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Thrushpaw stalked off, away from the chatter of his Clanmates. He knew he sounded mean, but what else could he say. Breezewind, あなた can never know the truth. No one can! Even if Starsky landed in front of him right now and told him that he MUST tell her the truth, he wouldn't. She couldn't ever know the truth.

And what would the Clan think?! He thought miserably. I'd be gone, for sure. I'd never get my warrior name. The very horror of his situation dropped on him like a stone, circling his stomach until he could not breathe. He felt a choking grasp on his heart, but then a soft, faint voice...
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Blackkit, Junekit and Willowkit

"All ネコ old enough to catch their own prey gather for a clan meeting!" Crystalstar yowled. Brambletalon stared proudly at her kits; Junekit, Willowkit and Blackkit. "These three kits have reached their sixth moon, and it is time they were apprenticed. Junepaw, あなた will be mentored によって Dapplewood. Blackpaw, あなた will be mentored によって Foxheart. Willowpaw, あなた will be mentored によって Stonefur." "Junepaw! Willowpaw! Blackpaw!" The clan cheered.


Winterkit, Summerkit and Thornkit

"All ネコ old enough to catch their own prey gather...
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"All ネコ old enough to catch their own prey gather under highledge for a clan meeting!" Crystalstar's yowl rang out around the camp. ネコ started to come out of their dens and in a heartbeat all ネコ were staring up at Crystalstar. "It is time for Stonepaw to become a warrior. Stonepaw, do promise to uphold the warrior code even at the cost of your life?" "I do." Came Stonepaw's steady reply. "Then によって the powers of Starsky, I give あなた your warrior name. Stonepaw, from now on あなた will be known as Stonefur, Starsky honors your loyalty and courage." Crystalstar rested her muzzle...
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