This just may be the way I view it, but in The Wizard of Oz from 1939, it seems like Glinda brought Dorothy to Oz with the tornado. What if Glinda was the one to summon the tornado that brought Zelena and Dorothy to Oz? Also, I'm going to mention this: In a scene where Bae/Neal was in Gold's shop, there was a doll, perhaps porcelain? It looked A LOT like Glinda. It had a ピンク dress, a high crown like hers, and maybe a long wand. Can anyone get screenshots of that? Maybe Neal really has been to Oz and its foreshadowing?

Also pointing this out: the Black Fairy was banished to a different realm によって the Blue Fairy/Mother Superior. Blue also suggested banishing Regina to a different land. What if the land Blue banished the Black Fairy to was Oz? She could have used her powers to appear as a “good” witch rather than fairy and manipulated a lot of things as she seems to do in the 1939 film.

I like the idea that Neal went through Oz out of Neverland, that Glinda was powerful enough to help him escape Pan and she was the one who told him how to use the shadow, that it wasn’t necessarily part of Pan’s plan. It’s all just a bit murky though whether Pan thought he had to freeze Bae long enough to meet a girl born of true love, または what was going on. Maybe Pan was being manipulated, または helped によって Glinda? If SHE told him certain things, glimpsing the future, maybe that explains August’s “little fairy” コメント too. Just how did Tink end up in NL anyway?
Did Glinda send her there from wherever Tink was banished too when kicked out of the fairy-kind?

Again, just my theory and tell me what あなた think. I think it makes sense.