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posted by thecrazygeinus
The penguins headed back to the zoo through the New York Sewers. Once they were under the park, Kowalski remembered something.

“The meteor シャワー is tonight!”

“Right! I almost forgot.” E remembered, “Can we go watch?” E asked Skipper. She had been counting down for weeks.

“Fine. Go stare at the stars. Private, your on recon duty.” Skipper decided.

“What? But, they will already be watching the skies.”Private answered, confused.

“Yes, but they won’t be able to focus.”Skipper responded, giving E a knowing look.

“Now that that matter has been settled, the シャワー should begin...
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So Colonel,Kassie,Richie,Secret and James were heading back to the zoo.Kassie/Kowalski arranged for a クレート, 木枠 to be delivered to the penguins habitat.
------In The Crate-In Afternoon----
"You're stepping on my foot!" "Your Flipper is in my ribcage!" "Eg bleh ug bu!" "Get your head out of my stomach and that's an order!" "Can't...Breath... Lungs...blocked." It was a small crate.Big enough for two penguins,but waaaay too small for five penguins.

"Hey...I...think... we're...almost..there.",said James/Jazzy."He" was right.When the zookeeper put the クレート, 木枠 down and left,the guys came bursting out,gasping...
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posted by skipperfan5431
THE 次 MORNING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
"Alright boys! Today were gonna do some hand to hand combat for the morning exersices!" Skipper commanded, looking over his shoulder to make sure Roy was pleased. Lilly, Kowalski, Rico, and Private cheered happily. They loved a little hand to hand combat. "So, ready to get whooped Skipper?" Kowalski asked, striking a battle pose. Skipper looked at Kowalski and gave him a weird look. "Uh, あなた boys won't be fighting ME........your fighting Roy...heh." The team looked up at the tall buff ペンギン as he flexed his HUGE ペンギン muscles. "So....who's first?" Ofcourse,...
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posted by JediPenguin16
"Smile and wave, boys, Smile and wave."

Remember that? The magical moment when あなた first met Skipper, Kowalski, Private, and Rico? What about when あなた discovered the new spin off 表示する on Nick? How あなた laughed at the jokes and Skippers paranoia? または watching Kowalski and Rico's developing characters, King Julien's crazy antics, Mort's obsession with DA FEET, Maurice eating those bad leechee nuts, Marlene and Skipper interacting alone for the first time, creating one the most 人気 pairings? Remember the joy あなた felt when あなた found a whole site on ファンポップ dedicated to your beloved PoM characters?...
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Note: This chapter is not in Nathan's PoV. Read on and you'll see why.


It had been a week since the mission with X. Private woke up first, much to his surprise. Stretching, he yawned and jumped down from his bed. As he looked around, Private felt as if something was missing. He looked around again and soon discovered what. "Everybody wake up! Nathan's gone!"

Wide awake, the other penguins flipped out of their bunks. "What?" asked Skipper.

Wordlessly, Private pointed to the empty bunk. Kowalski waddled over to it. He spied a note on the ベッド and picked it up. "He left a note."

"What does...
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Note: This, as あなた probably already know, is the confirmed name for the Blowhole special that will most likely be the last episode aired. Inspiration for this 記事 came from LeonardFan's scenario 投稿されました under the 'Final Blowhole Episode タイトル Confirmed' 写真 and Jedipenguin16's ウォール post on the club. I hope あなた enjoy it. :)

Skipper walked into the room Kowalski was in. "Kowalski! What are あなた doing?" He asked, causing Kowalski to nearly jump out of his feathers. He tried to cover up what he was working on によって leaning far against the table. "Oh...Hello Skipper. I was just, uh..." Skipper shook...
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posted by InternetGirl123
Private: Oh dear!

Kowalski: This is weird!

Rico: Hey, I have a beard!

Julien: My 音楽 box grew to hugocity! It's an up-in-the-air monstrocity!

Mort: What did King Julien say? And why did he say it that way?

Julien: I've got this dummy dumb urge to obey!

Mort: This feels, to me, creepy and wrong!

Julien: To be suddenly talking in song!

Kowalski: Wait! I think I can explain!

Blowhole; It will be extremely lame!

Kowalski: Do あなた mind? This is science!

Blowhole: It's a kind of weird alliance!

Kowalski! Yes! Take my experimental power cell-

Blowhole: Add the Diabolagizer's evil spell!

Kowalski: Plus Julien's...
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posted by JediPenguin16
I had this idea...it festered, it made characters, it implanted itself into my subconscience, and now, I bring it to you.
Skilene, but not too much. Has Oc's.
Prolouge:The Mystery
The sky was blue reds and browns and yellows began to commandeer the green of the leaves, yet summer was fighting back with it's greatest weapon; heat.
Too much heat, in fact, than even the madagascar and Africa faring penguins could take. Standin on thier "iceburg" they waved to the few visitors, exhausted. Even taking a dip in the pool wasn't helping, the cooling units had broken in the heat, and all the "cool" had...
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~ it needs 2 to 愛 ~

This is a story about friendship and love.
How would emotions change the penguin's life? Can the ハート, 心 be stronger than the psyche?

This here's the story.

Surprise, Surprise.

Marlene was enjoying herself in her bright pool, 歌う loudly and swimming a few rounds, as suddenly an animal landed with a big splash in the water.
Marlene got frightened, she quickly turned to the animal who couldn't swim.
''Hold on!'', she shouted and swam as fast as an ARROW/アロー to save the poor animal. It was a rendeer.

She carried it in her habitat and as she looked at the rendeer's face, she smiled...
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Skipper private and Rico were all set up to go to ベッド that night, skipper and Rico continued to argue all 日 that day, making private もっと見る and もっと見る upset. Private laid in his bed, and immediately went to sleep, Rico and skipper still arguing.

Rico: あなた know what, I can't deal with this anymore!!! I'm going to spend the night at juliens, at least I care about him!!

Skipper: fine! And I do care about him!!!!

Rico then left slamming the 魚 bowl at the top.

Skipper then went to his bunk ベッド and climbed in it, and suddenly.....broke down.

Skipper:"sobs" why....why did this have to happen?!

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ランダム things in PoM comedy

(these happen when I'm spying on them)

* Marlene and Skipper are in a room together*

Marlene: So, Skipper I was wondering if you, um-

Skipper: *burp*

Marlene: *not amused face*

Me: *to myself* Now that's true love. :)

* Kowalski and Private are in the HQ* * Kowalski is trying to explain something to Private*

Kowalski: And that's Murphy's law.

Private: Who's Murphy? 

Me: Hehe

* switch to dumb Kowalski* * Private is talking to dumb Kowalski*

Private: Come on Kowalski, あなた must still have some smart still in you!

Kowalski: Because I hate, drumroll please,

Private: *sigh*

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posted by NintendoPenguin
(Marlene's POV)

I sat in a corner in my habitat, tears pouring down my face. I was just too depressed to do anything right now. Not even the penguins could cheer me up.

I choked out a sob. No one ever liked me. No one would ever fall for me, no one had, または ever would even キッス me.

I would always be alone... even in death...

"Marlene?" I heard a voice say.

I looked up and saw Kowalski, the brains of the penguins at the entrance of my habitat. I quickly wiped my tears, and took a breath.

"Hey Kowalski." I said.

"Are あなた okay, Marlene?" He asked, his voice full of concern. "I was walking by, and I heard...
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Funeral and Stories

In the afternoon, Mason and Phil came back. They had gone to the edge of the forest where Marlene had found Private and now, they carried a bunch of white linen with them.


They buried Kowalski in the light of sundown. They had dug a grave not far away from the oak; underneath some young birches, lowering their thin greened branches sadly over the dark stone, which Burt had dragged here as a grave stone. It was unshaved but deep grey and it did its sad effect…

The group of 動物 stood around the hole and looked down. The chimpanzees, Marlene and Maurice had wrapped Kowalski's...
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posted by anna446
as marlene as getting to ホーム julion came.he told marlene about the prom he's planing
marlene:wow a prom.
julion:yes a prom and I was hopeing that if I be the prom king wich I am sure I'll be then can あなた be my prom qween?
marlene:no but thanks for asking.
julion leaves
(at the penguins habitat)
julion: hello silly penguins I am to be asking あなた to come to the prom I am hosting?
skipper:*spit take* what but we are...
julion:marlene is going to the prom.
skipper:fine we'll go.men comences operachin:prom night.
(at the party)
skipper:men keep a eye out for marlene.
marlene:hey guys.
(descritchen:marlene is...
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posted by skipperfan5431
Lilly didn't say a word to Skipper. She was still angry about what he had 発言しました at their meeting the night before. He tried to engage with her, but she ignored him every time. "Come on Lilly. IYou know I would never lie to yo. Especially about something that important to you!" Skiper urged, but Lilly just looked at the newspaper she held in her flippers. "So what? Now your giving me the scilent treatment?" Lilly kept looking at the pictures in the paper, and still ignored her boyfriend. Then, Kowalski came out of his lab with Crystal. He was 表示中 her how to make a jiggles of her very own....
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posted by JediPenguin16
Okay, my brain works a million miles a minute, and so far I can't stop the creative juices. I have these ideas up for my 次 PoM fanfic project. Please pick your two お気に入り ideas and comment.Thank you!

Story Ideas


Mr. Kowalski and Dr. Snyde: Kowalski makes a potion to root out the flaws inside oneself, but ends up threatenign to destory us all. Again. Tribute to Dr jekkyl abnd Mr. Hyde

Operation: Silver Bullets:" Either Privrates cursed, または Kowalski has goofed up and turned him into a monster. Either way, this zoo is in trouble."

My predatory pal: A leopard シール has moved into the Central...
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posted by rico911910
..YOU LOOK AT THE 次 PAGE.......................
was nurses and docters all crowded around Skipper how was laying on the hospital ベッド shacking will the some of them were holding him down. One of the docters puting a oxagen mask on Skipper and held it there so he could breath easier. Then a nurse came in holding a shot with meadisen filled haf way to the top. As the meadisen was injeted into skipper to calm his ハート, 心 rate down the room begian to fall into silence. Slower and slower his
heart started to bet. When the docters looked at the monuter they side in releaf when Skipper's ハート, 心 rate...
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posted by GraniteisaRock
Skipper has the team standing beside the mid 表, テーブル of their little underground base. All the escape tunnels are locked tight forcing Kowalski, Private, and Rico to all realize this is no joking matter. The only time Skipper orders everything to be closed is when classified information is going to be mentioned. Private is shuddering at the mere possibilities—any slight indication of a nemesis in the area (Dr. Blowhole the unbelievably relentless dolphin… Hans the ツノメドリ, パフィン with the manic desire to finish off the Skipper… Savio, Clemson…) they all could drive Skipper into utter paranoia....
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Here's a quick, funny story I wrote. From now on, if anyone was 読書 my 'A Hero's Tale' fanfic, it's on my FanFiction account.

The door of the HQ burst open, scattering Kowalski and Skipper's chess game on the floor.

"Hello, slap happy penguins!" Julien shouted, who was at the doorway. "Who wants to have fun on Sunday Eve!"

"For one thing, it's called 'Saturday night'," Skipper commented, as he picked up a pawn off of the floor.

"And secondly, no." Kowalski finished his leader's sentence.

Rico set his doll down (he was brushing her hair) and glared at Julien. Private seemed kind of happy though,...
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behld, the g8tst 1 2 evr liv...me.

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