Naley(ネイサン&ヘイリー) What are some of the saddest Naley(ネイサン&ヘイリー) Scenes?

dermer4ever posted on Jul 03, 2008 at 09:24PM
What do you think are some of the saddest scenes with Naley through out the seasons.

I would have to say the saddest Naley scene would be in 5.10 when Haley asks Nathan for a divorce that scene just Broke my hard and I almost cried for Nathan and Jamie in that scene. Let me know what yours are.

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1年以上前 lucysmileyface said…
well..i really can't watch the scene where nathan tells haley "if you go then we're done"..the rest of s2 was so painful..thank god for the flashbacks, but i guess mark threw those in just to stop us from smashing the tv
and the divorce thing...nathan was in shock, like me!! when he said "haley" was just heartbreakin
1年以上前 1treehillfan said…
^^ Actually, thank Paul Johansan for some naley relief.
Because he directed that episode :]
And, dermer4ever, I actually felt bad for Haley in that scene... I mean she just kept getting all of this shit... I was soo tired of it I felt so bad. I would see why she would suggest a divorce because she was so overwhelmed, but we all know she didn't really mean it. I felt bad for Jamie too, well because he fell into a pool and nearly died.
And Nathan... the thing he loved the most doesn't want to be part of his life anymore.
Definately one of the most heart breaking scenes.
That, and all of season 2 (except for like eppys 1-8).
Oh and in season 3 the first couple episodes I was like "come on nate! She came back for you! Take her back! PLEASE!"
1年以上前 lucysmileyface said…
^yeah, alice, i knew about paul..did you know that he said the naley phone message scene was the best scene from the entire season 2? hehehee
1年以上前 mcewen_girl said…
I think the scene in 3.01 where Haley says"Nathan there was never a day when my heart wasn't here with you in Tree Hill" and he says "Well that's great but I'm still leaving tomarrow and unlike you I'm taking my heart with me..or when he said..I deleted you..the look on her face both times was heartbreaking!!!
And wat about when Nate jumps off the bridge for Cooper or when Hales got hit by a car..I could go on but I won't
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