragged them into Neptune. Since the 4 are Precure, they never fell the cold. The reason they are send cause Neptune's largest alien is taking over the planet. The girls transform into Precure and fought the monster. The Precure's power is running low and the monster is getting stronger. The ailens of the planet worried they'll never make it. The Precure were defeated and the ailens realized they had their Miracle Lights. They chanted "Precure! Win this fight!" mutilple times until Cure Starlight opens her eyes. She rised up and drew a star constellation. She chanted "Precure Luminous Reflection!" to regain her and Cure Jewel's, Cure Ariel's, and Cure Beach's power. She transformed into Forever Starlight and came back to life. The other Cure's woke up and saw Ria in her Forever Starlight formation. She uses her signature power, Forever Starlight Shower from the ailen's power from the miracle lights. The monster was defeated and Neptune was safe again. The other Cure's reunited with Forever Starlight, transformed back to their regular selfs and returned to Earth for the rest of the dance.

Last Episode Plot

It's the middle of summer vacation and Ria, Larume, Nasao and Sukuki were hanging out in the park with their partner mascots. While they're eating their ice cream, the world's hugest Massadammia appeared out of nowhere. The 4 transformed into Precure and fought the monster. People were surprised by the quartet's skills until they were defeated. A woman forced a crowd of people to cheer on the
Precure to revive their power. Cure Starlight rised up send a message to the crowd. It helped revive Cure Jewel, Cure Ariel, and Cure Beach. The 4 transformed to Super Luminous Precure using a Super Aurora Pact and drawing their super alter ego with the Super Aurora Pen.

Name: Super Cure Starlight
Apperance: REALLY long Rose Gold high ponytail, Rose Gold Chinese dress with sparkly patterns, Magenta long wings
Motto: A constellation connected with strength! I'm Super Cure Starlight!

Name: Super Cure Jewel
Apperance: Sliver Cure Happy pigtails, Sliver short dress with floral patterns, short Sliver wings
Motto: A box full of hopes and dreams! I'm Super Cure Jewel!

Name: Super Cure Ariel
Apperance: Long Bronze locks, Bronze Cure Peach outfit, normal sized Bronze wings
Motto: A wish will always come true! I'm Super Cure Ariel!

Name: Super Cure Beach
Apperance: Long Gold curls, Gold Cure Blossom outfit, Gold wings that are the same size as Jewel's.
Motto: The sandcastles knocked down is the thing of the past! I'm Super Cure Beach!

Group Motto: Starlight: Strength! Jewel: Hope! Ariel: Wishes! Beach: Inspiration! Group: We're here to put a end on your bad things. We're Super Luminous Precure!

The 4 got the power from the group of crowd to become even stronger. Super Cure Starlight, Super Cure Jewel, Super Cure Ariel, and Super Cure Beach share a power to defeat the Massadmaia once and for all with sticks similar to Fresh Precure's sticks. Starlight says Precure! Then says "Bubble Gum Magic......" and drew the star. Jewel said "Dreaming Hope's......" and drew the diamond jewel. Ariel said "Genie Healing........." then drew the sun. Beach said "Hawaiian Waves....." then drew the palm tree. Then the girl's chanted "Amulet!" leaving the Massadamias power and the Precure's power combined. Starlight screamed "We're here to stop the madness in a stunning way!" and the group shouted "We're Luminous Precure!" They yelled and Starlight screamed to defeat Massadamia one final time. The Precure went back to the regular selfs permantly, exhasuted. 15 minutes after their last battle, the Precure was bidded with farewells. Guki, Shimu, Tehoshi, and Kuluni are returning to their kingdom and Sukuki is off to high school in September and she will not see them again. The next day, the quartet celebrated Ria's 13th birthday a month late. They decided to say farewell to their Precure day's by saying their catchphrase one more time.
1年以上前 leahbaker6 said…
Luminous! Precure Power-ups

In episode 26, the precure recieved a power: Rainbow Miracle Form!

Rainbow Miracle Starlight
Apperance: Straight Rose Gold ponytail with curls in the end, Angel White Yes Precure 5 dress with Rose Gold undertones, Ultra Cure Happy wings

Motto: Angels fly in the stars! I'm Rainbow Miracle Starlight!

Rainbow Miracle Jewel

Apperance: same Cure Jewel hairstyle except with blonde streaks, Sliver Cure Miracle outfit with sliver undertones, normal size angel wings

Motto: Shining Bright! I'm Rainbow Miracle Jewel!

Rainbow Miracle Ariel

Apperance: Wavy bronze pigtails, Angel White Cure Sword outfit with bronze undertones, Cure Angel Peach wings

Motto: Wishes are magic! I'm Rainbow Miracle Ariel!

Rainbow Miracle Beach

Apperance: Long Gold hair down with gold flower crown, Angel White Yes Precure 5 gogo dress with gold undertones, small sized wings

Motto: Queen of the waves! I'm Rainbow Miracle Beach!

They transform using the Aurora Phone and drew a circle with a x with their finger. They say "Let the great power of metallics take the power! Precure Rainbow Miracle Sunlight!" Before they transform, they also say "Precure Princess Power!"

Precure Dream Stars

In a movie where all the precure's join together, they and the Luminous transformed into Cure Rainbow again this time with the precures who didnt yet and Luminous at the same time. The girls transformed into their Rainbow Miracle selves and together all 53 precure's shouted "Precure United Light!"
1年以上前 leahbaker6 said…
Precure Group Attack

The girls take out their Aurora Pacts and they drew the symbol of their name with their Aurora Pens. Starlight said "The stars in the galaxy.... will always get their hope!" Jewel said "Sparkles and diamonds.... will sparkle forever!" Ariel said "Wishes inside the lamp..... will always pop up!" Beach said "The ocean waves in the beach.... will always soar!" then the girls said "Let's go!" Then Starlight said, "Precure! Starlight Snap........" then Jewel said" Jewel Jump........" Ariel said "Ariel Acoustic......" Then Beach said "Beach Bump....." Then the girls say "Luminous!!!!"

Starting episode 5, the girls use that attack only to defeat the enemy. After episode 26, the girls use both that and the Rainbow Miracle attack to defeat the enemy.

Cure Starlight represents the stars.
Cure Jewel represents the diamonds and sparkles.
Cure Ariel represents the wishes.
Cure Beach represents the waves.
·10 か月前 Missholis13 said…

Name: Hasegawa Chiaki
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Appearance: Short Brown hair, brown eyes, likes rainbows
Family/Friends: Parents and 2 Sisters

As a Pretty Cure:

Name: Pre-cure Geode
Appearance: Crystallic rainbow-ish dress, covered in back by rock-colored shall, short blue hair base w/ LONG pigtails
Partner (Like Mepple): Pixie Leela, and Pre-cure Crystal
Motto: Tough as a rock, unique as a diamond, I'm Sparkle Geode!

Character's Bio: Isn't very social at first, is more into computer "beings", then has to become a pre-cure and save the world. WHAT COULD GO WRONG?
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·5 か月前 CUREHOPE said…

Name: Ashianna Chaka
Family: Parents 2 brothers 1 sister
Appearance: long brown curly hair, blue eyes,mixed,loves food and cooking

As a Pretty Cure:

Name: Cure Wolf
Appearance:Aqua-navy over shoulder shirt ,Black-white skirt, blue necklace with crystal pendant,black gloves,black and blue make-up,crystal crown,long fading pastel hair.

Motto:The power of the howling wolf!! I'm Cure Wolf!!

Character's Bio:Loves talking,really cares about her friends,smart,loves sweets and candies and then she meets kawa the magical wolf pixie and then has to face gawde and his evil slaves to save the universe!
·4 か月前 _Devi_ said…

Name: Aoki Hagiwara
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Appearance: Braided Dark Brown Hair, Pink Eyes
Family/Friends: 2 Sisters 3 Brothers

As a Pretty Cure:

Name: Cure Dream
Long Pink Hair, Pink Hair ribbons, Skirt With Heart Shaped Bag, Pink And White Top With An Crystal
In The Middle, Pink - White Gloves, Long Pink - White Shoes

Motto: Power : Smile Storm : Makes A Huge Pink Tornado While Spinning Around, Then Moves Tornado
To Enemy While Looking, Cause The Enemy Is Freezed~!!!

Character's Bio: The First Time She Became A Precure, She Was Shocked And Wanted to become
a Precure FOREVER! So Then, That's All For The Beginning But After, She Kept On Going On To
Defeat An REALLY EVIL EMPEROR Called : Emperor Isaac

Precure Name : GO! Super Precure!
·4 か月前 _Devi_ said…
Precure Group Attack :
In Episode. 29,
The Queen : Queen Aura
Gave The Precures An Special Power Called : Rainbow Sonic Blast

Rainbow Sonic Blast :

All Members Join Together An Form An Huge Heart Right Above Them, When They Say "Precure, Rainbow Sonic Blast!" The Heart Wil Blast Out An Huge Rainbow Sonic Blast

·19 日前 TodoMomoUA04 said…
Name: Saionji Tsubasa
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Appearance: Long black hair, purple eyes, and silver rimmed glasses. Tall for her age.
Family/Friends: Parents are divorced. Has one younger brother named Kenta, who also has black hair but blue eyes.
Best friend and fellow Pretty Cure is Ayana Aojima. She has blue hair and bright eyes.
Personality: A very quiet, very serious girl. Has exceptionally good grades and is rumored to be seductive, but that's just because lots of boys fall for her because of her looks because she 'looks like a queen'

As a Pretty Cure:

Name: Cure Nightshade
Appearance: Dark purple hair that is in two long braids (that magically float) that are tied with black ribbons at the end. Wears a skin-tight top with long, light purple (not as light as lavender) sleeves that open at the elbow. Has a purple choker around her neck with a nightshade flower on the middle. Also has a purple skirt that splits open at the side, that falls just to the middle of the thigh. Has black tights that cover the whole leg, and wears purple ankle boots. Her transforming object (kind of like the ones from Fresh! Precure) hands at her waist.

Motto: Beware the poisonous beauty that vanquishes evil in both day and night! Cure Nightshade has arrived.

Character's Bio:
The first time Saionji saw a Pretty cure was when Cure Rose saved her and some other kids in the school from a villain. She was approached by Aojima five days later at the mall, where she was asked to become a Pretty cure. Before she can make up her mind, a villain comes and Aojima has to transform into Cure Bluebell to help defeat the villain. When the other five cures looked like they were on the verge of loosing, Saionji discovered her desire to help her friend, thus transforming into Cure Nightshade.

Cure Rose, Cure Bluebell, Cure Sunflower, Cure Rose, Cure Lily, Cure Marigold, and Cure Nightshade form a seven person team known as the Flower Pretty Cures, and they work to defeat the Fukushima Botanical Society, disguised as the Seven Botanical Overlords