Naley(ネイサン&ヘイリー) Vids

mcewen_girl posted on May 23, 2008 at 04:18PM
So..I'm just in the mood to make if any of you don't know how, but would really like a vid then just post a comment with what you want..i will need
Song Title & Artist
Storyline-If you want one
If you want clips from every season or just a particular one.
If you want Jamie in it
& i think thats about it..thnx

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1年以上前 loves-oth said…
aww thats nice of you. i was in the mood for videos but i can't get inspiration.
i was thinking of a naley vid to the song
time after time - quietdrive.
do what you want! it will be nice to see what you come up with!
1年以上前 ClaireB58 said…
Hey, I'm in the process of making a Naley vid :D I just posted one I finshed a while ago, Only Fooling Myself, by Kate Voegele (Mia) :D please watch :D