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Percy1222KitKat posted on Dec 23, 2010 at 04:40PM
Notch (the maker of Minecraft) is planning to make torches not last forever, and is going to make a Lantern, but he says you are going to have to go to the Nether and get Glowstone to make a Lantern. I hope THAT doesn't happen soon!

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1年以上前 palkiarocks said…
:D Trick: On the update, every single torch(in chest, on walls, in inventory etc...) will turn into lanterns! So make a huge production of torches, because they will become lanterns!
1年以上前 Percy1222KitKat said…
I know, but I can't find very much coal. I'm worried!
1年以上前 scar_two said…
well mayby he will make it non nether material like s=stone c=coal so its like this
s s s
s c s
s s s
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1年以上前 Arbiter787 said…
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