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Moontail is from SunClan, though she was born a rouge, her kits are Shadowclaw, Mossheart, Ravenclaw and Ashstep, no one knows who her mte was/is.
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This Make Your Own Warrior Cat! 写真 might contain フェドーラ, フェルト帽, ホンブルク, ステットソン, フェドラ, フェルト・ハット, ステトソン, トリルビー, フェルト帽子, ボートに乗る人, レグホン, パナマ, パナマ帽, 船乗り, スキマー, 麦わら帽子, ボーター, パナマ帽子, セーラー, and リボルノ.

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Lightning Tail walked up to his mate, チェリー Heart. He saw that the Fresh-Kill pile was low. “Would あなた like to go hunting?” He asked. “I would loves to” she purred. They were walking through the woods, then チェリー ハート, 心 stoped. “What is it?” Lightning Tail asked. “I smell squirrel” she said. He saw the リス and began to creep up on it. Then he smelled a new scent. It was Lake Clan’s.”We need to get back to camp, quick!” He 発言しました urgently. They raced back to camp. When they went in they saw a chaos of battle. Lightning Tail jumped in to help. He pounced on a Lake Clan...
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