I felt her nose nudge against mine, and for a スプリット, 分割 秒 i thought her lips where going to touch mine she leaned back. "...sorry" she whispered. her green eyes looked up from their lashes. "I...i dont know how...to あなた know" i raised an eyebrow at her, and smirked. "what?" she said. i started to giggle. "Its not funny!" she slapped my arm. i layed down laughing harder, she huffed and snarled at me. (whitch was cute)
"Oh like あなた have kissed anyone before" she hissed and stood up walking away. "No wait!" i said, getting up to follow her. "I didnt mean to hurt your feelings.." i 発言しました standing behind her. her claws where out and they dug into her palms. she turned her head slowly to meet mine, behing her long hair her eyes glowed. "i laughed because..your so beautiful, it was kind of hard to belive no one has kissed あなた yet...and for being as outgoing and smart as あなた are...i thought あなた knew how to kiss" i 発言しました looking down. "I shouldnt have laughed...considering i dont know how to キッス either.." she walked to me, and held my hands in hers. "Its ok" she whispered in my ear. i froze as her warm breath washed down my neck. i could feel her smile against my face and she took a deep breath, "For a vampire, あなた sure do 愛 people laying their lips on your neck dont you?" my body shivered when she kissed my neck. "Kiss me Clawdeen.." i 発言しました soft and quietly. her lips moved up to my cheek, and my head turned so that our noses touched again. finally her lips brushed against mine, and over and over until she growled lowly and led me to the blanket. i layed down on my back and she layed on 上, ページのトップへ of me and continued to キッス until it hurt. she got off and layed behind me, on arm slung over my waist and her chin buried into the 宇宙 between my nack and shoulder. i looked up at the moon and the waved slowly washed in.
"I 愛 あなた Dracalaura"

"I 愛 あなた too Clawdeen"

"GIRLS! would あなた wake up?" Cleo snapped her fingers. "we have to learn this routine または we will FAIL this competetion! get it together あなた two!" Dracalaura looked at me and shook her head frowning. she mouthed "I hate her sometimes" and i smiled. "I 愛 you" i mouthed back. she looked down and bit her lip. she looked back up at me and blew an air kiss. "HEY?" cleo waved her arms. "sorry" i 発言しました letting out an annoyed growl. Self centered wrapped up クリスマス present nobody wants....