Ramsay Philips
Ever wonder what it would be like to have a twin?

Actor Ramsay Philips gets the chance to find out -- well, not exactly.

Actually, Ramsay plays twins brothers, Nathan and Cole Weaver, starring in the new the mystery-thriller feature, “The Reunion.”

Directed によって Tim French and releasing VOD on September 22, the film follows three high school フレンズ who reunite years later for a weekend getaway – which takes a mysterious turn.

So, where you’ve seen Ramsay before? Well, he stars as comic book character Bibbo Bibowski in the 2-part digital ファン film, "Black Lightning: Tobia’s Revenge." He has also appeared in a bunch of indie films, including "Falsely Accused," "Juvenile" and "Keep The Faith"; and the short films "The StickUp," "Room 120" and "Jacob Stone." Still to come, Ramsay stars in the dramatic short "White River Tales" and will recur in the comedy web series "The Loonies."

In between projects, Ramsay Philips took some time to answer a few 質問 about his newest film:

Tell us about “The Reunion.”

RAMSAY: “The Reunion” is about three high school フレンズ who go on a weekend getaway but the past comes back to haunt them. One person at the reunion is not who he seems and he is not there for a reunion.

Was it challenging to play twin brothers?

RAMSAY: It was an amazing challenge playing twin brothers. Playing two people in one film is every actors dream and I couldn't be もっと見る happy to do it. The biggest thing for me was distinguishing the two brothers from each other. Figuring out who they are and what makes them tick. Sure they're going to have some similar qualities which is natural with twin brothers but they are also going to have some distinct differences between the two. And mining for those similarities and differences is where the challenge lies.

What would あなた consider each of their ‘best’ または ‘worst’ qualities?

RAMSAY: Wow this is an awesome question. Definitely for Nathan his best and worst quality is the same and it is loyalty. He is so loyal he would do anything for some people and unfortunately some people take advantage of that. For Cole it would have to be he's self-centered and manipulative. He only cares about himself and doesn't care about who he hurts in the process.

Any interesting stories from the set あなた can share with us?

RAMSAY: Set was amazing! Everyone from cast and crew were amazing to work with. We filmed at a big house in Carpinteria and every 日 at lunch we would rush to eat our 食 so that we could all play サッカー on the lawn. We would play keep away, someone would get in the middle and have to steal the ball. The theme song of our set was "Mustang Sally" because the care taker of the property her name was Sally so we would play it every 日 before we would film.

What’s the biggest lesson あなた learned from working on this project?

RAMSAY: The biggest lesson I learned on this film is that I can lead a feature film. This experience was so incredible and amazing that I will never forget it. Every night after filming we would all go back to the hotel and hang out and play games. We would hang out on off days によって the pool, または go to Santa Barbara, または to the beach.

And, now just for fun:
Who’s your お気に入り actor/actress?

RAMSAY: I can't name あなた just one so I gotta go with Leo, Denzel, Meryl, Daniel 日 Lewis, and the Toms, Tom Hanks and Tom Hardy. They are all incredible and really bring their characters to life and あなた get ロスト watching their performances.

What role from the past do あなた wish あなた could have played?

RAMSAY: Oooohh wow this is a great question. It would have to be Jack from "Titanic" または Travis Bickle from "Taxi Driver." Two completely different but two amazing roles I would have loved to play.

Favorite movie または TV 表示する from your childhood.

RAMSAY: My お気に入り movie from childhood and still to this 日 is "Titanic." This is the film that did it for me. I watched this and I 発言しました I wanted to be an actor. The 愛 story and everything about this film is incredible and It's why Leo is one of my お気に入り actors.

Tell us one thing that would surprise our readers to learn about you.

RAMSAY: Celine Dion is my お気に入り singer of all time. She is incredible. My mom would always be playing Celine Dion around the house and in the car so we didn't have a choice but to fall in 愛 with her. あなた can feel the passion she sings with. あなた can feel every word. Then when she came out with "My ハート, 心 Will Go On" my 愛 for her only grew.

How can ファン keep up with you?

RAMSAY: あなた all can keep up with me on Instagram @ramsayphilips7link

Thanks, Ramsay...our ハート, 心 will go on for you, too.

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