I waited quietly in the waiting room as my mother was having a really long appointment. "Mendy?" a voice asked. My head shot up to the smiling nurse. "Yes?" I asked. "Would あなた like a cup of tea?" she asked politely. "Oh, yes please ma'am" i 発言しました wrapping my hands around the hot お茶, 紅茶 cup. Five boys walked in all wearing onezies. "Mendy?" one nurse asked walking out of a door. "How is she" i asked. "She only has a few weeks to live" she said. I stood up dropping the ティーカップ, 茶碗 on the hard ground. Each of the boys were staring at me. I ran out the door one boy running after me. Once we were outside he grabbed my arm and pulled me into him.
I didn't seem to mind i was crying into the chest of a stranger. He kissed my forehead. "I'm so sorry for the trouble sir" i 発言しました sniffling. "It's okay, and call me Harry" he 発言しました with a cheeky grin. I sighed and layed my face in his chest again as he slowly walked me in. "Is she okay Harry" a blonde boy asked in an Irish accent. "She is fine now she only need someone to cry on" Harry 発言しました sitting 次 to me. "Oh dear Mendy" my mother 発言しました walking over to me and hugging me. I smiled when she hugged me. "ma'am?" Harry asked tapping my mothers shoulder. "Yes boy?" she asked looking at Harry. "May we speak privately" Harry asked. "Certainly" she replied walking behind Harry. I walked over and sat in my seat. "Are あなた okay?" another boy asked. "Yes, i'm fine,i think" I said. "The name's Louis" he 発言しました with a smile. "Ello Louis" i replied. "Do あなた know what he's talking about" i asked Louis after he was done watching Harry and my mother. "No, not really" Louis 発言しました scratching his temple. Harry smiled and nodded before walking over. "Come on Mendy" Harry 発言しました grabbing my hand and walking outside while the boys followed. "Where am i going" i asked. "You're coming with us" Harry 発言しました stuffing me into the back シート, 座席 of and バン while he sat beside me my hand still in his.
I must've fell asleep because i saw Harry smiling his cheeky smile looking at a picture he took of me asleep in his lap. My cheeks turn hot and red but Harry grabbed my arm and pulled me into him with his long arms wrapped around me. "Don't be embarrassed Mendy, this picture's going on my wall" he 発言しました with another cheeky grin. "R-Really" i asked my face only growing redder and hotter. Harry laughed "Yep." "Can i just sleep in peace" i 発言しました rolling over laying my head on his chest. Every breath he took seemed to be lighter than the last until i looked up and saw his peaceful eyes were closed, just as mine were supposed to be. I slipped the camera out of his hand pointed his face and "Click" a light flashed and the image i saw was on the screen. "That one's for my wall" i whispered to my self laughing quietly.

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