Maximum Ride The "Dylan is Dead! YAY!" Game

colorfulssmile posted on Aug 24, 2011 at 04:51AM
Think of a way to kill Dylan. Any possible way. And post it here. And all FAX lovers will be in heaven. When JP is screwing with our minds, it's up to us to make ourselves feel better, isn't that right?

I'll start. Dylan gets eaten by an oversized camel, regurgitated, and mashed into a mush that will be fed to Rebecca Black and then ejected out of her rear.

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1年以上前 tigerseye43 said…
Ok so Dylan is shot in the leg 4 times then smacked in the head with a shovel and then Dies a slow and painful death lieing in the middle of a highway after his wings are Brocken off
1年以上前 Rustyfireheart said…
Dylan dies by Fang smashing his pretty face against a wall, drowning Dylan, and then shoot his heart out. :)
1年以上前 Agnas said…
big smile
Ok, ok, here's mine ;D : Fang comes back after hearing that Dylan snogged Max, and he does the following to Dylan:
1) Beats him up
2) Feeds his liver to some Erasers, but Dylan regenerates, so it comes back
3) Gets Dylan to sing about how he should die in a hole
4) Breaks his Regeneration thingy
5) Beats him up all over again, and this time he can't heal
6) Texts ME to come over ;D
I come over, and here's what I do! :
1) Kick his butt
2) Call Angel over and get her to tell me and Fang everything Dylan has thought-even embarrassing things
3) Smash him into a pudding
4) Mix it well, just to hurt him
5) Give it to Maya and make her eat it
6) Tell her it's her boyfriend Dylan
7) If she says Dylan's not her boy, tell her it's supposed to be!
8) Make her poop him out
9) Flush him down the toilet
10) Find him in the sewers and stab him one hundred times and kill him
11) Throw his body in a river

Note to readers: Wouldn't do this to a real person!!!! Note it!!!!