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 They are angry
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ペンギンズ FROM マダガスカル
posted by sarah12499
My first fanfic, don't hate!
It was late, and the penguins were on their way ホーム from getting snow-cones. " I do 愛 myself some snow-cones." Skipper says while he eats his 虹 one. Kowalski stares at his " Yeah,I guess" Skipper looks over at Kowalski who is lagging behind. "Why are あなた so blue? あなた 愛 snow-cones Kowalski." Skipper asks. "Yeah I 愛 them, but it's not the snow-cones that's bothering me." Kowalski adds. Skipper looks at the ground "Then what is?" Kowalski stops walking and sighs " Why would あなた care anyway?" Skipper looks at him surprised at what he just said. Kowalski...
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posted by Number1SkippFan
Chapter 1
Hey this is my first fanfic so plz no hate! :)This fanfic is about a girl ペンギン that comes to the zoo and falls for Skipper.

My name is Kat, but I'm not a cat, I am a penguin, from Antarctica. I have one problem with my home: it's too cold. I knew one 日 I would escape that horrible snow land, and that 日 was yesterday, when that weird man came and put me in a crate, and for once in my life I felt comfortable and warm.

Today I am traveling to a new home, hopefully a warm one.

I don't know how long I was in that クレート, 木枠 but all I know now is that I'm here at my new home...a zoo? cool!...
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posted by thecrazygeinus
It was morning at the Central Park Zoo. The penguins had just finished thier morning exercises.
“Men, today we have a visitor.” Skipper stated firmly.
“A visitor?” Private asked curious and confused.
“Yes an old friend of mine. She’s coming to retrieve our operation’s レポート and take it to the Association.” Skipper explained. “Rico” Rico vomited up the レポート and handed to Skipper.
“But who exactly is this visitor?” Kowalski asked.
“A solo operative によって the name of E.” Skipper answered “You might remember her from the Association.” Skipper reasoned “She’ll be...
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posted by Colonelpenguin
Kowalski was in his lab making a serum for My sister Hannah.
Kowalski: eureka I'm finished
Me:What is it
Kowalski:A serum to make あなた remember forever
Hannah:ooo...... whats that
well あなた can see who he made it for my absentminded sister I'm forgetful but my sister is worst
Hannah:can i try it
Kowalski:It's for あなた anyway
Hannah:Really thanks
Hannah tries it on it was very strong and thing were weird three hours later.
Me:Kowalski Analise
Rico:I 愛 winkies
Private:Time for a new invention
Lily:I forget
Hannah:I 愛 skipper
Rico:Stop it at once
Skipper:I challenge あなた to a duel
me:No i challenge あなた to a duel
Kowalski:Oo candy
Me:oh dear
Hannah:Yo mama so stupid when she put a dish on the tv she thought she was watching dish network
Me:I forget
But,no was their self until we wacked the serum out of Kowalski because thats the only thing that we remember that day.
(This is like あなた are flipping open a book to see if あなた want to read it または not.)

"Great! Just great!" I 発言しました out loud in frustration to Johnson who was just standing there so quietly and calmly with flippers down to his side staring at me with those uncertainty light blue eyes.
"I don't really know what to say Manfredi." Johnson 発言しました as he waddles up to me slowly. I looked at him with bit of hatred wishing he hadn't 発言しました nothing at all.
"This is all your fault Ujohnson!" I yelled at him loudly right into his face.

I just completely snapped right there. I know あなた are all now thinking badly...
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added by Number1SkippFan
Source: I drew it
added by Number1SkippFan
Source: I drew it
added by Number1SkippFan
Source: I drew it
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Source: Moi
    For a long while, Kowalski traveled in the dark. The only way he could see anything was because of the gentle moonlight and Aurora Borealis dancing across the sky. He persisted through the snow, fighting against the wind. The cold pinched at his face and made it difficult to keep his eyes open. Finally, he assumed that it’d be best to just stop and get some rest.

    Without much option on a place to sleep, he just stopped where he was and laid his spare グローブ down. Feet first, he climbed inside the グローブ until his head was inside. The insulated...
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posted by sarah12499
My first fanfic :D

Marlene and Kowalski made their way into Alice's office. "Okey Alice is sitting at her 机, デスク we have to be cautious and quick." Kowalski suggests.Marlene nods her head "I agree." They crouch over to the front of Alice's desk. "She's on the phone, she's logged in the computer if we can distract her I can キャンセル the transfer." Kowalski says with hope.Marlene smiles and runs over to the door. "Marlene what are あなた doing!" Kowalski whispers.Marlene starts waving her hands in front of the door "Making a distraction, あなた save Skipper!" Alice notices Marlene "Hold on i have a pest...
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I come across Kowalski constructing a new invention while he's listening to music.
Me: Kowalski?
K: (drops ipod) Aaagh! (looks behind him) Oh, Monique, it's you.
Me: What's the invention this time?
K: Well, it's the Vocaltunage Imagery Ray.
Me: Judging によって the name, does it turn songs into actions depending on the song?
K: Actually yes. Now let me set up a song and shoot a laser in the sky. (shoots laser in the sky surrounding the zoo)
Me: What song is it?
K: You'll see.
Jessica: Grandma Monique! (walks towards me and Kowalski)
Me: I told you, Jessica, just call me "Monique".
Jessica: Alright, Monique,...
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posted by Colonelpenguin
We were standing in line to wait to eat my sister's famous recipe and dessert.
The line went like this Skipper,Lily,Me,Kowalski,Rico,Private.
Hey ladies first I knocked out Skipper but,me and Lily both stepped up in front of the line just as the 食 got put on the table.
"MMMMmmm....." the 食 ワカサギ, 錬金術 so good it already melt in our mouths.
"well.. I'm going somewhere to get もっと見る stuff for dessert...Okay."(she left us)
"Well Kowalski the 食 is on you."(throwing it but Kowalski アヒル, 鴨 and it hit Skipper instead he ran up and got the steaming hot グレービー, 肉汁 and pour it all over me)
kowalski:haha that's...
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posted by skipperfan5431
"I 愛 あなた my darling." Lilly 発言しました blankly as she fed Kowalski a chocolate-sardine. *ugh....how degradeing....* " Oh, this is the best invention EVER!!" Kowalski 発言しました happily as he munched on the fish. "Now all I have to do is keep that bow on her for another twelve hours and she will be forever mine!" Just then, Kitka swoops down from above. " こんにちは Lilly. Wanna hang out?" She asked in a friendly way. "I don't know. Do I?" Lilly asked as she turned to Kowalski. "Aw alright. " He 発言しました playfully. Then Kitka grabbed Lilly and they flew away.
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posted by sarah12499
Private stared at the TV “What do あなた want Blowhole!” Dr. Blowhole laughed “Revenge!” Private crossed his flippers “What’s your oh so perfect plan this time?” Blowhole smirked “That’s classified.” Marlene got into the conversation “What happened to Keira?” Dr. Blowhole looked straight at her with a blood-curdling glare “I took care of her, she got in my way and now she got what she deserves!” Marlene gasped “Did you…..” Dr. Blowhole scoffed “She’s not dead; I wouldn’t kill my sisters best friend.” Marlene sighed with relief. Private stepped forward...
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posted by sarah12499
My first fanfic :D

It was getting dark and still no sign of Kowalski. "How long have we been searching?" Private asks. Skipper starts picking up the pace "I don't know, maybe an hour."Private looks over at Marlene's habitat and sees she's not there "Hmm i wonder where Marlene is." Suddenly he sees Alice chasing something によって the lemurs habitat."Skipper...what's Alice chasing?" Skipper stops walking and looks over at the lemurs "I don't know, maybe it's Kowalski." They start sliding over to the lemurs habitat when they realize it was Marlene Alice was chasing. Skipper slides under one of the...
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Some people here tell me they can't draw, so maybe these tips can help a little. :)

1) What Are あなた Drawing?
What I like to do is 検索 up a picture of whatever I want to draw, and try my best to copy it, but I usually add something different like changing flipper poses または expressions. If I want to draw something that doesn't have a picture on Google または wherever あなた 検索 pictures from ie: Private holding a fishing rod, I 検索 for a pic of Private and draw his flipper like he's holding something then if I can't draw a fishing rod, just 検索 for a pic of one. :)

2) Colours
I'm sure you've...
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added by Number1SkippFan
Source: I drew it
    Weeks had passed. Manfredi, Johnson, and Rico had gotten to know each other considerably. Rico felt a little awkward for the first several days, afraid that Manfredi and Johnson wouldn’t accept him after they’d discovered just how deep his secret ability went. But even after he upchucked the pipe wrench, crowbar, clipboard, and an assortment of nuts and bolts that he had managed to get into his gut at the facility, Manfredi and Johnson still treated him like any other penguin. Eventually, he found his comfort zone and started to enjoy his time with his new brothers....
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