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posted by lillymango1
*okay the clan is callec 火災, 火 clan now ok *

golden paw: wake up kits u have to train now

bee: ok im up im up *yawns*

growl fur: hi bee i have to tell あなた something

bee: ok

*growl 毛皮 takes bee to his den*

growl fur: bee well its this ......i..i..

bee: what

growl fur: is that i 愛 あなた iv always lovd あなた sice あなた were in the clan

bee: i aprsheait あなた honasty but..i dont feel the same way ...sorry

*growl 毛皮 could not feel his soul it was like a big epmty hole like 宇宙 he ran he couldent stop *

bee: growlfur!

*growl jumpd off the ege of the cliff into the deep sea *

bee: GROWL FURR NOO !!!!!...
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posted by lillymango1
breeze: welcome to midnight clan

burn: 干し草, 乾草 b-breeze

breeze: hi burn this is growlfur

burn: yo

growl paw: yo

fawnpaw: so when do we atack

growlpaw: atack?

breeze: yes were going to atack 火災, 火 clan

*growl paws flash back*

growlpaw: it is that i 愛 あなた iv always loved あなた since あなた were in the clan

bee: i appreshait あなた honsty but im dont feel the same way ..sory

*end of flashback*

growlpaw: ok

fawnpaw: why did あなた 宇宙 out

growlpaw: i did not

fawnpaw: ok whatever あなた say

burn: 干し草, 乾草 breeze and the rest of ya whant to go hunting

growlpaw: cool ok hows about you

breeze: i guess so

fawnpaw: yeah


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posted by lillymango1
*in the morning*

fawnpaw: looking at the sky is so nice *looking at the sky*

growlpaw: yeah i guess so

fawnpaw: thank あなた for letting me stay

growlpaw: who is your mom fawnpaw

fawnpaw: my mom well she was brown and wight sweet and very kind but she was cursed out of her clan and i was onlay 2 moons old then thay killd her for comming back but thay told me to stay away from them または thay will kill me

growlpaw: thats sad

fawnpaw: yes it is but that was onlay 2 years 前

breeze: 子鹿, フォーン paw ?

fawnpaw:hi breeze

breeze: あなた know not to go out on your own

fawnpaw: i know but i made a friend

growlpaw: u *has...
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posted by lillymango1
 there fight (angel 星, つ星 and nightteeth)
there fight (angel star and nightteeth)
one 日 bee was playing with dark eye(who is a girl people that think shes a boy)

bee:your it

dark eye:not for long

darkeye starts chaseing bee then a unknown cat comes

angelstar:*scraches bee* meoww

darkeye:who do あなた think あなた are

angelstar:the midnight calns leader エンジェル 星, つ星 the most strongest off them all

bee:hay あなた cant just come in hurting other ネコ !


angelstar:yes i can because im in another clan and clans have to fight

nightteeth:leave the girls alone

darkeye:no big brother あなた cant

angelstar:you wanna fight then

nightteeth:yes just for my clans safety

bee:we,l help あなた

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