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posted by TeamOMGGirlz
I go ホーム to find Michael in my ベッド laying down
M: こんにちは Unique
Me: -ignoring him-
M: oh excuse me.. こんにちは bitch
Me: -turns around-
Excuse you
M: you're excused
Me: f-ck あなた Micheal
M: okay when?
Me: what?
M: あなた 発言しました f-ck you
Me: あなた dirty minded
M: yeah sholl is
Me: whatever man
M: so あなた are a stripper now
Me: how'd あなた know
M: because Chyna and I are cool
Me: mhhmm whatever
M:what's your problem
Me: I don't know I'm just not in the mood
M: why because your little boyfriend died
Me: -gets in his face-
Stfu Michael how do あなた know what it feels like to lose someone
M: -kisses my neck-
Me: -pushes him off-
Answer the...
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posted by TeamOMGGirlz
Last Time
M: I'm back

Me: Michael.. what.. w-wwhat do .. how'd あなた come back... I thought あなた were
M: -grabs my face-
You thought wrong
Me: -pushes him off-
I gotta go
August: wait stay I'll go so あなた and Micheal to get to know each other better
Me: oh August see
M: that would be awesome bruh catch あなた later
-August leaves -
Me: -backing up-
M: -comes closer so our bodies are touching-
Me: Michael why あなた come back
M: so I can be with あなた -smirks-
Me: -walks away from him-
M: -grabs my waist-
Me: -tries to get out his grip-
M: -tightens grip-
Me: Michael let me go
M: -tightens grip-
Me: -pushing him-...
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posted by TeamOMGGirlz
Me: aye driver can あなた drop me off at Michael house
??: sure
-drops me off-

Me: banging on the door
M: wh-(gco) こんにちは
Me: -steps into his house-
You know I actually thought about it.. あなた are one dirty motherf-king cold-blooded killer... kill my mom .. in the middle of day.. are あなた crazy または insane.. あなた don't understand how much pain あなた cost me do you.. I can't believe my mom actually dated you..
M: -chuckles- あなた think I give two flying f--ks.. I don't
Me: あなた BITCH!! -slaps him with all the energy in my body-
M:-looks at me and laughed-
I'm the bitch... no あなた are .. あなた are my 雌犬 I control you...
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posted by TeamOMGGirlz
Man I gotta go take care of my business because I'm sick and tired of Michael 尻, お尻 gettin in people's lives
Me: -banging on his door-
M: what t'f do あなた want
Me: I want あなた to stop getting in people's lives and ruining them
M: -mocking me- I want あなた to stop getting in people's lives and ruining them
Me: あなた are a little bitch
M: I know yo momma a hoe
Me: my momma ain't no f-cking 鍬 unlike your 尻, お尻 -slaps him-
M: -grabs her hair and Molly punches her in the face-

Unique POV
So I told Chres that I was going to my フレンズ Daija house

Me: okay I'm on my way
A: kk

August house...
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posted by TeamOMGGirlz
M: Unique imma give あなた 1.5 秒 to explain to me why in the hell a motherf-king boy was on 上, ページのトップへ of yo ass!!
Me: okay so what happened was ..... I got nothing
M: Unique!! あなた know what get t'f out of my house!!
Me: you're kidding right?
M: No pack your bag and get out
Me: mom? Are あなた kicking me out
M: hell yeah I am!!
Me: -does as told and goes to Bre house-

Leah POV
Jacob: こんにちは
Me: hey
Jacob: guess what
Me: what
Jacob: Nazii went on a business trip and she'll be back in 5 days
Me: okay.. and?
Jacob: so why don't we do something
Me: like??
Jacob: -bites lip and raises eyebrows-
You know like a...
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posted by TeamOMGGirlz
Me: No.. I'm not I got into a fight
A: Unique..?
Me: yeah?
A: are あなた telling me the truth?
Me: ....
A: Unique I really care about you.. あなた can tell me anything
Me: yes!!.. he beats me just to get the anger out he takes all of his angry out on me.. I can't take it anymore... I want him dead!!
A: -comforting me-
Me: あなた don't understand .. I'm sorry .. I gotta go
A: No I understand .. we can do this whenever
Me: -smiles- thank あなた for understanding
A: -grabs my hand-
Me: *sighs*
A: -lifts up my chin-
Unique you're very welcome.. and whoever is beating on あなた deserves to be put in the electric chair .....
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posted by TeamOMGGirlz
Unique POV
I was going out to have ディナー and with this boy I met his name is August .. anyways I really like him.. seems like a nice guy so I was picking up my outfit..

My Outfit
A muscle shirt
Black skinny jeans
White vans

// 日付 //
A: こんにちは あなた look beautiful
Me: thanks.. あなた look great too..
( August:link)

August: so where have あなた been
Me: -giggled-
At my house.. out with my friends..
A: iight I see you
Me: I see あなた too
-we laugh-
A: oh okay.. あなた know the fair is coming up
Me: yeah.. I'm going with フレンズ .. you?
A: same here
Me: I might see あなた there
A: yeah あなた might
Me: well.. -laughs-
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posted by TeamOMGGirlz
Unique POV
I was out shopping with my best friend Daija

D: aye we should go get something to eat I'm hungry
Me: あなた always hungry
D: let's go to schoops
Me: okay

M: hi girls what can I get you
Me: -glaring-
D: I'll have a burger with some French fries
Me: yeah I'll have the same thing -still glaring-
M: your order will be ready in 30 minutes
-flashes a cheesy smile-

D: Unique do あなた know him?
Me: yeah.. he's just a associate
D: oh okay well what do あなた want to do after this
Me: we can go to the park
D: okay well it's 5:30 so we better hurry
-we get our 食 and eat then go to the park-

D: well...
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posted by TeamOMGGirlz
Unique is 16 now

I was at ホーム によって myself in my room when I glass shatter
Me: what the I'm going to call the cops
??: -walking around in the house-
Me: -hides in the closet-
-dials 911-
Operator: this is 911 what's your emergency?
Me: -whispering- can あなた send the police to ( the address)
Operator: ma'am what's going on
Me: somebody broke into my house.. please hurry
??: -breaks something-
Me: squeals
Operator: ma'am stay on the li-
-call ended-

Operator center
Calls this person back

Unique POV
-phone rings-
Me: -answered it-
??: -chuckles-
Me: please...
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Alright this is a lil bit from my new story "Beautiful Liars" but first the characters..I'll be speaking from their pov....

Ray pov: Aye my name is Rayan but everybody call me Ray. I like big booty bitches. Because when we fuck it'll be もっと見る to work with. I'm a nigga from Compton...Westside is always the best side. And ohh if a 雌犬 fuck up and cause my money to go she get hurt. I don't play and neither do my niggas.

Craig pov: Wassup I bees that boy Craig from Philly..moving to the west coast wasn't easy but we fit in. Dad told me to keep the 鍬 in the キッチン but away from ya business..homies...
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posted by TeamOMGGirlz
**so the 次 日 we checked out of the hotel and went back home**
Me: Jalen I ... I need to tell あなた something... something important
Jalen: what is it..
Me: Do あなた remember Jacob .. that was on the football team
Jalen: yeah Jennifer are あなた okay your hands are shaking like crazy
Me: Jalen ... Call him and ask him about me
Jalen: why would I do that?
Me: please just do it!
Jalen: fine
-calls him-
J: こんにちは Jacob I wanted to talk to you
jp: sure what's up
J: do あなた remember Jennifer
Jp: yeah why
J: I was wondering have あなた guys ever did anything ... like sexually
Jp: .... no I find her attractive very...
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posted by mb_rules
-Episode "Birthday Party"-

//7:34pm Chres and Tay walking to Tay's house. Rayan was sitting on his front porch stairs

Rayan: Uh, Taylee...can I talk to you?
Chresanto: No.
Rayan: I believe I was talking to Taylee.
Chres: Her boyfriend can speak for her.
Tay: Chres, it's fine. Just meet me in my room.
Chres: (He left)
Ray: So Tay, tell me what did あなた mean.
Tay: What are あなた talking.......Oh. Ok, Rayan, あなた know we've been the greatest best フレンズ ever, nothing もっと見る right?
Ray: Yeah. Since 赤ちゃん in diapers.
Tay: And we've matured. あなた became cute, sexy, attractive, handsome..(Snaps out of it)..Anyway...
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posted by mb_rules
-Episode "Chresanto August" PG-13 CONTENT IS PG-13 *lol*- *BTW change of plans Craig is already 17 in the story*

//Last class of the 日 for Tay, Chres also. They sat in desks 次 to each other

Chres&Tay: (Having a whisper-conversation)
Ray: (Was talking to some other classmates then started looking at Chres and Tay)
Tay: (Looked at Ray)
Ray: (Started looking a little jealous)

//The end of the school day, everybody going home, Tay called her mom to see if she could go to a friend's house *She 発言しました Yes* Since Chres had a car, he drove Tay to his home

//They were walking inside, they were greeted...
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こんにちは y'all

I just wanted to apologise to the ファン of the 'An angel's cry' story!

I know that its been a while since i uploaded but if あなた still want me to continue with the story just post on my wall!

If there are still people who want to be in the story, just post on my ウォール and tell me your prefarred name, who あなた want to be with (optional) and what type of character あなた want to be, e.g psycho, smart etc!

Oh, and if あなた want to see some new celebs/characters on this story, please do tell me because i want this story to accomodate as many genres and people as possible to make everyone happy! :^)

Thank あなた !

P.S dont forget to post on my ウォール if u interested :)
Chapter 2 Part 1
(Brit on the phone with Roc)
Brit: I just don’t know how to tell him
Roc: well あなた have to
Brit: I didn’t know this would happen
Roc: I didn’t know either
Brit: have あなた told Khay
Roc: no
Brit: oh my gosh I didn’t think would get pregnant
Roc: look Khayla coming I got to go
Brit: ok bye
(Brit turns around and sees Prod with his fists balled up)
Brit: Prod I can explain
Prod: no あなた can’t. Just how could you. あなた lied to me. 10 years 前 あなた told me あなた didn’t have feelings for him. Brittney I can’t keep going through this with you. I’m done. I’m leaving. We’ve been together...
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posted by _Paris_3
It's not gonna be クリスマス but since that story was so good i'm just gonna take off there. Hope あなた like.
-In the Car-
Me:i can't believe him
jacob:what's up with あなた and him
me:what do あなた mean
jacob:well i know あなた were a ファン and jacob doesn't just 日付 fans
jacob:what happened
me:I literally bumped into princeton at a コンサート in L.A.,where i live, and he helped me up and i was all excited and I told him about how Brittany ロスト the tickets and-(gco)
jacob:how did she lose the tickets
me:i don't know but anyways he 発言しました since i bought V.I.P tickets that i could come backstage...
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hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii guys im soooooooooooo sorry i havent been on in sooo long

in the car
prince-*feels on u*
avanz-stoppp prince
prince-u know u like it
avanz-yea wat ever
prince-wait into we get home

at ホーム
prince-*picks her up n takes her to his room*
avant-prince really
prince-yea*throws her on the bed*

prince starts to take her clothes off slowly as he kisses her passion as he rubs over her あなた moan softly 次 thing u know he is eating u out ur soft moans turn in to loud screams he stops n comes up going in u scream loud as he starts going really fast n hard prince rolls y'all over ur on 上, ページのトップへ u start riding him fast then slow then fast he holds u hips n makes u go 晩餐, 夕食 fast ur eyes roll bak as he grunts loud he duns then u cum y'all bout fall in to each others arms prince say u know we have a lil problem right u say I know n both fall a sleep the end
ok so im not doing this story no もっと見る but im doing this last epi for #mindlesskeke16 its rated r soooooooo leggo oh wait also go read my best フレンズ brother but thats the story new name before that its my bully luvs me but i changed so go go read it luv ya

prod n ke me were in her room
prod-*gets ontop. of her*
ke-so u getting freaky huh
prod yea I am
ke-lol fine

prod pulls her pants n underwear off n her シャツ n bra he undress his self n gets on his knees n starts to eat her out she starts to moan n scream but he just keeps going she says she's about to cum but he goes faster she cumz then he gets up n sticks his friend on her going slow n deep she moans as he goes faster n harder she grabs the sheets prod yells switch positions n starts hitting it from the bak 13 mins later he makes u ride him as u both cum at the same time falling into each others arms n falling a sleep
but everyone was listing out side da door lol THE END

hoped u liked it lol
posted by MzmindlessTlat
Prince:so where y'all live?
Me:umm stalker much lol
Prince:shut up *hugs her from behind* lol
Lana:we live like a block away we walked up here
Roc:dats wat up we-(gco)
Me:maybe y yhu actin ghetto real talk
Prince:but あなた doin the
Lana n prince:same damn thang!!!
Roc:lol swerve T
Me:how u kno my name stalker much *hides behind prince*
Roc:lol niqqa we in da same class
Me:lol ik but ain't I funny
E.b:*looks at each other* nooopee lol
Me:forgett all yalll lol
Roc:as I was sayin we can walk y'all ホーム if u want
Lana:I'd rather ride in that
Me:cause it look like Lebron James car
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posted by MzmindlessTlat
The boyz
Prod:aye where y'all goin tryna be all fresh
Roc:stop frontin I'm fresh all da time *pops imaginary collar*
Ray:swerve niqqa jus swerve
Prince:remember project wih those girls
Prod:yea dats right its only 2 doh ain't it?
Ray:don't dey hate y'all from dat 日 in class doh
Prince:Idc let's go
Prod:danq what happen to spread the peace
Prince:spread the damn peace (if u have Instagram あなた know bout dis lol) *walks out door*
Roc:well damn lol catch y'all lata doh *walks out*
Ray & prod:*looks at each other and shakes heads*
-at the library-
Roc n prince drive up
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