Rachel Gatina: Okay, let me get this straight. あなた don't have feelings for Lucas anymore, Peyton does, but she's willing to hide those feelings if あなた asked her to. Sounds like a pretty great friend to me.

Uncle Cooper: Is everything okay?
Rachel Gatina: Yeah, I'm fine. I was just scared that you...
Uncle Cooper: The baby Rachel, I meant is the baby okay.
Rachel Gatina: Cooper, when we were arguing, I was so angry and I was hurt. So, when I 発言しました I was pregnant I was just...
Uncle Cooper: Get out! I 発言しました get out!

Rachel Gatina: I know あなた saved my life.
[Nathan looks uncomfortable]
Rachel Gatina: I'm going to find a way to thank you.
Nathan Scott: あなた don't have to do that.
Rachel Gatina: No, I want to.
[Rachel kisses Nathan on the cheek]
Rachel Gatina: あなた have Cooper's eyes.

Rachel Gatina: [to Brooke, about Peyton] Didn't あなた F her BF when あなた two were BFFs?

Rachel Gatina: [regarding clean teens breaking people's hearts] They should have a new slogan "We break hearts, not hymens"

Rachel Gatina: Well, it could've been worse, あなた could have got your 尻, お尻 kicked によって a pregnant girl half your size.
Brooke: The day's still young.

Rachel Gatina: I understand why あなた are so angry, Haley. I used to be a fat chick with a little head too.

Rachel Gatina: I was told to say away from あなた
Nathan Scott: Since when do あなた do what your told?
Rachel Gatina: Since never. Let me guess... あなた liked my last キッス so much あなた want another.
Nathan Scott: Guess again.
[Nathan shows her his ring]

Rachel Gatina: If you're looking for Nathan... he's in my bedroom.
Haley James: If you're looking for a black eye... it's in my fist.

Rachel Gatina: [eyes closed] Slut
Brooke Davis: 雌犬
Rachel Gatina: Whore
Rachel Gatina: Well, I know I'm not in Heaven cause they wouldn't have let Brooke Davis's kinky 尻, お尻 through the gates.
Brooke Davis: And your 尻, お尻 wouldn't fit, at least not the old one. How are you?

Rachel Gatina: They told me that Nathan saved my life. How is he?
Haley James Scott: How is he? He's devastated, Rachel and it's all your fault!
Rachel Gatina: Haley?
Haley James Scott: I saw あなた in the limo with Cooper. あなた were arguing with him, weren't you?
Rachel Gatina: It wasn't what it looked like.
Haley James Scott: あなた ruined everything. あなた caused a huge scene at the reception. あなた ストール, 盗んだ the limo. And now everybody's life is worse because of you. Doesn't it even matter to you, a little bit? Are あなた going to change a single thing because of it? Nathan doesn't need your thanks and neither do I. So why don't あなた stay the hell away from us. All of us!

Rachel Gatina: Well, well... I would like to make a toast, to Cooper's toast, about love. But, wait a minute, what could Nathan and Haley possibly know about love? I mean, they're only seventeen right? Right Cooper? あなた see, Cooper seems to think a seventeen 年 old couldn't possibly know anything about love. Of course, あなた know, that didn't stop him from having sex with me. Right? To sex with Cooper!

Rachel Gatina: あなた screwed me over for a guy who won't screw you.
Brooke Davis: Oh, please, like I couldn't get Chase after a little...
Brooke Davis: chase.
Rachel Gatina: I think you're forgetting something. See, Chase is into smart-born-again-virgin Brooke, not stupid-slutty-I-cheated-on-the-Calculus-test Brooke.

Rachel Gattina: 700 days. High School, out of 20 または 30 thousand, can't あなた see past that. It's only 700 days

Rachel Gattina: Well, well, looks like somebody had a rough night.
Peyton: Says the girl who poured drinks down my throat, and then dropped me off in my best friend's boyfriend's bed.
Rachel Gattina: Look, I just led あなた to the door sweetheart.
Peyton: We're not giant pandas, あなた know? あなた can't just put us together and expect us to mate, and do me a favor, talk soft, あなた got a terrible voice.

Bevin Mirskey: What do あなた plan to be in 10 years?
Rachel Gatina: In ten years... I plan to be 28.