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posted by Skiparah
It took only a few 秒 for me to process her words before I realized she'd let go of my foot. In less than two 秒 I hit the freezing water. I couldn't see..I couldn't breathe. You'd think a ペンギン would know how to swim. I hadn't really 与えられた it much thought up 'till now. My ハート, 心 nearly stopped when I realized I couldn't swim..and the surface of the water above me was getting further and further away. I paddled my flippers wildly trying to get to the surface. No use. I didn't make much distance and I was running out of what little breath I'd had in the first place. My lungs screamed for air. In all of that I suddenly felt strangely calm. I relaxed. Lack of air tugged at my throat but I chose to ignore it. I felt lightheaded, then everything went black. I thought that I had died, but no..I could feel..I heard the sound of something calling. A female voice. She was crying and desperate. I heard her wails growing closer. Eventually I made it out and realized she was calling for me. The darkness faded replaced によって a thick mist like エンドウ, エンドウ豆 soup. There was the siluette of a penguin. Somehow I recognised her. My ハート, 心 skipped a beat. She called, 'Alexander! Where are you?!" Her eyes were tired and her face was messy from dried tears. I cried out to her, "Mom! I'm over here! Mom!!" But she didn't hear me. She turned and ran the other way, still calling my name. In that スプリット, 分割 秒 guilt hit me in the chest like an anvil. I'd left her. I'd broken her heart. And now I was going to die. I could never return to her and reasure her that everything was going to be ok. I heard her still calling, but her voice had changed, and she wasn't calling my name. It sounded like, "Hey! Wake up man!" It grew clearer. I opened my eyes and coughed up at least eight gallons of the Atlantic. I looked up to find the loon gazing at me. I cleared my throat awkwardly and asked, "What in the name of Jackson's Stonwall was that for??" The loon just shrugged and replied, "You needed a bath". With that annoying remark she walked away. A caressed my ingured flipper and tried to slow my racing heart. Why was it everyone and everything seemed to treat me like trash? I looked up at where a I heard the loon bustling around and those thoughts faded. The loon had a flowered エプロン around her waist. She was stirring a pot of warm, steaming シチュー of some kind and was humming softly. My thoughts were drawn to a certain someone I used to know and in spite of all my pride I felt tears sting my eyes suddenly. I realized how much I really missed home. I dropped from the bunk to the floor and hobbled out to the ship's bow. The sun was setting against the almost infinate horizon. It reflected oranges and pinks across the water. I realized then just how homesick I really was. I looked over my shoulder from where we'd come. but I can't go back.. I thought. Hans was back there waiting for me, and not to mention the entire Danish authortiy. No, Denmark was not an option. It was the past now. I sat down at the tip of the ship's bow and wondered how I'd ever gotten myself into such a mess. Why was it now that I had to discover what it was to know that someone truly loved you, when I couldn't go back and tell them..that あなた were sorry..for not having realized that in the first place. It was too late now. I could never tell my mother I was sorry, and I'd probably never get a chance to. In that momment I was a new man. A changed man. Yet I still didn't know who I really was. What was my purpose?
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Julien sat there on the ground screaming and crying....staring at Maurice's lifeless corpse...he was all alone...he didn't know what to do...the loud cracks is all he heard besides his screaming...why he thought...why did Maurice kill himself!!

Suddenly...a 狐, フォックス with glasses came in the bathroom...she was wearing glasses as it seemed...and she had these 魚 eyes that startled julien when he saw her...

Julien:w-what do u want?!

???: your friend is dead it seems...

Julien:a-are u trapped in this school like me...?

???: yes...but I'm already dead...I died a while ago...


???:my names naho...and...
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Skipper was getting angrier and angrier in that cage as the man smiled at him with kowlaksi and Private inside the cage as well...where was Rico? And why was there blood all splattered all over the mans shirt?


Man:heheheh....I'll get him for u....

The man walked three the door again and brought out Rico....he was crying and shaking alot....there was dried blood all over him....but the worst was that there was a huge line of stitches going down his stomach...

Man:I having very good fun with him....I...
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Rico had awoken...he was strapped to a 表, テーブル in a dark room....he was frightened and wondered where he was...he struggled and screamed asking where he was...but all he could do was do that...until he heard a door slowly open...

Rico: let me go!! Now whoever あなた are または your gonna be sorry!!

???:I can't Bieleve I finally captured you....and it was too easy....hehehe...

It was the man who kidnapped Rico at the zoo...he walked up to Rico and smiled down on at him...

Rico:(up chucks bomb at him)

The man dodges the bomb and quickly gets back over near him...the man is now angry and punches Rico in the...
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It was just like any other day....skipper had the other three and himself stand outside of their lair....the three were confused on why they were there...

Skipper:alright men....we need to be stronger...that's why we all our gonna train seperate in different spots...train によって ourselves...you may never know if blowhole または Hans または anyone might strike...

Private: によって ourselves though....?

Skipper gave him a glare and a serious look..

Skipper:yes private... によって yourself! あなた need to learn to defend yourself によって yourself!

Private: yes sir....

Skipper: alright men! Go find a spot and train yourself! Meet back...
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"Whoa whoa! Did he just call me an idiot?" Sweet Pripper growled, punching the window between her and the Man.

~ "aw crap.." Cowtails said, climbing into the air vent quickly, she went halfway and saw the penguins, "Skipper!"

~ Private cowered in a corner.

"what the-?" The man asked, almost driving off the road.

~ "WHERE THE CRAP ARE あなた GOING?!" Blowhole snapped.

~ SP grinned evilly, "You won't get away with this."

~ "Nowhere?" Cowtails answered questionly.

Her hip suddenly got stuck, "are あなた serious? Skipper, guys, help me! Blowhole's right here!"

"come on men!" Skipper shouted, sliding...
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