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posted by Chifiregaurdion
If あなた want me to write any thing thats a ファン fic tell me i make them really good tell me if i should finish this one

Demons,Reapers, and Angels.

Chapter one.
Place to stay.

Kanji Akira, was 18, she just moved to ロンドン beacuse she always wanted to go to Londen for the sights, although she was born in Amarica. getting there was not as fun though... i guess since on the way there the whole 'shareing' her horse diden't work... the guy that she was 'shareing' with ストール, 盗んだ her horse. And while walking it suddenly rained.
AND FINNALY when she gets there a guy ストール, 盗んだ her purse. "Worst 日 ever!"...
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