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posted by Humphry-Real3
あなた were as beautiful as can be
your amazing smile touch my ハート, 心 and completed me when i talk to あなた i was talking to a beautiful エンジェル up above あなた had the biggest smile on your face it made me fall in 愛 i started to have all these feeling for あなた because i found the girl of my dreams the sun came out and brighten me with it beants it made me feel so nice and warm inside these are feeling i sure cannot hide i will never forget that special 日 because those memories are kept in my ハート, 心 and wont go away. evey 日 i got to talked to あなた and see u my life wuzz paradise. i got to go see heaven...
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Source: the credit for the picture is who ever made it
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posted by Country_Wolf
こんにちは guys, this one-shot has been one my mind for a long time, so I just had to write it. I hope あなた guys enjoy it. Play "Lucy" by: Skillet on loop while あなた read to fully experience the story.
Disclaimer; I do not own Alpha and Omega または the band Skillet
It is late fall in Jasper park. Dark grey clouds filled with undroped snow fill the sky, signaling the approaching winter months. Most of the trees in the park are barren and dead looking, all of their usually bright green leaves have long since died and fallen to back to the earth.
A young dark grey 狼, オオカミ wanders alone through the usually bright...
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posted by Dark-Blood
 me and my 愛
me and my love
I left this site for reasons that are understandable assholes on this site got to me abuse at ホーム that eas devastating my emotioans and physical being so I decided to leave and let everyone think i was dead because I was close to it anyway no one wanted me and the ones that did lied and used me so I gave up.

Before I left I talked to one person who was going through something bad his gf was cheating and he needed someone so I stuck around to make him feel better friendship was bloomed then a spark in to a wonderful 愛 we where hooked in 愛

Soon skyping was fun and we fell もっと見る in love...
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This song is just one club's songs i have made for it so um enjoy! X3
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posted by slydog11
The unforgotton nights によって me(johnny keton)...and the song is kinda like a 愛 song but in rock format..enjoy!

The forgotton nights wind to wind dust to dust...light to stared to the stars and into the moonlight, and make a smile and howl at it...The forgotton nights nose to nose...eye to eye, あなた will see the lights and あなた will smile at your girl that 愛 and that was the night あなた forgotton

......ohhhh oh oh..i forgotton the night and The forgotton nights...ohhhh oh oh i forgotton the nights(wolves howling in background)...ohhhh oh oh i forgotton the nights..the unforgotton nights,

あなた and i fell n 愛 in the moonlight, what a good's that i knew that i forgotton the nights of my life. the unforgotten nights....forgotton night and the unforgotton......niiiggghtssss.......yeah! ok please コメント and like my song i wrote and please don't post bad comments! enjoy