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posted by Paulina2001
Ok this is my opinion about what あなた think あなた should wear または what あなた think others around あなた think あなた should wear. It doesn't matter what あなた think others will think about あなた または what あなた wear out in public. It doesn't need to be the latest trend, style, または accessories. あなた can rock any outfit あなた put on, even if it's just jeans and a cute t-shirt with boots. Don't worry what the 人気 girls in your school etc. think about what あなた wear, there not wearing it. あなた will look beautiful in whatever あなた wear. It doesn't need to be the 次 Big Thing. Be who あなた are and let it 表示する through your clothes. あなた can rock anything あなた put your mind too!! :)
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