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n-dubz posted on Jan 13, 2008 at 05:41PM
do you think n-dubz is wicked

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1年以上前 n-dubz said…
1年以上前 sunii said…
luv dem man
mates all think i weird
but i love n dubz
dey betta dan all dat other crap out der
lyk chris brown n rihanna n all dat
1年以上前 dappy4ever said…
they're the best trio ever...i like all in the band. My favourite is Dappy. But Tulisa is the most beautiful women i've ever seen. btw i think Fazer should have a bigger part in this trio 'cuz he doesn't sing too much... N-DUBZ ROCK!
1年以上前 iloveendubz said…
does anyone know how long the christmas party gigs are supposed to last?
1年以上前 SophiaGirly19 said…
I Love Dappy. Have you seen their Live Lounge performance?
Check out this video too, Youtube: Jamil Deen - Leave it alone (Gun life) HD.