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Nobody steals my pegasus. Not even Rachel. I wasn't sure if I was もっと見る angry または amazed または worried.

"What was she thinking?"" Annabeth 発言しました as we ran for the river. Unfortunately, I had a pretty good idea, and it filled me with dread.

The traffic was horrible. Everybody was out on the streets gawking at the war zone damage. Police sirens wailed on every block. There was no possibility of catching a cab, and the pegasi had flown away. I could have settled for some Party Ponies, but they had disappeared along with most of the root ビール in Midtown. So we ran, pushing through mobs of dazed mortals...
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Annabeth was still crying, silent tears falling down her face. She shook Percy's shoulders hard, slamming his head into the floor. "Percy?! Percy! Wake up, Percy, please wake up," she begged.
Percy didn't move.
Hysterical, Annabeth fell across Percy's chest and sobbed. Will touched her shoulder, and she didn't notice. Hermes walked over slowly, tears in his eyes. "Was...was it like this when Luke died?"
No one answered. I guess he knew no one would, since one of the two people who could answer that 質問 was oblivious, and the other had just died.
"Let's find Rose," Hermes said. "Annabeth needs...
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Again, REALLY REALLY sorry it took so long. But come on people, give me a brake, I'm seriously only eleven..... Jeeze.....Any way hope あなた enjoy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol :) によって the way thanks for reading. :)
Evil Serves Us Cheese Burgers

We were probably over a mile away from the bus によって now. But I couldn’t get over it. The explosion still rang in my ears. The screeching sound of the Fury calling for her reinforcements to help in our deaths.
“ Three Kindly Ones. All three at once.” Grover bleated, obviously terrified. I didn’t blame him, I’m pretty sure we were all shaken...
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Number 18 for ya'll, read, コメント enjoy

Disclaimer: I do not own this story, Rick Riordan does, but I do have a plan to get the rights to own it which involves many Zebras, three Dolphins, and Logan Lerman. :)

I could here screeching and snarling from the seats behind us, that lead to the mini hallway to the bathrooms. I was hoping that it was just me being paranoid, but it was not. The 次 thing I knew my and Grover were up out of our seats, me with my dagger in my hand. The Furies whipped their whips that were no longer ugly hand bags. They had wings, each the size of me, and ugly mouths....
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heeey people. I don't think anyone read 16, and i was very sad about this, but i figured people have been starting school. I have not yet, thank the gods. But anyway, if you're going to read, あなた should comment, my wonderful readers!

Disclaimer: I do not own Percy Jackson and The Olympians. Rick Riordan does, and I'm just saying this because I do not wish to be sued. Been there done that.

I looked around the bus never blinking, not once. A lot can happen between the times of blinking an eye, things あなた can’t even imagine. That’s when I saw them. Yes, them, all three of them actually. The...
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I ran inside to get Will Solace. He was one of the best healers at the Camp. Will and I had grown up together at camp so we were pretty close. I ran into the infirmary. I scanned the room, looking for Will's shaggy brown hair. I found him, pressing a cool rag on Jake Mason's head. Jake Mason was in the infirmary a lot because he was a son of the 火災, 火 god Hephaestus, and so he played with fire, a lot. I walked over to the side of Jake's bed.
"Will. Percy, he's here. But the Minotaur-"I said. I only got to there because Will was already at the door with his medical bag.
When we got Percy up...
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"I'm the head counselor of the Athena cabin," Katie said. I guessed that she was about 16 years old. I had noticed black string necklaces around all the campers necks with various amounts of beads, each with a different デザイン on the beads. Katie's had 6 beads on it. Well, I mean I notice weird things.
"Uh," for the first time in a while, I was speechless.
I looked around the room. There were kids of various ages sitting at tables in the middle of the cabin. They all had blonde hair and gray eyes. Just like me. But they were all working on something on blue sheets of paper. All of the bunks...
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15 everyone! Read and コメント my peeps<3
Hope u enjoy and thanks for readinn. ;)

I ran back to my キャビン and took out my light blue drawstring bad and started putting extra changes of clothes, notebooks, pencils, and of course my 本 into it. When it was full to capacity I pulled the string and it flipped over and hung the strings on my shoulders. I kept my dagger in my front pocket of my jean shorts and my Yankees キャップ in the left back pocket. I couldn’t help but smile, I was actually going on this quest. It was official.
I turned around to see all my half siblings smiling at me, Lauren...
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あなた need to read the first five of these to understand so far please comment

after the mess in the subway station was over we got onto the train wich was totally empty except for me, Annabeth and Michael. (who was at the wheel though i dought he knew what he was doing)but suddenly we took a sharp left turn, "what was that?" i yelled annabeth looked at me as if i was dumb "who do あなた think it is seaweed brain?"
"oh right." and then we heard this over the speakers
"lady and gentleman tonight entertainment will
be-" he did a drum roll "only exception によって パラモア for my brother and his girlfriend"...
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Please read commit and reveiw.

The Dark warrior
Found my life

I seen fog, darkness, but it wasn’t night, no if it was night I would feel at ease, I always felt good at night. Relaxing, my dad told my last night about Greek myths, yes he told me, his nine 年 old daughter that she was half Greek god. He had been drinking that night to so I figured he was just crazy, he never had anything to do with me, I was just, Here. He slept through the 日 and was up at night. He name is Dreke Fiser. I was done with him, I couldn’t take it, and I’m glad I left, for I found the best place in the world...
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My name is Michael Gavin and I have been officially been confirmed as a son of Poseidon(YES) anyway I heard from a little birdy (literally) that Percy Jackson my older brother just saved all of olympus and I wasn't there to see it (darn it) so I knew I had to meet him in person for the first time. I always had a strong connection to water and i always felt at ホーム in it but my mom never let me 登録する the swim team (even though I could beat the lifegaurds in a race at the local pool) probably to keep my powers from getting to strong. I like seafood, (MMMMMMM) swimming, I'm not very good with...
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