This is my chance to tell a story. u know a legend's not a legend till it is. Every place in this world of ours has a legend, a myth which builds a region. Some have pokemon to symbolize it, some have stories past from generation to generation. We have a lot more...

They called him "Peto of Novus Terra", the seeker of new lands. His real name was Negi Akh, Break Open Spirit.

Long ago, before this region even existed in the ranks of those known islands, trouble erupted where Negi was living on the main land. The king, あなた see, feared him. For he had もっと見る power then any human known. He could talk to all pokemon and he could calm most any of them.
One 日 in this ancient place he was to go into the caves of the land and calm the 2 beasts within. However, this was a trick and the 2 beasts of the cave shot after him within seconds, and are 発言しました to have chased him half across the region. Eventually 2 バタフライ, 蝶 pokemon, unknown to the man, shot through the sky and shielded him from the beasts.
One of the butterflies, a skull for a head, stayed in front of him. The other, much もっと見る colorful then the 1st, played a song. The song, unlike any instrument, was calming as a sea breeze and the beasts, blue and red, started swaying slowly and drowsily before taking off. Negi fell asleep with the song in his ears.
When he woke, he was in a new land he'd never seen and he was sure know one else had. Upon walking around the one island he was on, he found it was populated によって locals. However, they were few and ill. Eventually all of these locals died out and he was left alone. He stayed in a once great city on one of the northern-most islands, the western one. The one city that still stood. He was fine for a while, but he became lonely. He called upon a flying type, a fiery bird he named Pyrose, to 検索 through the air and find new land. He called upon a dragon of the water, Aquose, to 検索 through the sea. A drifter of the skies, Ariose, and a stomper of the lands, Terrose, to 検索 the islands they were on to check for locals still alive.
After years they returned to him. None had found anything, but one was missing...Pyrose. 2 weeks after the others had shown themselves again he came, the beautiful flaming feathers gleaming and sparkling. He speaks of a land where 2 sleeping beasts stay in a cave, far from the people. Negi, realizing this was the same land he was run out of, decides he'll find a way back to get his family that hadn't betrayed him. He asked which way it is and goes to the deepest part of the cavern. He and Terrose start digging, using stone-mastery to 移動する the earth aside until they got under the land of the beasts. They work their way up and find that they're in the underkeep of a building. This seeker of lands, clever as he was, asked many ground pokemon to start making elaborate tunnels off of the main one, and making the main one not lead straight there. He asked Terrose to keep track of the tunnel that lead back as he went to get his family.
Long after that they got back, his family and ロスト wife with him. They had 4 children, each gifted with some of their father's abilities. However, as the city of their family and their loved ones grew bigger, people got greedy. Nagi found out that his beloved wife had 2 children with his brother, Rylon, and he was devastated. Of course, when he confronted her about it, she denied everything.
Years after, everyone in the city turned on him, and they ran off, leaving him there. Even his children, who'd had children of their own によって this point. His grandchildren also had some powers.
Eventually he left the city and locked everything up with puzzle keys of his own デザイン and craftsmen-ship. Each key-hole took a different デザイン made によって the pieces. He went down to where the tunnels were and made a special chamber where he made stone statues of the ones who hadn't betrayed him: Aquose, which he made of blue crystals, Ariose, with clear crystal, Terrose with stone, and Pyrose from red crystal.
He gave each gemstones for eyes, and then made the two 蝶 from so long ago. He named the skull-headed one Maryu, and the trumpeting one he called Flora. He embedded gems and crystals to get the Colors(色) correct before making a box with the 2 sleeping beasts curled up. The 上, ページのトップへ opened only with stone-mastery and it was made to look like the beasts, awakened from their slumber. He opened the casket for the last time, holding the keys. He knew the mob had broken through and, just as he thought, 火災, 火 shot through all the cavers of the underground caves. 火災, 火 so hot, the ocean above was 発言しました to have boiled. He was killed instantly, incinerated in his stone tomb, even though he was never found.

It's 発言しました that now all descendants of Nagi Akh have one または もっと見る of his abilities. Powers known only to them. Anyone with もっと見る then one is rare, but it's possible...
It's also 発言しました the 6 pokemon of this legend will only appear to those gifted with one または もっと見る of these powers...somewhere and somehow....everyone descended from him will see at least one of these pokemon. But, it's 発言しました if あなた try to catch one with force, あなた will be cursed to the same fate of Nagi within weeks...and all your pokemon will once again be free.