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posted by Manul119
My full name-Manul Chandila Senanayake
my nickname-M.C.
My favourite character-Shadow the hedgehog.
My clubs-Sonic's world
-All hail shadow
-Shadow is the BEST!
-Sonic cool games
My contact number-0112737981(Don't call me!)
My E-mail
My sites-link
My favourite video-Sonic the hedgehog-It's my life
my hobbys-Playing computer games
-Chatting in Fanpop
Address-33B,pirivena Road,Rathmalana,Sri lanka
My favourite food-Noodles
My favourite drink-Millo

Well,That's all,If あなた need もっと見る info または help
Just Eメール me.
I will be glad to help a friend!