What most people don't know about me is that i am a Pretty Cure fan. I mean, they're all so CUTE and there's absolutley nothing to hate about them.
My お気に入り Cures are:
Pretty Cure (Max Heart)
I like both Nagisa/Natalie and Honoka/Hannah.
I also think Hikari is cute.

Pretty Cure Splash Star
I like both Saki and Mai, but I like Mai a little bit better.

Yes! Pretty Cure 5 (Go Go)
My お気に入り would have to be Komachi. She's kinda like me in a way, we're both real nice and keep to ourselves, and we both like to write.

Fresh Pretty Cure!
DEFENTLY Inori! She's just so cute! Go Buki!

Heartcatch Pretty Cure
This..is a toughie. My absolute お気に入り is Itsuki, but Tsubomi's so inspirational to me and Yuri's so epic and Erika's hilarious.

Suite Pretty Cure
So far I like them both. My opinion may change when the other two are introduced.