I woke up to find Chiyeko on my arm, sleeping. I kept my window open last night; which was a good thing. It was dark outside, so I didn't have to get up yet. After a half hour, Chiyeko woke up. "So, aren't あなた a sleepy spider!" I said.
"Morning, Kaoru. So, are あなた going to school today?" she asked.
"Yeah. Do あなた want to come with me today, Chiyeko? My class is preparing the decorations for the school dance today. I guess that you'd like to do something like that. Maybe あなた can meet my friends."
She liked the idea and came with me to school. As I walked in, Miyako, Katsou, Minoru, Momoko, and Makoto waved at me, revealing a シート, 座席 they saved for me. I sat down, Chiyeko stayed perched on my shoulder.
"Kaoru, there is a クモ, スパイダー on your shoulder." Miyako said, pointing at Chiyeko.
"It's ok. This is Chiyeko. She knows me." I raised my hand so Chiyeko could go in my hand. Then I lowered her to the table. "She is quite friendly."
They all 発言しました hi to her, even though they couldn't speak spider. After, we all created decorations to add to the cafeteria tomorrow.