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posted by wii_girl1999
 This game is approved によって me.
This game is approved by me.
My Sims Kingdom is an extremely fun game for kids. The puzzles aren't to challenging for anyone ages 7+. I would highly reccomend this game for children from the ages 7-11. Ages lower may find the game to challenging and may become frustrated. The higher ages may find the game not challenging enough. The game is enjoyable and can last quite a while to complete, leaving children occupied. If あなた do need to keep your children occupied while あなた have a task to complete, I would strongly suggest a hand-held game such as the DS, PSP, または the DSi. If あなた dont believe your children are ready for the newer systems start off with older games. For example, the Gameboy is an older system that won't cost as much as the DSi または the new 3DS. Anyways, the game is quite enjoyable. PLEASE NOTE this reviewed game is for the 任天堂 Wii version of the game. Thank あなた for 読書 wii_girl reviews. The reviews for kids によって kids.