Note: The larger the spot, the larger the town.

Starting towns:
SeaBreeze~It's known for all the strong water types that wander about in the deep water that surrounds the area, though most of them are Gyarados

Tropica~In the middle of a tropical forest, this town is known for being surrounded によって odd colored pokemon. It's also known for the problem that some of the pokemon can be very hostile, so the pokemon ranger base is here as well. The pokemon, though it's a starting town, are usually to strong for starting pokemon trainers.

Fieldveiw~The smallest starting town, it's also known for some of the weakest pokemon. least, around the town. They're also known for the problem that the pokemon walk around the town, but they're usually very friendly so no one cares much. It's surrounded によって a flat grassland that's full of bug pokemon.

Towns with gyms:
Dorloter~An island town that's known mostly because it has the resort area. It's full of snooty rich kids, snobby adults, and wise elders that really don't fit in with the rest of the town. The pokemon are pampered and cuddly, but take after their trainers. The cave at the edge of town remains unexplored によって the people, but they say that it goes to the island on the opposite side. Shade gym is here

Perdido~This town has one of the cave routes to Jade swamp. It's known for having some of the swamp pokemon walking around the town and the people like to feed and take care of the pokemon. Sadly, because of this, it's a common place for people to drop off unwanted pokemon. Poison gym is here

Sapphire~This town has one of two cave routes to get to Sapphire swamp. It's known for having old ruins from ロスト times. Most of the people are older and willing to tell any trainer the story. Flutura Gym is here

Solo~Has a problem with two gangs of people called the Jaggz and the Slashers. This is a very dangerous town because one can easily be sucked into the conflicts. It's called “solo” because the two gangs will not rest until one stands alone. Slasher gym is here

Auditor~The name means 'listener' because the people in the town are mostly shy, but 愛 to help people and will listen to most any problem. They are very polite and nice. PsyShock Gym is Here

Contest cities:
Heatwave~Called such because it sits in the middle of the only known desert in the Mariposa region. Also known as “The Red Mountain City” because it's surrounded によって Mountains that are full of iron, making them red. The quickest way is to fly, but あなた can also use the foot path. Though it's dangerous because of the shear cliffs. The best way is to go underground, as あなた may run across some ore または maybe even a fossil.

Lila~The name literally means “purple” because of all the purple お花 and because...oddly...only purple plants will grow. So, since the town has grown fond of its name, everyone wears purple. But that's not the only reason why...all the cotton turns a rich purple color...and no one knows why. Even most of the pokemon are purple! But don't worry, if they didn't grow up there the purple won't last long. Mary, the Flutura Gym leader, often comes here to host または judge contests または to just hang out since her fav. color is purple.

Locus Pacis~Means “place peace” as in place of peace, for the fact that no one here ever fights. In fact, they hold a peace festival every 年 to honor that code. During which time it is forbidden to fight, and even pokemon battles are forbidden. This code also is why they don't have a pokemon gym.

Susi~Meaning “wolf” because it has many Dog type pokemon. They tend to live away from people, but wonder around the town at night, making the other pokemon hide. A 秒 ranger “mini base” is set here to keep the イヌ under control.

Hi-Nehm~Meaning “join” because it was one of the last cities to appear in the region. Naturally, it also has the most up-to-date equipment and technology. It also has the largest store in the region, which is five stories high, including a basement. Oddly, though, the name of the town is ancient. This is also ホーム to the best science labs in the region, technology and science fairs, and the best technology educational systems in the regions. The Museum is also here, and this is where fossil studies take place. Because this region in focused heavily on ancient pokemon and fossils, technology is being developed which will allow a short period of time travel so ancient pokemon can actually be captured and not just revived, so that they can have their true typing and not automatically have rock tacked on. あなた will be able to revive the fossils as well meaning two different type combinations of the same pokemon is a possibility.

Gym and Contest towns:
Jade~Has one of the two routes to the Jade swamp and is known for it's jewelry crafting people. Unda Gym is here

I-Ei~Meaning “come” because it's one of the friendliest and inviting large cities you'll ever go to. Shadow gym is here.

Hi-Di~Meaning “destroy” as a permanent reminder that it was in ruins only 10 years ago, and now it's built up as large as it was before. Though it was never very big. It was almost destroyed によって a massive earthquake. Blue Thunder gym is here.

Recedentia~Meaning “far” as in far off, because it's not exactly a common place to go nor is it easy to get to. Evolution gym is here and doubles as a 2nd 日 Care. Because not many people go there, the leader is often out exploring the cave. In fact, she's created a secret path straight from her gym to the cave underground so she can get there and back in a hurry just in case someone shows up.

Other towns:
Wingpoint~Named because it's at the very 上, ページのトップへ of the “wing”

South Wingpoint~Known as Wingpoint's twin city.

Hih-Ri~Known as the most quite town. In fact, the name literally means “quite”

Sadah~ “The town of open arms” is it's nickname. Known as the most welcoming town, it's name means “open”

Hi-Wi~Meaning “strike” as it's a very violent town. It's not a 人気 place to go. It's very run down and dirty, and ホーム to many hoodlums and criminals. Everything seems to be falling apparent, it's hard to believe it used to be a bustling city. Now only ghost, dark, and poison type pokemon seem to be able to thrive here. The local Scraggy and Scrafty population seems to be thriving though...if that means anything...

Flyfield~Known for all of flying pokemon. It might actually be a slight problem...on the other hand, there's lots of feathers and stuff around あなた can use for crafting and maybe you'll find a special one every so often...

BlueTide~Best known for the pure blue waters that are around it.. Also because the lakes around it aren't mirrored on the other side like the rest of the larger bodies of water.

Penna~Meaning “wing”. The main 日 Care center is here, and it's run によって a couple Ace Trainers. They will usually battle あなた first to decide if it's worth keeping your pokemon with them. Unlike the centers in the other regions they call あなた when your pokemon are trying to learn a new 移動する and allow あなた to decide if あなた want it または not. They got this idea from the Recedentia gym leader and 日 care person, who also does this.

Aden~Also meaning “wing” The flute maker and poke'ball craftier are here and they are the same person. His name is Chris, によって the way.

Vingsjuta~Still means “wing”... ...I never 発言しました the people of the region were very creative...They're known for the large, rolling hills that surround the town.

Khered~Means “child” and is the 秒 youngest town. Known for the very fertile soil and many fields, it's a great place to raise pokemon, so there's another smaller 日 Care here that specializes in baby pokemon because there's a lot of them around. This 日 Care is もっと見る like all the others in the other regions, except baby pokemon seem to level up quicker here for some reason. It's also known because this is the place to make puffins and pokeblock. It's always surrounded によって berries and flowers, right along with the fields. あなた can even get your own berry patch. The berries grow quicker here, so it might be worth it if あなた need a lot of a specific berry quickly.

Sak~Means “clothes” または “cloth” because it's known for making some of the softest cloth in the region out of the wool from the many Mareep in the area. They also have a small mall full of local clothes あなた can't get anywhere else, both for あなた and for your pokemon.

Set-a'~Meaning “ability” because of the confidence of the people, who believe they can do anything. And the pokemon follow suit. Also, the vendors have a lot of TMs あなた can't get anywhere else and the 移動する tutors, deletors, and re-learners all live here.

Mesha'~Means “army” because of the people's fighting spirit and it's ability to defend itself, along with the rest of the region if needed. It has a strong military force that also happens to be the only set one in the region. The best training camps are here, along with a Dojo to practice with pokemon and a battle tower. They believe that the trainer should be just as strong as the pokemon.

Mes-En Senef~Means “born of blood” because legend says that the crater it sits in was made because of a massive battle between many pokemon. It is unknown if this is true または not, but if あなた ask anyone there they'll say it defiantly is.

Important land marks:
Nekan: Meaning “damage”, it's located on the left “antenna” of the バタフライ, 蝶 shape. These ruins are 発言しました to be from the 1st people ever to live in the area. It's also 発言しました to still contain traps, and people disappear there often. This scares most people and pokemon away. The ones left there are 発言しました to be descended from the 1st pokemon to walk on this region after the mass extinction long ago.

Jade swamp: The cave in the middle is virtually impossible to get to. It's 発言しました that, deep within the cave, there are many jades (hints the name)

Sapphire swamp: The Jade swamp's “twin”. Sapphires are 発言しました to be deep within the cave.

Kekewey: Meaning “darkness”, it's the name of the cave on the townless island to the right. It's never been fully searched because there's only light on the 1st area. No one knows how far up または down it goes. It's 発言しました that it gets so black, no flash will keep it lit longer then 4-5 minutes. No one knows what lives deep within the cave, only that legend says it causes the island to rumble when it snores.

Mantine Depet: A ベイ, 湾 just off of the island with the town Dorloter on it. It's a rather deep bay. (for it's size) Depet means “boat”

Sharpedo Bay: The opposite to Mantine Depet. It's off the island of Kekewey and it's also rather deep.

Hes Hesep: Meaning “freeze garden”, as the meadows don't ever die または grow bigger. The entire island is covered in お花 that don't ever change. Somehow, even if あなた step on them または purposely make them flat, as soon as u 移動する the flower's standing straight up again. Not even the wind can make them move. Of course, the entire island is almost impossible to get to because of the shear cliffs and the fact that it's completely surrounded によって whirl pools.

Kesi Negi: The cave between the two “eyes” of the butterfly. It means “bow down, break open” as in bow down または break open, because it's 発言しました that a violent king once ruled from this cave, and If あなた didn't do as he said, he'd bash your head in. Isn't that fun? No...? Well good thing if he ever did exist he's dead now.

Re-A'-Khet: “Battle” is what the name means and this island has seen a lot of it. The entire place is ruins pretty much, but an elder still stays. Mostly dark, ghost, poison, and bug types live here. The entire place is always covered in a thick gray fog at all times...and if you're not careful you'll stumble and fall into eternal the story goes...

Atra: “Dark” is this island, both in name and looks. Three extremely deep and equally toxic lakes are on this island, no pokemon have been found in them as of yet but supposedly some can survive the waters which are to toxic for even a Muk to inhabit. The only way to get there is through a secret tunnel hidden in the ruins somewhere in Re-A'-Khet, because the waters are full of whirl pools and the winds surrounding it are notorious for making planes and pokemon disappear. Of course あなた can always try to メリダとおそろしの森 the waters if あなた have a strong enough pokemon, and there are water routes for that reason...but あなた might get washed away and sent back to the island あなた started on. Apparently this island is where you're most likely to find Maryue, as it thrives in darkness and hates the lights.

Other unnamed caves cover the region, and many exist as part of the many mining and fossil collecting people. Feel free to mine and maybe even dig out a secret base if あなた feel like! The people at the research center in Hi-Nehm will give あなた 2 laptops, 1 which あなた put in a base if あなた choose to dig one 1 out. Both allow あなた to access the pokemon storage system, the one for your base has extra options though. The mall also sells stuff for your base, and the bigger あなた dig your base is the もっと見る あなた can have out~ Also, putting stuff on your walls and having mats on the floor doesn't count against the number of things あなた can have out.
Side Note: to avoid people using the laptops just to put pokemon in long enough to heal and then take them out the laptop doesn't automatically heal pokemon あなた put in from your party. The ones at Pokemon Centers remain and function just as they always have.