Maria&Jєnn♥ Help needed :D

123Naki456 posted on Jul 03, 2010 at 10:16PM
Hey, i will make new banner for Ana&Nadia spot, so i need some suggestion what should be about.
Some stuff we love.

if your in a mood, or your a good banner maker, you can make one :P but you really dont have to.

so,tell me your suggestions. :D

thank you. ^^

-Love, Nad <3

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1年以上前 123Naki456 said…
My suggestion... DAMON! :D <333333
 My suggestion... DAMON! :D <333333
1年以上前 ashesandwine said…
big smile
Ummmmm.... I can try and make one!
I can put a lot of stuff that you girls like!
You just have to give me an idea of what you want:)
1年以上前 123Naki456 said…
aw,thank you CC :D that really mean to me. <3
um,idk. Damon Salvatore, The Vampire Diaries,Pretty Little Liars, Charmed sisters,Friends some funny moments.

Or some random.xD

idk. put what you want. ^^ <3
1年以上前 ashesandwine said…
Ok! Going to search for good stuff!
If you have any good icons or pics that you like put them here! that will help:)
1年以上前 123Naki456 said…
big smile
Okay, i'll find some random icons.
But i lost all my TVD icons, so i'm tired to search to new one :S
i'll post icons tomorrow okay? :D
1年以上前 ashesandwine said…
Ok... and I'll look around here:P
1年以上前 Jennx said…
big smile
I`ll try to make one too :P
Nut if it sux you OFC are NOT gonna use it xD

I suggest:TVD Cast,OTH Cast,Ian&Nina,smthing random,PLL Cast.
1年以上前 123Naki456 said…
big smile
thaaank you Jennie. ^^ <3