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posted by countrygirl2008
Bluestar had felt soo many good emotions that she hadnot felt in a long time.Seeing her Kits and her mate She never felt so good to know that her kits knew the truth.She hoped that mistyfoot and stonefur would forgive her.they 発言しました they would but she knew forgiveness takes awhile.
Sitting in the clearing with Mosskit and Oakheart BLuestar watched as the sun finally went down and the moon rose.
BLuestar everyones waitng are あなた ready to go?asked MOsskit.Ofcourse Sweetie BLuestar said.She looked at OAkheart and he 発言しました lets go!They walked until they came to a gathering of cats.BLuestar recognized...
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posted by countrygirl2008
They sat in the clearing with their pelts touching each other For a long time.
Oakheart please answer me honestly .Do あなた have any hatred towards me?BLuestar asked.
BLuestar our paths were chosen since they 日 we were born.Its what starclan had chosen for us.I know your path was to become leader of thunderclan now that im here,but our 愛 caused it to be もっと見る difficult didnt?I stayed in the path waitng and hopeing we could somehow be together Oakheart said..
I dont regret loving あなた または having our kits Oakheart but i do regret leaving あなた and our kits even though i know it was my path to be leader....
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posted by countrygirl2008
As Bluestar got used to her surrondings and being with her mate and being able to see her parents again Bluestar stilled carried around Guilt.Guilt of Snowfur losing her life,guilt of Whitestorm not being able to have his mom with him as he grew older.One 日 while sharing tongues with Oakheart Bluestar confided in him after he 発言しました Bluestar u can come to me when something is bothering you.Somethings wrong i can sense it.It hurts not knowing that somethings wrong with you.Bluestar looked at Oakheart with longing to tell her mate everything.Everything about her guilt with Snowfur and everything...
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posted by countrygirl2008
BLuestar and MoonFlower were out in the open in the clearing shareing tongues .I understand あなた know Moonflower 発言しました licking Bluestar 's pelt.
Understand what asked BLuestar?Your falling for Oakheart and having his kits.It was a hard thing for あなた to have to go through but to let あなた know Oakheart is a great tom.He really does care for あなた and my grandkits.Ever since he arrived in Starclan yes he talked about ネコ in his clan but he always spoke about あなた .He always looked down in Thunderclan to see how あなた were .He always kept his eyes open for MIstyfoot and Stonefur Moonflower replied.THanks...
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posted by countrygirl2008
They swam for hours .Oakheart taught BLuestar all of riverclan's swimming moves and bluestar knew as much as any riverclan cat would によって the time they finished.Oakheart came out of the lake with BLuestar right behind him.I'm worn out .It feels like we just finished a patrol.Oakheart meowed.But their was no answer .Bluestar?
Still no answer.
BLuestar?OAkheart meowed as he turned around.BLuestar wasn't behind him.
Out of know where BLuestar landed on his back.Oakheart was taken によって surprise and took off.When he finally stopped ,bluestar was waiting for him in the clearing .
You scared me half to...
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posted by countrygirl2008
Don't give up a meow sounded through the waters.Oak heart?The father of her kits?Thats the way OakHeart 発言しました .She had to keep going.She had to for her kits .Mistyfoot and StoneFur.She'd tell them the truth if she ever made it through this .But GooseFeather's warning sounded through her head."The most powerful Flames can be destroyed によって water."BlueStar ,head for the bank!Swim!OakHearts mew was sharp.YOu cant leave with out saying goodbye!YOu can do it !OAkheart urged.
Suddenly teeth grasped her 毛皮 .She was conscious long enough to see オレンジ fur.Fireheart.
When she came to just a little their...
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posted by ttmrktmnrfn0830
Oakkit was born during leaf-fall, and his Clan faced hard times searching for food. His brother, Crookedkit, had a broken jaw at birth, forcing him to start training later.
Ever since Oakpaw was an apprentice, he wanted to be leader. He'd like to become the best leader RiverClan had ever seen.
Oakheart was a wonderful warrior, especially in his opinion. But, when he falls in 愛 with ThunderClan warrior, Bluefur, will his dreams change?

Oakheart, Crookedstar, Hailstar, Pinestar, Sunstar, Snowfur, Owlfur, Ottersplash, Timberfur, Mistyfoot, Stonefur, Mosskit, Bluestar, Cedarstar, Raggedstar, Brokentail, Tigerclaw, Redtail, Silverpaw, Willowbreeze, Graypool...and more!

Oakheart's Dream might not be on ファンポップ for a while, so be patient!