"What the heck we're あなた thinking によって trying to walk ホーム knowing あなた are doped up on medication?" Michael asked. "I wasn't originally planning to, I was going to hail a taxi but when あなた told me they didn't run this late....I was going to walk home. I'm not a big ファン of riding with strangers because of the whole stranger danger thing." Kasey explained. "Well あなた don't have to worry about stranger danger with me, so where do あなた live?" Michael asked. "I live three blocks away on 51st street." Kasey answered resting her head on the back of the seat. " So um...what's your name によって the way??" Michael asked trying to start a conversation. Kasey glanced over at him, "Don't あなた remember my name from when my friend kept saying my name over and over again when I got hurt I figured あなた would know it によって now." Kasey 発言しました seeming a little agitated. "Well im sorry that I don't recall your name." Michael said. Kasey sighed "My name is Kasey" she replied. "Kasey.....nice name." Michael said. "Thanks." Kasey 発言しました resting her head on the back of the シート, 座席 once again. "Why did あなた have to stay so late at the hospital?? I mean don't あなた only have to be there for a few hours if あなた are being tested for a concussion?" Michael asked. "Well for me they did so many tests, X-rays and also ultrasounds because I'm expecting my now ex's child and they wanted to make sure the baby was okay." Kasey answered. "From the tone of your voice and the way あなた 発言しました ex I'm sure this guy has already hit the road?" Michael asked already knowing the answer. "Yep...now if あなた will excuse me, I'm going to try and take a small car nap before we get to my house." Kasey 発言しました resting her head once もっと見る onto the back of the シート, 座席 before closing her eyes. "Well there's no sense in doing that." Michael stated. "And why is that?" Kasey asked "Because we are right in front of your place right now." Michael 発言しました pointing out the window. With a groan Kasey made her way out of the limo and towards the steps to her place. "Need me to help あなた up the steps?" Michael 発言しました as he got out of the limo and made his way towards her. "I would say no but for the sake of my bruised behind and my unborn child I will let あなた help me up the steps." Kasey said. With that said, Michael grabbed Kasey's arm and led her up the stairs to her front door. "Thanks" Kasey 発言しました thinking Michael would give a your welcome and leave. As she began to fiddled around in her 財布 for her keys she could see Michael was not leaving. "Can I help you?" Kasey 発言しました sarcastically. "I was wondering if I could take あなた to ディナー tomorrow night??" Michael asked. "You want to take me to dinner?" Kasey asked surprised. "Yes I thought I would treat あなた to ディナー since あなた know your pregnant and your ex doesn't want to help out I thought I would take あなた out あなた deserve it." Michael said. Kasey thought about it for a moment, "Sure why not, I wont have to cook which means I wont have dishes to wash." Kasey replied as she unlocked her front door. "Great ill pick あなた up at 7." Michael 発言しました with a smile as he walked back to his limo.

part 4 coming soon :)

こんにちは guys sorry I haven't been on in like forever, but I've been busy with school and also work. I'm going to try and start 書く a little もっと見る again. So anyways I hope あなた guys enjoy and I will try and get part 4 up when I can. :)

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