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colorfulssmile posted on Dec 20, 2010 at 12:59AM
Here's the first 23 chapters of Angel! link

Okay. So. I just read the first twenty-three chapters (and if you're wondering, JP released it. I was just everyone who read the first eight chapters as frustrated with the series as I am right now? Don't get me wrong - the writing isn't bad - it's just what HAPPENS. To those of you who read it, hopefully you don't mind sharing what you thought of it because I have to discuss it with SOMEONE, and none of my friends have read it yet. D: So yeah(: Tell me what you thought of it!

In my opinion, it is absolutely NOT cool how he's making Max fall for Dylan. No offense, but he was going fine until Fang, where he brought Dylan in. In fact, to me, the series got ruined at around The Final Warning. Fang had better come back. He'd BETTER fix it. NOW.
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1年以上前 clarifiedwater said…
In my opinion, Maximum Ride needs a miricle to even come CLOSE to how good the others were. I mean, Max has just turned into a little cream puff. And one thing I saw that kind of irked me. IggyxElla (Eggy?). Well, I saw hints of that and I'm not happy. I just hate that pairing. It's only my opinion so no offense if you like them.
1年以上前 lonewolf3264 said…
I KNOW!!!!!! My friend showed those chapters to me and I screamed, sobbed, and cursed the whole time, and about an hour afterwards too! Dylan is NOT EVEN THE SAME CHARACTER!! I mean, don't get me wrong, I will always hate his guts because he's a very poor substitute for Fang. I'm free to rant anytime about this. I just have a really, really bad feeling that Dylan and Max are going to...
1年以上前 colorfulssmile said…
clarifiedwater: to tell you the truth, I'm not a huge fan of Niggy OR Eggy...I was thinking someone else completely different...and I KNOW RIGHT! Fang talked wayy too much in Fang, and I swear I will kill JP if he doesn't bring him back.

lonewolf3264: I KNOW RIGHT. DYLAN NEEDS TO DIE IN A HOLE. and OMG I AM SO AFRAID, TOO. even if Max frickin KISSES him back willingly, I'm going to blow up. And now they talk about having children, for God's sake...
BTW, do you have a FanFiction account? cuz I think I recognize your username...unless I just encountered 2 people who have very similar usenames...o_O
1年以上前 RomanGreekDemi said…
awesome, but i still need 2 read max...
1年以上前 ruby1000 said…
RomanGreekDemi:Well you should hurry up and do so!!! That way you can join us in cursing dylans guts!!!!

I have not yet read the first 8 chapters because from reading all this I will just get riled up. The wait for Fang was bad enough and this is 10 times worse.

I have decided but that it does not matter if Dylan saves Max and the flock's life a gaba-billion times and Fang turns over to the dark side. I will always like Fang better and be a competent supporter of FAX.
1年以上前 colorfulssmile said…
LOLOL yeah actually, same here. and I'm going to change the title of this right now will be *23* chapters!
1年以上前 Eirene21 said…
I feel like crying every time I read the third book,not just over Ari, but over the series too. I feel like it ended at the end of it. And I don't think Angel will be much different than books 4-6 based on what i read. And I support FAX but I don't think we should all hate Dylan, if he wasn't Max's 'perfect half' would you hate him?
1年以上前 Maximumridefan said…
Yes, I would still hate Dylan even if he wasn't "Max's perfect half", and here's why:

1. He's a Gary Sue. He can sing, is described as hot, nice, sensible, and just...perfect *Barfs*

2. He's only a few months old. How is it realistic that he already thinks like a perveted teen boy (I mean, mating with Max? REALLY?)

3. He's just....a annoying mess that JP shouldn't have even bothered to creat. A waste of ink and paper. (No offense to any rare Dylan fans)
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1年以上前 kkluvbr said…
what the f**********k
i just read it and hes bringing max 2 back really... i mean really? really... i feel overwhelmed...
and fang barley acts likes he misses originial max im begining to hate fang... i mean what happed is fang a cloned fang?! none the less the whole time reading "that" i felt sick to my stomach
why does the last book of every series have to be the worst, example A: the hunger games last book is horrible
i will kill the author if fang starts to like max 2 i HATE MAX 2 AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i feel like screaming in my pillow... no i will scream in my pillow GOD HELP US ALL!
o and talk about acward max having a baby thats a great way to start a book a evil doctor coming up to max and saying max you WILL have a baby with dylan!
im a mix of angry mad and increadibly depressed and i have this weird gut feeling that i always get when i read a book and something sad or something i don't want to happens happen
1年以上前 colorfulssmile said…
Ohh my goshhhh. You guys are SOOOOO right! I agree with everything! I mean Fang is just...noooo, and MAX 2?! W. T. F. and @Maximumridefan: YOU CANNOT IMAGINE HOW MUCH I HATE DYLAN. You are so right. he's toooo near perfect to fall in love with. and a MAJOR pervert a creep. Euh euh EUHH. and @kkluvbr: I KNOW RIGHT! Fang acts like an UGH! I sweartogod if JP makes him fall for MAX­cti­on. and you are SO RIGHT about Mockingjay sucking because it did. Absolutely positively.
1年以上前 kkluvbr said…
Thanx! I was just looking in the picture section with fang and max and it made me so sad I mean how could that be "just a phase" fang and max are meant for each other and max should have killed max2 when she had the chance
1年以上前 colorfulssmile said…
OHMYGOSH. I know right! Dylan can gooooooo die in a hole. this is so not cool. and now Max 2 is here in the way...Maya? REALLY? I can't believe some people liked it. I mean to b fair, the writing was pretty good but still...seriously, the plot is what matters most, and ever since like the 3rd book, the plot has been going down, down, DOWN!
1年以上前 kkluvbr said…
exactly! I mean did you hear what fang thought - oh she even SMELLS like max- how stupid is that its like he's already at the brink of falling for her AHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Poor max she's holding on to fang still while fang is already getting ready to jump for another girl! The flock is changed forever I hate the idea of the flock having there own flock and max being a mother... ya fang should hear that see if he re-thinks the whole ditch max plan. But if fang does come back then that would be expected. I. Am. Pissed. I just want them to be together oooooooooooohhhhh I have a good idea if dylan is "maxs" perfect half then dylan should hook up with max... the other max aka maya!!!!!!!!! I love my idea I feel brilliant!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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1年以上前 MaxandFang4evr said…
kkluvbr: I KNOW!!!! Dylan and Maya (aka Max II) should TOTALLY be together!!

Anyway, I read the first 23 chapters yesterday. After the part where Max wanted to go fly with Dylan instead of being with her flock, I ran through the house screaming, "NO!!! MAX CAN'T FALL FOR DYLAN!!!!" I think my brother thought I was crazy. I don't care. Seriously, if Max falls for Dylan, I will personally hunt them down (Yes, I am aware they are fictional characters), rip them away from each other, and drag Max back to Fang by her wings so she can't go anywhere. Then, I will put both Max and Fang in a hole with both wings tied behind their backs until they realize that they are supposed to be together.

Seriously, after ALL Max and Fang have been through together, from the School, to the Flock ditching them, it'd all be for nothing. Max can't just say, "Okay, see ya." and run off with Dylan. It would be just wrong. On so many levels.
1年以上前 kkluvbr said…
Maxandfang4evr: I can't put that in better words if you need help with max and fang I got your back and while we're at it we might as well take down "maya".
One thing I can't believe is that james patterson was actually brave enough to make fang walk away... he is going to have a lot his fans going after him with pitch forks and such
And way to change the characters patterson fangs actaully talking and writing love letters and max is a cream puff GOD! What happened to action and max and fang... I blame angel I blame her and dylan and do you no what I think if angel was a little bit older those guys would be together and max and fang are free to. Go. And I don't care if there not a good match and they are both to leaderyish then they'll lead the flock together or make there own flock I. Don't. Care. As long as there together
And when I was re-reading fangs letter I stopped at 20 YEARS! 20! They'll be dead expired or married by then. I then re read that over and over hoping it would change but it didn't and it made me feel like crap
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1年以上前 colorfulssmile said…
1年以上前 kkluvbr said…
Horribly dylans cheesy and I'm not gonna try to explain how fang turned into such ass hole because i have no clue. the only funny part was when fang found out about max having a baby it was the only thing that made me smile!!!!
And angel for some reason isn't a creeper
all the characters are changed the flock is all weird and don't do anything in the book
o and P.S. throwing your book across the room doesn't help because i'm still pissed
Max 2 is really different
and james patterson is trying too hard with that series
1年以上前 colorfulssmile said…
1年以上前 kkluvbr said…
GOD NO!!!!!!!!!! I will be dead before I want to have max have a baby... With Dylan... (*SHIVER*) and my future kids will be dead with me. So like I said GOD NO
I meant that when fang found out that max is suppose to have a baby but she never does in that book though
THANK GOD!! that would be horrible if she did!!
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1年以上前 colorfulssmile said…
OHHHHHHH okay. PHEW. and I read it, btw...
It was. SO. BAD.
BUTTTT, I still have SOME hopes for Fax. Because I don't think it's absolutely completely unequivocally gone, you know?
1年以上前 HaruLuver said…
I finished the book and I cried and cried at the end
1年以上前 colorfulssmile said…
OMG SAME. I thought it was terrible, youh?
1年以上前 kkluvbr said…
big smile
The ending was HORRIBLE fangs all huggy with max and then he is like I'm leaving you AGAIN!!! Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh it's so horrible!!! I mean like she flys off with DYLAN! NOOOO THAT'S NOT RIGHT IT'S NOT SUPPOSE TO HAPPEN.
Here's my story
Fangs being all huggy with max and they fly off together searching for angel leaving Dylan with Maya to fly off into nowhere with!!! And then they got lost in nowhere and get eaten by creeps and max and fang decide to wait out the apocalypse in that one cave in Arizona once they find angel and get gazzy and iggy and nudge!!!
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1年以上前 colorfulssmile said…
and I totally love and appreciate your story. :D If only JP wrote that way...but I would give him a million dollars if he put more Fax. not a million. I would actually EXPECT it.