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 Friendship Poem
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posted by r260897
There are times when our loss makes us to feel happy
When in a problem one small support makes us to feel lucky
Times when we are crying one word makes us to laugh
Even if ハート, 心 is all ours they live in half
Making fun even if we don’t like is their habit
On our single smile in sadness they jump and run like rabbit
Don’t recall the past, don’t worry about future
They teach us like experienced tutor
They are my dearest friends
Who live with me with 愛 that never ends
No end, everyday is a new start
There is no way we can be apart
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This is the video that has 与えられた me great responses from my YouTube channel. I hope this poem will open new doors for me, I hope あなた guys like it. Feel free to give me feedback.
posted by Annacrombie
Dedicated to a friend of mine, may he and his family and everyone who knew him know that he now is with God

Only knew あなた for a few years
Cause of Dad's new job
あなた always were my favorite
One of them to talk to
あなた always smiled
And never thought a bad thing
Even when your son was messing up
あなた just laughed and helped him
And always forgave

No one knew あなた would leave us
On that cold winter day
Now i cant rember your name without crying

We never were close
Yet we had so much in common
No one needed to know us
あなた and I were fine

I knew it wasnt a cold
It was always something more
あなた ignored it all
And went on with your life
I wanted to say something
And i never 発言しました goodbye

I wish i could of 発言しました goodbye
For あなた are here
No more
In memory of a friend who didnt deserve to die, we all miss あなた and あなた will never be forgotten
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posted by mehakxangel
dedicated to special people in our life called "FRIENDS"

When my world seems to whorl,troll, curl
I don't have to worry,
because my フレンズ put in it pearls.

Whenever I get whirl,nerve ,curve
Those silly buddies, simply smirk
and all my problems get diverged.

What should I say about あなた guys?
あなた all rock my life.
Yes,of course, I was in a right path already,
But あなた all came and made me steady.

I swear , no need of tears
Let's be clear,
あなた all are My Dear.
あなた never let me go speechless,breathless,hopeless
No and never, we would never be apart
as something fascinating , would eventually start.

When the light goes down,
あなた all come and shout.
I 愛 the way あなた are,
あなた are the ones i once loved,
and I will 愛 u till
the stars are still
no matter its light または dark
Because I know, あなた would be there for spark!!

Mehakdeep Kaur
バラ are red.
Violets are blue.
Creative juices aren't flowing into my brain.
To create that electrical spark.
That makes the light bulb go blink.

Should the verses rhythm.
This poem is not sublime.
What the heck am I doing?
All I know is that バラ are red.
And violets are indeed blue.
Just a poem I wrote for a school project that I thought was good and funny enough to share with the rest of あなた guys. I hope あなた somewhat enjoyed it. Thanks for 読書 regardless, and have a delightful, magical day. Cheers yo.

 バラ and red and violets are blue.
Roses and red and violets are blue.
posted by RainSoul
My ハート, 心 is heavy.
My mind is numb.
My spirit's weak.
Body tense.
Will shattered によって a system I can't create myself to fit into.

Why do I continue on for?
What's success compared to joy and satisfaction?
What am I living for?
How do I survive in a reality that I hate?
Is mental stress and anguish worth experiencing through for my promised supposedly bright future?
Will it be all worth it?
It it all worth it now?
Who's to say whats in store when we all stride blindly forward?
All I know is that I just wish for some clear answers..
But none came.

Don't tell me to quietly deal with it.
Don't tell me it's expected...
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posted by Nikkinaynay
Alone in my prison
Tongue bitten to hold
my screams
Smile worn to conceal
my fear
Free me from
this deep abyss
Save me from
this Lunar Eclipse
Take my pale
shaking hand
Collapse my
bindings to this
petrifying land
the walls are closing in
ハート, 心 beating slowly
so slowly
Pull me from this
cave of sorrows
Please I want to
see tomorrow
Take my pale
shaking hand
Collapse my
bindings to this
petrifying land
I can
pull at my hair
I can
claw at the ground
I can
yank on my chains
I can
cringe at the sound
of the crying souls
I don't wanna 登録する them
I need your help
Will あなた take my pale shaking hand
and collapse my
bindings to this
petrifying land
-Nikki Fulfer
posted by juicyjossy9
Many people think they know me
But they only see the outside of me, the surface
But inside this shell another me exists
The one nobody never sees

It's a me full of thousands of desires
A me that loves 愛 and venerates friendship
A me that understands your glances and your anguish
A me filled up with needs, passions and hopes

This me owns so many facets that the outside loses itself
Still, for once in my life
I finally found the human being who I can trust, entirely
To this person who is essential to my survival
And that I can let him into my universe my arms open wide
To appear to him with my naked soul...
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That man あなた called ugly for his face warped with scars
He fought for his country in the Vietnam War.
That girl あなた called fat and laughed at will
She’s overdosing on diet pills.
That guy あなた called lame for not owning a license
He has to support his family によって building fences.
That girl あなた felt あなた had to trip in the hallway
Is being abused at ホーム all night and all day.
That guy あなた called stupid for not making his grades
Has a learning disability and has to take meds.
That fifteen-year-old girl with a child that あなた called a slut
Was raped two years 前 and left in a rut.
You think あなた know these...
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posted by Cherry9090
The darkness of the night falls.
I feel myself give in to the temtation of sleep.
I lay down.
I fall asleep.
I dream of a wonder place.
Peacful people.
Loving family.
I see a beatiful red head looking back at me.
I walk to her.
She hugs me.
She tells me she is fine.
She is safe.
I cry.
I brg.
For her not to leave me.
I tell her I am sorry ofr what I did.
I want to be with her.
She holds me close.
She tells me not to worry.
She says.
" I forgive あなた baby"
" I 愛 あなた baby"
She tells me to let go.
I refuss.
She tells me if I do not.
Then I will drown in my own sorrow.
I do not care.
She is all I want.
Then everything starts...
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