NARUTO -ナルト- NARUTO -ナルト- - Where are they now?

ryoxis posted on Feb 21, 2017 at 03:34PM
Hey fans! Im still trying to get through the entire ship series - and its got me pretty hooked, and now me and some friends are playing the D20 Naruto DND remake. Ive been trying to build a storyline to fit the narutoverse to all add up and make sense - Trying to find a list of dead people in the current scenario is rough. - besides that however, Im trying to find a likely villain - from my understanding Orochimaru is still alive and created a child syntehtically. The child is on their own and doing the chunin exams etc - I only have knowldege up to Boroto the Movie - is there any content after that? Do we know what sasukes secret mission was that kept him away from Sarada for so long? As well naruto? Any help would be awesome!

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