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NCIS 〜ネイビー犯罪捜査班 and The Mentalist Which 表示する has better couples?

17 fans picked:
The Mentalist
The Mentalist
NCIS 〜ネイビー犯罪捜査班 〜ネイビー犯罪捜査班 〜ネイビー犯罪捜査班
NCIS 〜ネイビー犯罪捜査班 〜ネイビー犯罪捜査班
 cotedepablo posted 1年以上前
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cotedepablo picked Neither:
i ship jibbs and tiva, i thought kari was cute and maybe kibbs too. i definately ship jisbon and think vanrigsby is cute to, though im not totally crazy about it like i am the others. i guess there are more ships on ncis but it's had an extra 5 years over the mentalist. the mentalist couples are just as good, there just aren't as many.
posted 1年以上前.