Kyle said: "Let the battle begin!"
And to start with Pretty Cure threw a grenade fusion running away, but in a moment, Nagisa and Honoka the attack but immediately took the Bio rifle, and escaped safely but froze shortly after arriving Hikari cries: "luminaries!"
Kyle: "Oh damn! ESCAPE"
Hikari: "I got him!"
Kyle: "And what I think!" And with all the response takes Blaster ライフル and tries to hit Hikari but was forced to flee because they fell into a trap and during the escape is によって surprise によって Saki and never tried to kick him but with a shot of the shotgun dodges the attack .
While trying to pull here is the Pretty Cure 5 appear before him, ready with the Pacific trying to shoot but I feel a thunder Seafarers in the sky and says: "A blizzard! I have just three hours!" Sentedo these words The Pretty Cure attack Kyle; dodge all (not really) but Urara hits him, injuring him and in response, the hits with the peacemaker, and seriously injuring all the other Pretty Cure soccor, taking advantage of the confusion reaches the 秒 part of 'arena of Shaar.