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*1 week after the ship left* *11:30 PM*

*Lightening* *Tornado* *People screaming*

Emily : What r u doing ma-ma?!

Mary : *Put's Emily in small space* Don't worry dear. Just stay there and don't move.*Shuts door*

Nattalie : *She and Maria go 2 safetey in the ship*


Maria : AH!

Jake : *Get's sucked into the tornado*

Mary : *Falls overboard*

*Everyone else on the ship get's killed*

Nattalie : What the? *Window cracks*

*Water flows in*

Nattalie : *Pushes Maria into room in the stairs*

Maria : NO NATTALIE!!!

Nattalie : *Slams the door* *Drowns*

*another week later*

Maria : *Get's out*...
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