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Samira's Story

"You look so cute and delicious at the same time." Fifteen 年 old Samira smiled, staring at the silver colored hawk. She licked her lips as she grabbed the flopping bird. "Samira?" An older man came out of the shadows.
"Yes, Father?" The girl devilishly smiled.
"The power rangers need you." Her father blurted out taking the bird from the girl's grip. He stroked the metal like コート waiting for a reply.
"What?!" She yelled, dumbfounded.
"Pack your things and take the bird with あなた to Scarlet Lake where you'll meet your master and fellow rangers."
"But..." She protested.
"Go before あなた are late." He smiled, gently hugging her and handing her a silver backpack. He took one last look at her before he disappeared into the shadows again.
Josh’s Story

“But, sire, I’ve been training for this position for all my life and this guy just waltz right in and claims it.”
“Mr. Roupe, Jeremy was supposed to be the red ranger any way, his ancestors were. Besides we cannot control if the boy disappears and then all of the sudden shows up.”
“But, that’s not fair. This dude, hasn’t trained at all and I’ve worked my butt off to get this far.” The boy cried.
“Josh, I’m giving あなた the chance to stake your claim. If あなた beat Jeremy in a duel あなた may become the leader of the rangers, if あなた fail Jeremy becomes the red ranger...
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