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Rick Riordan talks about and discussing the new Camp Half Blood series!!!
rick riordan
percy and annabeth
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The drill!!! Yes...quite.

I flung the bathroom door open and sighed with relief. I walked casually from the "Forbidden Area" which is what most Ares kids call it now. As far as I knew we didn't start CTF and I had only been gone like five minutes.
I had walked to the empty pavilion and sat down quietly looking around for everyone else. There were a few wandering satyrs and dryads and Mr. D was in his usual spot wearing his trademark snear. I didn't want to ask him were everyone was. So I waited silently until the 巻き貝, コーチ, コンクシェル horn blew. Grover sauntered up to me. His horns now a good three inches...
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Daughter of Apollo
Ch. 4
The end of Ch. 3 sucked I know. But this one is hopefully better. I also have an important announcement. I (by I,I mean darkling_menace) has thought up a pretty nice plan if あなた ask me. He 発言しました that if あなた want a character in my story,you could send it to him (description) and he'll send the good ones to me.He'll be sad if あなた don't! But it might be a little delayed,but thats something we can't fix. Anyways,read on...

I wanted to take it back. I don't want to go on this quest. I don't even know what it's about. I thought about this while laying in my ベッド in キャビン 7. I...
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Number Twelve(:
This one is a little boring, but i hope あなた like it.
I hope あなた guys like this one. Please Comment(:

Now, あなた might think I’m freaking out that Percy’s the son of Poseidon, but that would be an understatement. It wasn’t because my mom and his dad are enemies または anything, it was because I was… afraid for him. Now that Poseidon has claimed him, gods could send monsters to kill him, または even worse, kill him themselves. I know I’m thinking the worst, but after what happened to Thaila, I couldn’t afford to lose another friend. I just couldn’t.
Chiron and I have been talking...
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Here's number six! I Don't own the story ot the characters, i just write stuff about them! (:

I hope あなた enjoy!(:

He looked at me as if he knew I wasn’t lying, but didn’t want to admit it.
“That’s… crazy.” He 発言しました finally.
“Is it? What’s the most common thing gods did in the old stories? They ran around falling in 愛 with humans and having kids with them. Do あなた think they’ve changed their habits in the last few millennia?”
“But those are just-,” he cut himself off and thought for a minute. I think he was beginning to catch on that all of us at camp half-blood were demigods....
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All of us swarmed the 表, テーブル laden with armor
after dinner. Chiron instructed us of the rules, like always.
I was on the blue team with the
Poseidon, Athena, Dionysus, Hephaestus, and
some of the minor god's children's cabins. The red team consisted of the Ares, Hermes, Apollo, Aphrodite, and the rest of the minor god's children's cabins. In other words, we were toast.
I adjusted my heavy leather armor and strapped on my helmet. Last of all, I sheathed my own Celestial sword, perfect size, weight, and grip. I also slipped my shield onto my arm. I grunted and hoped no one heard. I was still...
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I woke up in a soft ベッド with feather pillows. My shoulder wore a bandage in pristine condition, and there was a very pretty brunette girls sitting close to me, stitching up the tear in my dress's sleeve with golden thread. I watched her mesmerized at the thread. As soon as she finished, it disappeared, leaving no mark, as if saying there was never a rip at all. She looks up and her doelike blue eyes, heavy with mascara and eyeliner, widen. "Just stay here for a moment," she tells me, as she struts out of the room as if it's a catwalk. Within a few 分 the girl, who must be a model または something,...
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Lauren lead me away from Chiron, and through the gates.

"What's going on? Where are your crutches!" I asked Lauren as soon as we were out of ear shot of Chiron.

"I'll let your guide tell あなた that. I'm not at liberty to say," Lauren muttered. I had never heard her use a phrase like "at liberty to say". I mean where did that come form?

"Wait. Guide?" I was even もっと見る confused than before.

Lauren didn't reply for a while. She was leading me down a hill, covered in perfectly maintained grass. Right in front of me, there was a giant house. It was two stories, with probably an attic. There was a porch...
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