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 Tempting Tails (Part 1)
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Sally steps in to the rescue
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*At Sonic.exe, Tails Doll and BMF's house*
BMF: meh crazy morning.
TV: News Scrouge causing havic in town.
Sonic.exe: Why should we care?
Tails Doll: yeah I don't see why.
BMF: My third 上, ページのトップへ enemy I will be back.
*BMF leaves*
*In the forest*
Scrouge: Where is he. He 発言しました he would come.
*BMF Aperes out of...Somewhere.*
BMF: Ready to lose?
Scrouge: Are あなた ready?
BMF: Always
*Scrouge uses spindash*
*BMF Jumps over him*
*Scrouge runs at BMF*
*BMF breaks Scrouge's arm*
*BMF does backflip somehow breaking Scrouge's leg in the process*
*BMF Causes head trama to Scrouge's head causing him to pass out*
*BMF Slices off Scrouge's head as a Prize.
BMF: Well two targets left Fiona and Tails
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This story is about Tails before he met Sonic.
WARNING:this story is quite sad so dont read it if あなた dont want to feel sad.
Find もっと見る stories like this at

" Aww man! I hope someone at least put something uneaten in the trash can today. I'm starving." Complained the two tailed 狐, フォックス as he walked toward the park on Westside Island. He has been wondering this island for two years after he was thrown out of the orphanage. He was confused why the house keeper lady didn't like the fact that he had intruded on her. Miles saw the lady half-naked on 上, ページのトップへ of some guy. He didn't know what...
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