Ace: *Playing poker with his friends* What should we get with our ten thousand dollars?
Billy: もっと見る money!!
Ace: okay, what else should we get with our ten thousand dollars?
Snake: Grenade launchers on assault rifles!
Ace: And get in trouble for murder? あなた realize how long we'd be in prison for?
Lil Arturo: Our whole life.
Grubber: *Spits*
Ace: Alright gang. Let's go get some Doritos!
Blossom: *Walks in with Bubbles, and Buttercup* Not so fast!
Ace: Ah! Make a run for it!! *Grabs the money, and runs away with his friends*
Blossom: After them! *Takes off with her sisters*
Snake: *Looks back, and sees the three girls running towards him* Now あなた see why we need assault rifles?
Ace: Against those three? They'd simply dodge the bullets.
Lil Arturo: I got an idea. Duck!

All five of them ducked, and the Powerpuff Girls flew past.

Bubbles: Neat trick.
Blossom: Turn around, but this time, go for their legs. *Flies towards the Gangreen Gang with her sisters*
Grubber: *Spits*
Ace: You're right. They're flying lower. Jump!

The five of them jumped over the girls.

Buttercup: I don't believe this!
Blossom: Alright, just a little bit higher 次 time.

They turned around one last time.

Billy: They're coming back. What do we do?
Ace: Jump again!

This time however, they didn't jump high enough. The three girls caught them. A few 分 later, the police arrived to take them into jail.

Blossom: Here's the money Sargent.
Police Sarge: Thanks for your help girls. *Leaves with the rest of the police*
Buttercup: Why didn't we keep the money?
Narrator: Now now Buttercup, money isn't everything. So once again, the 日 is saved, thanks to.....

Song (Start at 0:31): link

The REAL Powerpuff Girls

Starring Catherine Cavadini as Blossom
Tara Strong as Bubbles
E.G. Daily as Buttercup
Tom Kenny as the Narrator, Snake, and Lil Arturo
Jeff Bennett as Ace, Grubber, and Big Billy

The End

This has been a SeanTheHedgehog production from November 15, 2017
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